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Grandma Peachy and Jelly Bean are Quilting Again

The past couple days my granddaughter and I have been back to being sewing buddies. I call her my Jelly Bean. One day I said that old cliche, “You know what I mean jelly bean?” and she asked, “Are you … Continue reading

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Quilting, Reading, and Time Management

 Recently I’ve not been quilting as much as I’d like. The weather was so nice that most of the summer very little progress was made in my quilting room. I did help my granddaugther make a baby quilt for her … Continue reading

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The Rotary Cutter Didn’t Always Exist

Source: The Rotary Cutter Didn’t Always Exist

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Quilters and Authors

In my semi-retirement I’ve taken up a couple of hobbies. The first was quilting. I had decided when my first natural granddaughter was born that I wanted to make something special for her.  A quilt would be the perfect handmade … Continue reading

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What is this Confederate flag controversy anyway?

Recently there has been an upsurge in controversy over the Confederate flag and it’s removal from not only state houses but even private citizens access to one.  Now there is a long history surrounding the flag. Everyone seems to be … Continue reading

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Fabriholism and co-morbidities 

Quilting became a hobby of mine late in life. It all started when my granddaughter was born a little over seven years ago. I didn’t have much money to splurge on gifts so I thought to myself, “I’m a smart … Continue reading

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