Opinion: Today’s New Normal

2021 and Beyond

How to start this blog post? Events the past year and a half and those continuing to unfold have me concerned for the future of our nation. The hatred and deception in our politics and among our citizenry is a sure sign that this great American experiment is in rapid decline and accelerating.

For many years, two decades at least, I’ve known that our situation would just continue to get worse. For years I’ve said that the Bible tells us that in the end times things will get worse. I truly believe we are seeing the beginning of the end; the culmination of which will be the return of Jesus.

No one can say when that event will occur, but, I think it could happen within the next couple hundred years or so. Scripture says that no one knows the day or hour. Jesus did tell us the signs to look for and I see those things happening with greater frequency.

History, modern history, shows what happens when freedoms are eroded. There is much censorship arising in our time. The big tech companies are deciding what people can or cannot say on public platforms. News media screens all information the public is allowed to know. We in the United States are supposed to have freedom of speech granted through our Constitution. However, this freedom has been significantly impaired in the past few years. I can’t specifically say when it began. But, I remember as a child when the government decided that the Bible and prayer were banned from public education. One year our class was reading aloud from the Bible and the first thing of the school day was the pledge of allegiance recited by all students and lead over the intercom, followed by a prayer. The next year all of that other than the pledge of allegiance were gone. That is my earliest memory of restricting the right of free speech in the school. It slowly went down hill from there until we come to government legislating and banning what is considered hate speech. The definition of hate speech has expanded and the advent of politically correct language further limited what people were allowed to say.

Over the past few years ideologies have diverged and the gap has become a crevice so deep and wide that people on each side of the gap can no longer hear each other. True communication of ideas has stopped. Citizens are no longer able to engage in civil discourse and people are told what to think and believe. Critical information for free thinkers is withheld so they can no longer evaluate situations and facts to decide for themselves what the truth is in matters of importance.

Parents are so intimidated by the state that they fear disciplining their children will result in their children being taken away by the state. No wonder we have so many children with behavior problems. This has gone on long enough that an entire generation has already been raised to destruction. A few have escaped and become rational adults, but there are so many who have been indoctrinated through the schools and media and have no respect for other people and property.

Look at the things that happened just in the past 18 months. Riots and violence in cities across this nation. Radicals calling for the defunding of law enforcement, the very ones who are there to protect and defend us from criminals. Sure they cannot ensure that no crime will be committed, but without them there is unbridled violence and crime.

There are so many things that could be listed as evidence of the destruction of our nation. I will not itemize them all. However, I will say that we’ve come to a point where good is called evil and evil is called good. This is prophesied in scripture. It is a sign of the last days, however long those days last.

What will our nation look like in this year and years to come? The year 2020 was just a foretaste of what is to come. The hype of a global pandemic used as an excuse or experiment to see how far the government(s) could go in controlling the actions of the people. I understand that the virus is real, I understand that it is particularly bad for the most vulnerable in our society. But, there is not the level of danger to the population as a whole as to really be a pandemic. Evidence suggests that the figures are manipulated to such an extent that things like the regular seasonal flu have all but disappeared. I’d have to do a little deeper research to see the impact on the fatality rates of other reported medical conditions. At this point I’m not even sure that information is readily available to the public.

We were required to wear masks which have little impact on whether or not a person contracts this virus. Sure, as some experts say, a mask can reduce the amount of virus we are exposed to but they do not prevent exposure at all. Something no one mentions is that if you don’t have the virus you can’t spread it. If I don’t have a contagious disease I can’t give it to anyone. We were being treated as though all of us had the virus and we went along with it, for the most part. Those who did not were ostracized and in some cases penalized.This isn’t going to go away either. Now they are talking of new strains developing. Funny how new stains of the seasonal flu do not get such notoriety. Those seasonal flu shots are developed based on predictions of which strains are most likely to present themselves this season. Some years the efficacy barely reaches 30%. Doesn’t seem worth it to me. Then there is the rapid development of a vaccine for this new virus. Unless the vaccine was already under development before we knew about this new virus, I am quite concerned about the safety and efficacy of this vaccine and unknown side effects in long term. That is not to say the vaccine will not be safe and effective, just we can’t know for sure yet because the process has been sped up and that means short cuts have been taken. I certainly do not want to take a shot that has not been fully and properly tested. There is the talk of forced vaccinations which concerns me greatly. Not being allowed the power to make my own health decisions is a grave concern to me. But I know that scripture does tell us that one day if we do not conform to the beast system we will not be allowed to engage in commerce. Requiring all people to have a vaccination is just a shadow of things to come. Will we be forced to take this vaccine and carry our proof of vaccination record before we can buy and sell? Who knows? Not me.

