Mother’s Day Thoughts

Not sure what I want to say about this day, Mother’s Day 2018.  For me most days are much the same, but on this day my children who do not live near call or text me to wish me a happy Mother’s Day. This year my daughter-in-law got me a bouquet of lovely pink roses to give me from their family. I don’t really have a place to display them prettily but they are sitting on my cutting table near my computer and it’s a lovely arrangement.

I know that some people have a difficult time with this day. Many, like myself, have lost their mother, others who would like to be mothers but are childless don’t like to be reminded, some had mothers that did not love them and abused them. There are many reasons people have a difficult time with this day to honor mothers. My heart goes out to those people.

Then there are those who go all out for mothers day showering their moms and wives with lots of love, attention, gifts and time together. Those are the ones who make this a special day for their mom or the mother of their children. Those mothers are truly blessed to have the love of their children and husbands.

I love my family and truly am blessed that they call me on those special occasions. I don’t get many gifts and that is okay with me. To hear the voices of my children is special enough. To have them take the time to chat with me about life in general is a delight. But, if they did not, it wouldn’t be crushed. They are adults with lives of their own and the problems that come with being an adult. Mostly they are successful in their own lives, though as a mom I see potential that each one is wasting in my opinion. Sometimes I tell them and other times I just keep my mouth shut. Depends on the situation whether or not I think it would be well received.  My mother never gave me advice unless I asked for it. I’m not quite as good at that as my mom was. Does that make me a worse mom?

I had a wonderful mom. I loved her. In her later years I worried about her because of her health. But, she lived until she died and enjoyed her life no matter her circumstances. There was never a time that I can recall her complaining about anything that life dealt her.  She was widowed young and for a few months she did go into a depression missing my dad. But when my first child was born she snapped out of it and became the same happy woman she had been. I know she missed my dad, but, she had a grandchild to dote on and that made all the difference in the world. I am sure that I will see her and dad again in eternity.

My husband’s mom is still living and for the past 20 plus years she has been like a mom to me. I’m glad that we have such a good relationship. I love my mother-in-law. We don’t get to see each other very often because we live in different states. She can’t hear very well so we chat in text messages periodically. I send her pictures of the great grand kids and she appreciates them.  Usually I get to see her once or twice a year. Last year I went there three times during the year.

So, I hope that all the mom’s out there had a wonderfully blessed Mother’s Day. Though I know that some felt loss, because they have lost children. For them I pray that God will comfort them.  For those people who have lost their mother, I pray for comfort as well. Some mothers have been estranged from their children and for those I pray for reconciliation. Blessings to all.

Happy Mother’s Day,

Grandma Peachy

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Book Review: Cold Touch: Extrasensory Agents Book 2 by Leslie A. Kelly

I like the way the author is approaching this series by focusing on each member of the Extrasensory Agents detective team. Each has their own background story and the murder mystery plot brings out not only their story and their talent, but their personality in full bloom.  With Cold Touch she delves into the life of Oliva, who upon touching the remains of a dead person relives the last two minutes and few seconds of that persons life. What a burdensome gift that takes much out of the woman.

I read this one straight through and really enjoyed the plot. There were a lot of movie, TV, and book references by the characters, and I could have done a few less of those. There is always that underlying romance and I skim through most of those parts. In this one much could not be skimmed through, but, those were the individual characters expressing their internal thoughts about the person to whom they are attracted. I suppose for romance readers those parts were good build up of the developing romance.

There was  great, totally unexpected, twist at the end which I really liked. In a who-dunit those surprises are a delight to this reader.  I like guessing what will happen and though some correct guesses are expected it is always fun to find something totally out of left field  that had obscure clues in the story that were not recognized until the finale.

If you like a romance with a good plot then this author is one you will enjoy. If you like a good murder mystery and either don’t care about the romance or are willing to skim over those parts then you will enjoy this one as well. I would not recommend for teen under age 16 due to the one scene with sexual content. Cold Touch is available on Kindle Unlimited


Grandma Peachy


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Book Review: Vincent by Jonathan G Meyer

Vincent by Jonathan G. Meyer coverScience fiction has been one of my favorite genres since first discovering H.G. Wells and Jules Vern in grade school. Jonathan Meyer has captured a style reminiscent of those early science fiction writers woven into the modern age. Much of what was science fiction over a century ago is now reality but there is still much futuristic technology that an imaginative author can introduce. This author has found just such technology. Though the idea of miniaturization is not new it has not been a big part of the science fiction I’ve read in my lifetime. Artificially intelligent space ships have been around for decades. Where some authors give AI a tendency toward darker purposes Meyer does not. The independent nature and directed purpose of Vincent presents the Star Ship as a personality with pure and benevolent intentions.

