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Book Review: Illusional Reality by Karina Kantas

Illusional Reality by Karina Kantas I started reading this book last November and had not finished. So began at the beginning again and it became apparent to me why I had quit reading before. The use of an odd configuration … Continue reading

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What to Write?

The other day while my husband and I were chatting I had a great idea on a topic for my blog. But as many other things I forget, I’ve forgotten what the topic of discussion was and haven’t a clue … Continue reading

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Book Review: Gateway to the Past (The Last Bucelarii Book 3) by Andy Peloquin

I really enjoy reading author Andy Peloquin’s books. The first book in this series, Blade of the Destroyer: The Last Bucelarii: Book 1, made it into my top three favorite reads for 2015. This is the continuing saga of the … Continue reading

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Picking up Where I Left Off

The last few months I’ve been irregular in writing blog posts. Sometimes a person just has to take a break from strict schedules, even self imposed ones. It has been almost three months since I posted a book review on … Continue reading

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