Then there is the abominable political scene. So politically divided, so much political corruption, each side making accusations. Election fraud on one side, idolizing Trump on the other side, repeated attempts to remove elected political officials, inflammatory rhetoric on both sides. (See why I hate politics?) It’s a civil war, so far fought with words and subterfuge. These things will get worse. The political and domestic scene are already at an all time maximum for craziness but not as crazy as it’s going to be.

It’s already happening. Social media banning the sitting president before his term was ended. They talked of trying to remove him before his term was up. Talk of removing conservative congressmen for spurious reasons, censorship of all conservative speech across the major social media platforms, actual repression of speech that does not align with a certain political agenda and deemed to be false by whoever fact checks for the biased social media platforms. All those things are portents of what is to come. If we the people do not take a stand against this suppression of conservative thought, then we will lose all our freedoms in a very short time. Only state approved propaganda will be fed to us, ideologies contrary to that of those in power will be considered treasonous. Free thinkers will be rounded up and most likely executed. These are the results that will come to us if we do not get our nation back to what the founders intended when they adopted the constitution.

What I see is grown adults bullying each other on a grand scale. Both among elected officials and unelected officials. Both among governing bodies and by individuals this bullying can be seen by the whole world. A leader among nations, ours, the United States of America, has become a horror and laughing stock to the world. We’ve been a comfort to some and a terror to other nations. We’ve held the welfare of the world economy in our hands and are now failing in our responsibility to the world in that regard. Many have fled to our nation to escape the persecution that is now surfacing within our own borders. Immigrants have viewed the US as a place of freedom for generations. We’ve welcomed those immigrants from across the globe and they’ve become an important part of our melting pot society.

Soon, at the rate we are going, people will not see us as a nation where freedom rings. People will not desire to come here for a better life. People will not want to stay because their lives have have gotten worse. But where in this world can anyone go? At the moment we still have more freedom than most of the world. When those freedoms are taken away and we are under an oppressive government people will ask themselves, “ What went wrong?” I’ll tell you what is going wrong. We are not standing up for our rights as delineated in the US Constitution.

Last year I received a notice that my state legislature proposed a bill to join 15 other states in calling a constitutional convention. It is the states’ right to call a convention to amend the constitution when the federal government has gotten out of control. The issues are fiscal spending, reduction in the size of the federal government, and term limits. To have the proper majority of states come together in agreement and do something about the federal government would go a long way toward turning this nation around and getting back on the path set out by the original framers of the constitution. The fact that it was written into the constitution for states to have the power to change the constitution in order to rein in the federal government tells me those men understood human nature and could foresee how the government could become so corrupted. But, as with all attempts to convene a constitutional convention, this one will take time to get enough states to agree on the issues to address. All prior attempts have failed to gain the required 2/3 of states to call for a constitutional convention.

I wrote the body of those previous paragraphs over a year ago but never finished or posted the opinion piece. I’ve gone through updating and editing it because it’s still germane today. Maybe even more in target as things heat up politically and socially. Sure mask mandates are pretty much gone for those who have been vaccinated. But so far no one has asked me if I’m vaccinated when I go shopping. So I just walk in like I always did. I’m sure a great many of the unmasked people I see in stores are also unvaccinated. But other things are continuing and some getting worse since I first wrote it.

My life was only affected to a very small degree by all the hype over the Covid scare. I’m not a social person so there were no gatherings I couldn’t meet with others because I don’t join groups in person. I went to see family in other states and no one stopped me to ask about whether or not I self quarantined during those trips. About the only thing different was having to wear a mask in the store and pharmacy. Actually that sent me to the small independent grocer in our little community. I was never asked to wear a mask there so she has my loyalty as a customer. There’s a few things I can’t get there so periodically I’d drive into the city for those things, not anywhere near as often as I once did. Even now that masks aren’t required I still shop locally. It may cost a bit more, but when I take into consideration the cost of fuel I feel it offsets my extra food expense to some degree. Besides, I’m not overly concerned about the cost of food and other household products. I’m not affluent but I’m not short on financial resources to keep up with my monthly expenses. I even bought a new car last October and that additional expense hasn’t made me fall short even in months with extraordinary expenses. So, I’ll remain loyal to my local grocer.

Some members of my extended family have gotten the vaccine. Most only experienced mild side effects the first few days. I pray they never have any serious side effects further down the road. I pray no one ever does, even those multitudes I don’t know who have taken the shot(s). We will see next year or 5 or ten years from now.

Politically and socially I don’t see things getting better. There is still a lot of fall out from the last election. Audits by states of their election results. Violence still taking place; although they aren’t getting as much sensational news coverage as they did a year ago. Our president undoing so much of what the previous president did with the same strike of the pen as the one before did in ordering these things done all through executive orders. Right or wrong they are on opposite sides of that great separating crevice I mentioned earlier. It’s just a little deeper and a little wider now.

So praying that each of you is doing well and are truly blessed. Until next time, whenever that will be, blessings to all.

Grandma Peachy

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