The earth is at risk from a device from another world.  Vincent recruits a homeless man, who in turn recruits a museum guide for a mission to save Earth. Before their mission is complete a refugee joins their team.

I really enjoyed the plot and the characters behaved in a way that may or may not be expected, depending on how you think you’d react to finding a miniaturized space ship then being taken into it. I loved the descriptions of activities of the main character while he was miniaturized. Imagine trying to scale stairs when you’re the size of a mouse.

Great read. If it were a movie it would be PG or PG-13. I could recommend it to both young and old science fiction fans. Not too technical, yet believable.  Available on Amazon Kindle Unlimited and in paperback.

Happy Reading!

Grandma Peachy



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Book Review: Cold Sight: Extrasensory Agents Book 1 by Leslie A. Kelly

Cold sight cover Leslie A KellyMy daughter purchased Cold Sight by Leslie A. Kelly and posted a recommendation on her Facebook before she even finished the book. I checked it out and decided from the sample that it would be worth reading.  I like mysteries and this one is definitely well written.  As a secondary plot line there is a developing romance in the book. I’m not a great romance reader so I have to admit that I skimmed through the intimate scenes.

Though the romance parts may have added to character development I did not feel like the characters were shallow without the romance. The character development is well done and the plot is great. The criminal subject matter, the disappearance and murder of teenage girls, may be a little shocking for some of very tender heart.  I feel that the topic was handled well and was realistic enough without becoming overly gruesome. The paranormal or extrasensory gifts of the main character, Aiden, and those of the supporting characters in the Extrasensory Agents team are believable. The talents this author brought together make a pretty remarkable team.

The other main character, Lexie, is a reporter of impeccable journalistic integrity; a rare quality. Aiden is not used to reporters with integrity and it takes a special talent to bring him out of his shell to become involved in another missing persons case.  Lexie doesn’t take long to pique his interest in the case, though.

I would not recommend for teens under 16, but that could be the overprotective grandma in me.  The series features a different person of the Extrasensory Agents team as the main character for each book. I do look forward to reading the rest of the series.  I understand that my daughter has purchased the next three books in the series. Off to read some more.


Grandma  Peachy

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Fringe Friday

Why Fringe Friday? Because sometimes I explore around the fringe. I’ve been known to spend a lot of time listening to people who are on the fringe when it comes to things that occur around the globe. Someday they may not be considered fringe but mainstream. UFO’s well, they do exist but they aren’t what many think. There are no aliens from another planet, star system or whatever. These are inter-dimensional craft most likely technology from the fallen angels of Biblical reference. More people in the Christian community are coming to this conclusion. Eventually they will be part of what the Bible tells us that men’s hearts will fail them for fear of what they see coming on the earth. (Grandma Peachy’s paraphrased version – GPPV – of Luke 21:26.)

Yesterday I read the Book of Amos during my morning devotions. The words of the twelve spies that Moses sent to suss out the land  of Canaan when they reported that they had seen the sons of Anak and were like grasshoppers in comparison. (Numbers 13:33 GPPV) That means there were true giants in the land. Well, in Amos the Lord was informing Israel why he was bringing punishment on them He pointed out that He had destroyed the Amorites before them. The Amorites were described as having height as of cedars. So, I didn’t know how big cedars get so I looked it up. Most species grow to a height of 50 feet. Some, like the cedars of Lebanon referred to in scripture, grow up to 100 feet. I don’t think it’s a leap to thing that the Lord was referring to the cedars of Lebanon. Can you imagine a humanoid being of 100′ height. You’d be staring at his foot when you encountered him. That is like about 3 to 4 times the height of the standard street light. This was long after the deluge so any arguments people have that giants could not possibly live in our current environment because of gravity, or what ever, since everything changed after the flood.  Scripture says they were living in the land of Canaan long after the flood and I’ll take God’s word for it.

