Book Review: Siren Song by Markie Madden

Siren Song (The Undead Unit Book #4) by Markie Madden

Siren Song by Markie Madden coverI’ve read all the previous books in The Undead Unit series. The relationships of the main characters is amazing.  A team that is exceptionally close as you would expect of law enforcement partners.  I love Kazz, the shifter, with her unquenchable appetite. She is quite an entertaining character. I’ve enjoyed the entire series though I did not feel this one was quite up to the quality of the previous books in the series. Don’t get me wrong, the plot was still good and her characters remained consistent with their development in the series.

I felt that there was an inordinate amount of dialogue used to promote the SPCA, assuming it will still be in existence in a hundred plus years. Too much about the character’s pets was included that I felt did not add to the story. There was also a number of mentions of service dogs in the story. Those moments were a little awkward in my opinion. The timing was rather early for the characters who would need them and nothing was said about the training the humans need when getting a service dog. This too did not substantially add to the plot. I’m not against the mission of these organizations, but, when their inclusion does not for the most part add to the plot or character development then a passing mention is more appropriate in my opinion.

Other than those elements I enjoyed the story and read it straight through. The idea of a siren in the role of a famous musician is consistent with the traditional mythology of sirens.  In a time when supernaturals are recognized and openly integrated into society the talents and abilities of those so gifted often would determine their occupational choices.

The series is appropriate for teens and adults who enjoy detective novels with a paranormal twist.


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  1. Kazzmoss says:

    Reblogged this on Karen's Book Buzz Blog and commented:
    I’ve read all the books in the series too, and enjoyed them. I’ve not read this one yet, so it will be interesting when I do because I’m a big dog lover and enjoy anything with dogs in it. I’ll have to move it back up my reading list, I think!
    And the best bit is that the character Kazz was named after me, so I have a big soft spot for her!

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