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Adoption Day

I’m in New Mexico with my oldest daughter and her family. Today is the day they go to court to finalize the adoption of two little boys they’ve been fostering for a year and a half. There is still one … Continue reading

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What Will I Remember?

I’ve been contemplating the subject matter of my next post all week. There are topics that keep popping into my head only to jump ship before I can write about them. Drowned in a sea of forgetfulness. I have problems with … Continue reading

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Book Reviews: Garrett Investigations Bureau, books 1 & 2 by Claire Plaisted

I’ve recently read the first two books in the Garrett Investigations Bureau series by Claire Plaisted. If you want to know a bit more about the series check out the author interview from two days ago. She talks about the … Continue reading

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Author Interview: Claire Plaisted

Please welcome today’s guest on Peachy’s Insights, Claire Plaisted, the author the Garrett Investigation Bureau series. Welcome Claire, I am so glad you were able to join us today. CP: Hi Grandma Peachy, thanks for having me here today. Its … Continue reading

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Where has all the Poetry Gone?

Recently the subject of poetry has come up more than once in conversations I’ve had with others. I was asked if I had seen any good poetry lately. Honestly, I can’t say I have. As a youth I read a … Continue reading

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You’re Telling It Wrong (Writing Workshop)

Do you ever find yourself just slogging through a story that, on the surface, you’re really jazzed about? You have a great concept with compelling characters, but for some reason you’re going through the motions, trudging towards an ending that’s somehow lost … Continue reading

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Book Reviews: Riddle, and View From the Sixth Floor by Elizabeth Horton Newton

  Riddle  I enjoyed this story. A good mystery/thriller romance. A young man released from prison on parole, a young woman from out of town both stuck in a small town. Mysterious events begin to occur as these two strangers … Continue reading

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