Where is the archaeological evidence of these giants? Many think that governments and especially here in the USA the Smithsonian confiscate them to never be seen by the public ever again. I’d be interested in a full archaeological dig and report on Jericho which some think was inhabited by giants. Most giant skeletons we do hear about from old newspaper reports and such are more like 15′-18′ at most. So I ask again, where is the evidence of these giants? Don’t suppose we’ll ever know.

Then there are all the current day prophets. I’m not sure that all are actually prophets of the Lord, but, I’m pretty sure some are. It seems that there are a lot of people having dreams of destruction for the US. Others have prophetic words of revival in the US and worldwide. Either I am not very good at listening or God isn’t revealing to me which if any are true. Still I listen, even if somewhat skeptical about most.

Although, I do think that Henry Gruver’s visions are from God. He’s an amazing servant of God. His experiences walking the cities and countries of the world in prayer walks over the last 50+ years are amazing. I’ve been trying to learn as much as I can from him by listening to interviews and whatever talks and preaching that I can find. He often tells the same stories, but, always there is something different also. I love listening to him. He inspires me.

Then there are the people who are researching things hidden such as what is going on with Antarctica. Speculation about what is down there includes Nephilim in stasis. Sounds to me like a science fiction story, but, I wouldn’t be surprised at anything the evil one does. Including saving some of his fallen angel/human hybrids in a stasis chamber until it’s time for the final battle. Which he’s already lost but doesn’t seem to realize he can’t change the outcome.

The world is getting closer to the end. I wouldn’t be surprised if the Day of the Lord arrives before I lay down this mortal body. I don’t particularly expect it, but, it wouldn’t surprise me. Over a year ago God’s Holy Spirit told me that the evil that is in the world is more than any of us can imagine. Then the other day I heard a preacher say that the Lord told him that he had no idea what is in the earth, the technology of the evil one and other things. When I heard that it just brought to mind the word I had and I keep wondering just how bad it’s going to get before the end. Some think that the Christians will be out of here before, but, so far, every time I read scripture it seems pretty clear that believers who are alive will have to go through that great tribulation. I keep reading and so far nothing I read has changed my mind. It makes me wonder where the ‘pre-trib’ people get that idea. I think it’s wishful thinking. But, that is not a salvation issue so I let them have their daydreams.

Since Jan 1 2017 I’ve completed reading the Bible twice and am well past half way through reading a third time. This time however I’ve done something a little different. By the time I’ve finished Revelation this time I will have read through Psalm and Proverbs as many times as the number of months it took me to read all the rest. Dividing Psalm into 30-31 parts means about 5 chapters a day and Proverbs is already 30 chapters, so, it is convenient to read through each book once a month. I love doing it that way.

So, maybe only part of this is fringe, but, my brain has more fringe things rattling around in there than I have organized into words. Maybe once those ideas or thoughts come together more coherently I’ll write about them too.

Blessings and Have a restful Sabbath.

Grandma Peachy


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Learning to be an Intercessor

Over the years I’ve had periods of time that I delved deeply into the Word of God and those times were times of growth. I spent many hours in prayer as well, mostly for my family in those years. Having a growing family that was the thing most on my heart during those years. God did not expect more from me. I served in churches in whatever way I could while we raised our family. Then in the early part the 2000’s we left a church we had been serving in and I was at a loss for how to serve God. At that time I had a fifty-five mile one way commute to my job and I spent that time talking to God. One morning I was asking earnestly what He wanted me to do to serve him and his still small voice so clearly said, “Love My people.” I’ve spent much of the subsequent decade plus trying to understand how He wanted me to do that. Especially since we quit attending any church after we made our move to another state coming up on 13 years ago.

I’m not a social creature by nature. Joining groups has never been something I’ve done, church had been the  only real social activity that I did. Yes I did have friends, one at a time, that I would do things with over the years. It takes time to build friendships and I can say that I have three women that are my friends and I feel lucky that they are all women of similar faith to whom I can go and ask that they agree with me in prayer.

A little over two years ago I found that I had been lax in reading my Bible for quite some time so I began reading more regularly but still I did not read on a daily basis. It was more like three or four times a week that I read some passages in scripture. Still there was no systemic method that I was using. I would pray but that too was sporadic. In October or so of 2016 I decided to set aside a time to read and pray daily. The best time was right after I had gotten my husband off to work of a morning. I would sit down and read a few passages in scripture and pray. At first I might spend 45 minutes to an hour reading and praying. It was a start.  By December the time I spent had increased to an hour and a half. It was good time spent with the Lord.  But still my scripture reading had no rhyme or reason to it and I realized it had been a very long time since I had read the Bible through completely, so I decided that I would begin in January to read through the Bible. I signed up on Biblegateway for a program to read through the Bible in one year.

