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Book Review: AAru (The AARU Cycle Book 1) by David Meredith

AARU is an interesting science fiction type of story set in the not too distant future. I don’t want to give any spoilers so suffice it to say the technology to live forever plays a significant role in the unfolding … Continue reading

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Book Review: Illusional Reality by Karina Kantas

Illusional Reality by Karina Kantas I started reading this book last November and had not finished. So began at the beginning again and it became apparent to me why I had quit reading before. The use of an odd configuration … Continue reading

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Book Review: Child of the Night Guild (Queen of Thieves Book 1) by Andy Peloquin

Child of the Night Guild by Andy Peloquin is the first book in the Queen of Thieves series. Set in the same world as his The Last Bucelarii series, the story is about a girl who is sold into the Night Guild to … Continue reading

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My Favorite Reads in 2016

I’m a couple days later this year than last in posting my favorite reads from last year. I’ve been contemplating the books I read in 2016 and there were just so many good books by some really fantastic authors. It … Continue reading

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Release Day! The Unexpected One by Joanna Ruth

  The Unexpected One Prologue Inside the high brick wall it looked like any ordinary playground. The grass was clipped neatly and the edges trimmed. A thick rubber compound covered the ground under the climbing frames, swings and sea-saws. Several … Continue reading

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Cover Reveal: The Survival Pact by Christy Sloat

Exclusive cover reveal for The Survival Pact by best selling author Christy Sloat   The Survival Pact releases February 17, 2017 from CHBB Publishing #onehouseunited     Three friends. One promise. One goal. Survive. Kami thought she’d seen it all … Continue reading

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Monday Morning Musings: The Bad, Not-so-Bad, and the Good

The worst thing happened this past weekend. I ruined my phone. It was an accident I assure you, but, it went through the washing machine in the pocket of my jeans. I was in a hurry to wash my jeans … Continue reading

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