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Guest Reviewer Jen Winters – Book Review: Toil & Trouble Series by Heather Blair

Please welcome guest reviewer Jen Winters today. She is author of the Guardian novels and a fan of paranormal romance and urban fantasy. Today she is sharing her review of the Toil and Trouble Series by Heather Blair.   Sixpence … Continue reading

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Did You Watch the First Presidential Debate?

I caught the last segments of the presidential debate Monday night. It was a bit disappointing for me. I suppose everyone who reads my blog probably realizes that I am not a Clinton advocate at all. From the beginning I did not … Continue reading

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Monday Musings:

Over the weekend I realized that my husband has discovered many of the YouTube channels that I’ve been watching for several months. I’m not sure he began watching them for quite the same reasons as I did. He seems to … Continue reading

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Book Review: Kissing Demons (Book #1 The Guardian Novels) by Jen Winters

Originally posted on peachysinsights:
Today is a special Friday with my very first guest reviewer. I would like to welcome my guest, author Scott Borgman. It is a pleasure to have you here with me today, Scott. Please tell my readers…

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Grandbabies are the Best!

Yesterday morning at 8:05 a.m. CDT my 8th grandchild made his debut into the world. I am ecstatic and humbly grateful to God for His blessings. Grandchildren are definitely a blessing. This month I have been triply blessed with 3 … Continue reading

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On Political Matters and Biblical Things

Following the news, non-news, commentators, prognosticators, and general media mish-mash on the upcoming election and the candidates I am thinking that this country is on the fast train to destruction. The downward spiral is coming to a narrow point and it … Continue reading

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Book Review: Mother by Colin Griffiths with Guest Reviewer T.E. Hodden

Please welcome Tom Hodden as my guest today. He is an author, trained in engineering, and currently living in Kent, UK. In his everyday life he works in a specialized role in transportation. He has a free book on author cafe and … Continue reading

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