Well, I soon learned that the amount of reading in one day was just not enough. There were stories in the Bible that I wanted to keep on reading until I got to the end of that story. I’m that way with any book, if it’s a good story I just don’t want to put it down. The Bible is so well written that I didn’t want to put it down either. Of course, it was written by the Creator of all things He is the ultimate author. So I found myself reading several days worth of scripture and by the end of May I had read the entire Bible.

Now in the mean time I had learned of a new translation of scripture that also included all these extra-Biblical books including all the apocrypha, the books of Enoch, Jasher, Jubilees and a quite a few other ancient texts. It was called the eth Cepher and included in the text the location of every instance of the Hebrew aleph tav found in the ancient texts, it also used the translators interpretation of how the name of God would be pronounced based on how other names are pronounced. So the translators believe that the name of God, the Tetragrammaton or the yud-hey-vav-hey (יהוה) in Hebrew,  the YHVH in English would be Yahuah instead of Yehova. I was excited about this book so I ordered it for myself as a birthday gift to me. But I had not yet finished reading my current translation when it came in the mail. As soon as I finished reading through the whole Bible in late May I picked up the eth Cepher and began reading it from beginning to end. I did not use any kind of Old Testament, New Testament, Psalms and Proverbs type of daily reading I just read it through from cover to cover.

At the same time after my daily reading I would pray. Now, sometimes I get easily distracted and there were days that I would journal my prayers so I could focus. But that was not a daily thing it was only on those days that I found my mind wandering instead of praying. Still, as time went by, my prayer time increased and I found that my time spent in scripture and prayer was increasing and I would spend two to two and a half hours in my morning devotion time. I was definitely growing in my spiritual life and my walk with God was getting much better. I finished the eth Cepher just after the first of January this year. So I began reading another translation, I think it’s the New King James Version this time. I am definitely not a King James only kind of person. I must have 5 or six different translations all within reach of my rocking chair nest where I read and pray.

Sometime in late January or early February I inquired about joining an on-line prayer team who pray over the requests put on the Prayer Wall at the Paul Begley Prophesy web-site. I’d occasionally posted a prayer request there myself over the past year and half or so. Someone from their prayer team had asked if I wanted to be one of their emergency prayer warriors. I didn’t want to commit to a specific time every day, so I joined them. Wow! That was the catalyst to take me from being a praying believer to becoming a true intercessor.

What is the difference between being a praying believer to being an intercessor? Let me tell you. When I pray for my family, friends, for those who has for prayer I ask based on what I know the situation is. Yes I ask for God’s will to be done in those situations. But, when I chose to become a part of a team with a specific purpose to pray for those who have put prayers up for others that they do not know to pray God began showing me that there is more to intercessory prayer than just asking God to do this that or the other for people.

He has shown me that repenting of my own sin is just the beginning, repenting of the iniquity of my nation is imperative, praying for nations, leaders, for the social ills of the world, for those who are truly persecuted for the name of Jesus-Yeshua-Yahushua, for those who are martyred for their faith in the living God and His Son, all these things are important. He has been showing me daily how to pray from His Word. Scripture will jump out at me and say, this is how to pray for Jerusalem, this is how to pray for your own nation, this is how to pray for the sick, this is how to pray for yourself to be able to minister to others. His Word is alive!

I’ve heard that praying scripture is a good way to pray but I had never really understood that. Now, as I read scripture I am praying what I am reading. It could be for myself to improve my service to Yahuah, it could be to pray for a nation, a group of people, or an individual. The Lord leads me in how or  to whom a scripture applies.  Sometime, outside of my prayer time I will hear someone talking about a subject and God will make my heart very tender for that subject and place it on me to pray in that regard. Like the other day, I was hearing an interview Henry Gruver, a man of God who has had a prayer walk ministry for over 5o years. He will be speaking at the Hear the Watchmen conference in Dallas, TX this coming weekend and he said that he loves to meet the people at these conferences and when he finds intercessors he collects them because he covets their prayers. Well, I cried. God made my heart so tender for that man’s desire to have intercessors praying for his own ministry that I knew I had to include him in my prayers daily. Then He gives me scripture to pray over that man and his ministry. That is just a small example.

In the short period of time it has been since I joined a team of prayer warriors my personal devotional time in prayer has gone from a couple hours to as many as five hours a morning. Even then sometimes I feel it was cut short at times. The personal spiritual growth from intercessory prayer is more than I can express and I know that it is just the beginning because, as of yet, those other gifts of the Spirit which many exercise are still not fully at work in me. That is okay, I have read scriptures that God revealed to me why, and He is still working on me. I’m just a youth in this journey, but, this is how God wants me to love His people at this point in my spiritual journey. It is a glorious journey because to God be all the glory for all that He does and right now He is raising me up to be a more effective servant. For that I am most grateful because on my own I could do nothing and it is my most fervent desire to serve my God and when he calls me home and I stand to be judged all I want to hear is, “Well done my good and faithful servant.”


Grandma Peachy


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The Burden Heaviest on my Heart

I’m not sure how to approach the topic that has been on my heart as a heavy burden for quite some time. There are a lot of bad things happening in the world. The Holy Spirit told me a year or so ago that the evil in the world is greater than any of us can imagine. For some in the world their imaginings for evil are quite elaborate I’m sure. Therefore, I believe in my soul that the evil the Holy Spirit was talking about is not the evil of humans alone but a supernatural evil that mere humans cannot even imagine. It is hidden from humanity although this evil has it’s hooks in many people and some are unaware.

The evil that is most disturbing to me is the evil that is being perpetrated against children. There are some evils that we as adults can combat on a daily basis through diligence, the misinformation that our school children are being taught, the insidious messages from television, movies, games, and social media are among those.  But the evils that weigh most heavily on my heart are those of child abuse, the child slavery and sex trafficking trade, and abortion. These are a heinous evils against innocents and it hurts my heart deeply to even consider what the victims of this kind of evil must endure. Aborted babies only suffer for a short time though it is truly a heinous act of murder that makes me cringe.  Those babies feel the pain before they even have an understanding of what life is. For abused and enslaved children the torture may last for days, weeks, months or even years. Some endure such horrendous treatment that it leads to an early death. We occasionally will hear about some child who has died from abuse. I wouldn’t be surprised to find out that we don’t hear about most of the deaths directly related to child trafficking.

The first incident I remember hearing of was a case in the city where I lived at the time of a baby who had been physically and sexually abused from birth and died as a result.  I’m sure that if I mentioned the name many would remember the case as the worst that had ever been seen. It spurred the state to pass stricter laws concerning the punishment for child abuse resulting in the death of a child under 13 years old. Thank God for taking her to himself, but, what a horrible way for a baby to live and die. The parents and perpetrators did go to prison, but, that does nothing for the child who died. A child robbed of a safe, healthy, happy childhood and robbed of a full life filled with love and ultimately progeny of her own. A tragedy that cannot be undone and I’m sure that her blood cries out to God.  I am aware that this case was one of familial abuse and not one of trafficking, however, the evil that caused the family of this baby to do such heinous things to her is from the same demonic source.

Recently in the news was the story of a family in California where their 13 children, even up to adult age, were imprisoned and abused is another. Nothing was mentioned about any sexual abuse but being tied up and starved to the point where an adult age child was mistaken for a minor because of stunted growth from starvation is horrible and evil. All these cases cause me much heart ache. The evil that is in this world is more than we can imagine and it possesses these people who do such horrific things to their own children. Those of us who love and nurture children cannot conceive of how people can do such things to their children.  This is possession by an evil of supernatural origin that is beyond our imagining.

Looking at information about missing and abducted children in the US is enough to make me cringe. The numbers reported aren’t all that much for  the size of our population, however, even one missing endangered child is too many in my opinion. According to the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children (NCMEC) in 2016 the center helped law enforcement with over 20,000 missing children cases.  By and large the biggest percent of those were endangered runaways at 90% of all cases. For 2017 it is estimated that one in seven of the close to 25,000 runaways were probably victims of sex trafficking. This is disturbing, very disturbing, to me.  That calculates to over 3500 children reported missing in 2017 who were probably the victims of the child sex trafficking trade. My heart just cringes at the thought. It physically hurts me in my heart to know these things.  We are supposed to care for and nurture children, not use them for sex.  I can’t even conceive that this is anything but an act of violence against a child. It pains me in my spirit to know that these horrible crimes occur.  That very pain is what keeps me from being silent about the problem.  People need to be informed about this wicked part of our society.

Another disturbing estimate is that of those children who were most likely victims of child sex trafficking, 88% of them were under social services care at the time they were reported missing.  What does this say about social services? Nationwide there are numerous complaints about the various social services supposedly designed to protect children. The failures of protecting some and separating others that should not have been are notorious.

These are only figures for the United States. There is a world-wide problem with trafficking and I’m sure abuse. There are serious deficiencies in statistics worldwide for abuse and for missing and exploited children.  There is no way of knowing the extent of the problem worldwide. Some of the more advanced countries have better reporting than less developed countries. Some cultures abuse is part of the culture and it is never reported.  There are a number nations that have human rights violations. Children suffer in these countries and though there isn’t any statistics I’d be willing to bet that there are a lot who are trapped in human trafficking.

There are a number of groups that are working to combat this horrible crime in the US. Among them is one I’ve recently heard about in alternative media outlets, Veterans for Child Rescue.  Craig Sawyer, a former Navy Seal, is the force behind this organization. I’ve listened to him on several interviews and applaud what his organization is doing. They are proactive, working with law enforcement to catch pedophiles. One of their objectives is also to bring to light the operations of pedophile rings. Several organization work with law enforcement to identify and rescue victims and capture the perpetrators of these crimes against children. There are also organizations that work to free enslaved adults as well.  People need to wake up to the fact that this is happening all around the country and worldwide it is a terrible problem.

The International Center for Missing and Exploited Children (ICMEC) has a few statistics on their website and a large database of missing persons from around the globe that goes back a number of years. One of the issues they talk about on their web site is that of child pornography. It is illegal here in the United States and in several other countries. Information from ICMEC as of 2016 showed that 82 countries have legislation in place to combat child pornography, yet there were still 35 countries that had no legislation against child pornography. Among those countries that do have legislation, definitions and what is covered varies dramatically.  This evil may easily be part of a whole system of sexual abuse of children including rape. There do not seem to be any statistics that I could find which would corroborate my opinion in that matter, but when it comes to pornography, it isn’t a far leap from images published to acts committed.

There are a number of groups that are working to combat this horrible crime in the US. Among them is one I’ve recently heard about in alternative media outlets, Veterans for Child Rescue.  Craig Sawyer, a former Navy Seal, is the force behind this organization. I’ve listened to him on several interviews and applaud what his organization is doing. They are proactive, working with law enforcement to catch pedophiles. One of their objectives is also to bring to light the operations of pedophile rings. Several organization work with law enforcement to identify and rescue victims and capture the perpetrators of these crimes against children. There are also organizations that work to free enslaved adults as well.  People need to wake up to the fact that this is happening all around the country and worldwide it is a terrible problem.

There is a small ministry that I donate to which has the objective of preventing children and youth in the Philippines from becoming victims of human trafficking, particularly child sex trafficking. This ministry uses education and evangelizing to combat the problem. So many youth in the poorest parts of the Philippines cannot afford to attend school and will go to the cities trying to find employment to help support their families. Many of these are trapped into sex trafficking with the lure of money.  Educate Bohol provides the supplies children and youth need to attend school. The year of their inception, 2012 the organization helped 27 children. Since then it has grown and in 2016 they helped 1415 students. The 2017 annual report hasn’t been posted yet, but, I’m sure that with the previous rate of growth they served quite a few more in this past year.

We need more of both kinds of organizations working first to prevent children from becoming victims and second to rescue those who are victims and bring to justice the perpetrators of these horrendous crimes against children.  Supporting groups such as these so their work can be expanded to help more children is of utmost importance. Without the help of those who ‘stay at the camp’ so to speak, they would not be able to do the work they do. These kinds of operations need to be in every country that they can in order to prevent child slavery and rescue children who are victims. Children are the future and we are responsible for protecting them, all of them, from every corner of the globe.

So I ask you to financially support as you are able those organizations who are in the battle against this evil perpetrated against children. But, even more importantly, pray for the success of these kinds of organizations. For the safety and protection of all children, for the rescue and healing of victims of human trafficking, pray, pray, pray.

Be Diligent in Prayer,

Grandma Peachy


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