Thoughts About Living Healthy

There are so many people out there promoting healthy living. GMO foods are considered bad, insecticides are bad, too much sugar, high glycemic index foods are all considered unhealthy. There are a multitude of natural supplements with claims of making you more healthy. Organic and non-GMO foods are promoted as the only way to maintain good health.

Some or all of these ideas may be correct. I don’t know. I’m not a scientist, nutritionist, physician or anything related to these professions. All I can do is research available information. Even at that, I cannot vet the accuracy of the research. There are a lot of scientific studies that can be accessed, or at least abstracts of the research are available. Many are only available by subscription and you have to have the right credentials to access the full report on studies.

I know that moderation, eating a well balanced diet, and getting exercise are healthy lifestyle choices. But, eliminating GMO’s and eating organic is out of reach financially for me and I’m sure for many other retired and poor people. I understand the cost of organic is more than the typical food sources available to us. It is more labor intensive, more work has to go into ensuring that the produce is protected from cross contamination from GMO and insecticide sprayed fields. The cost is prohibitive when you’re feeding a large family on a limited income.

So how does one live a healthy life when all you can afford is the purported ‘bad’ foods. My thought is that we should do the best we can. Eliminate all the fast food, prepackaged foods and processed sugar. Fresh produce and non-processed meats are better than the prepackaged and fast foods. Add nuts to your diet. As I understand walnuts, raw almonds raw sunflower seeds are among the best. Walnuts help to keep blood lipids such as triglycerides low. Raw almonds are beneficial for lowering blood sugar and cholesterol plus regulating blood pressure. Raw sunflower seeds are also good for the heart and maintaining good cholesterol levels. They contain good fats, magnesium, and antioxidants. Don’t over do it, a handful a day is adequate but they make a good between meal snack .

Drink plenty of water, preferably purified water. I know that there are some who cannot afford to buy purified water. Don’t get the small bottled water at the store. Use a company that identifies the source of the water and that uses reverse osmosis (RO) in the purification process.  I get Culligan bottled water delivered which is sourced from the local city water in Omaha then uses a .01 micron filter before putting it through reverse osmosis. But if you cannot afford something like that there are websites that teach you how to purify water, including your tap water. An RO purification unit can seem a lot of money up front but the cost per gallon is definitely less than buying purified water like I do.  I live in a rented house and the counter around the sink is granite top without an opening to facilitate the use of an RO unit under the kitchen sink or I’d have bought one long ago.

Finally, get a good amount of exercise.  You don’t have to join a gym to get exercise. Walking is excellent exercise and it costs nothing. You can do your own exercise program at home for free too.  There are some good sights in the internet that can help you design your own exercise program.

I don’t take nutritional supplements in general. I can hardly remember to take my thyroid medicine every day let alone a handful of supplements. If you can afford them then don’t go buying them at the big box stores. Most health food stores have good selections of quality supplements at prices that are comparable to the drug store and big box store drug sections. But it is better to get your nutritional needs from the foods you eat. They are more easily absorbed when obtained through your food. If you’re concerned about your levels of various vitamins and minerals then your physician can have tests run to determine if you have deficiencies. As I understand one of the most common deficiencies is vitamin D. Deficiency of this vitamin is a common cause of osteoporosis among other things. The human body will make vitamin D if you get enough sunshine, but that can be difficult depending on where you live, the time of year, and your lifestyle. Vitamin D is found in fatty fish oils. An omega3 fish oil could be a good supplement if you do have a vitamin D deficiency.

I can never remember all the information that I read about the health benefits of specific foods. Often I have to redo my research when I have a specific issue I want to learn to treat. I do remember some things. Fresh garlic is a natural antibiotic, though it takes longer than prescriptions to heal an infection. It’s best as a preventative by including fresh garlic in your meals. If it is cooked above 120F it does lose it’s antibiotic effect but maintains other health benefits. Curcumin, found in turmeric, a relative of ginger, is a natural anti-inflammatory. There are many foods and herbs that have medically beneficial properties. Do some research and learn about the foods and herbs that can be used to improve your health. There are a lot of specifically healthy foods and spices that we have on our shelves that can improve our health. Growing herbs indoors is pretty easy and there are many we use in cooking that have excellent health benefits.

Living healthy is more about doing the things that promote good health and eliminate the things that are not healthy for the body than it is about worrying about GMO foods and taking expensive supplements. Eating in moderation a well balanced diet, taking care of the body with plenty of water and exercise is something that even the poorest of us can do.

Blessings and healthy living!

Grandma Peachy

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Weighing in on the Recent Geopolitical Events

I haven’t commented on political world events recently. The bombing in Syria the other day and listening to numerous news outlets since then has helped me form a definite opinion. I am disappointed in what our nation is doing in Syria.

I did not have a solidified opinion of Syrian President Assad until after I watched a video by body language expert, Bombard’s Body Language. I’ve been watching her videos for some time evaluating the body language of a lot of people in the spotlight. These videos, in conjunction with the body language training I’ve had when I was a Certified Fraud Examiner, has increased my understanding of body language in general. The interview of President Assad of Syria that was critiqued was with a Chinese journalist interviewing Assad. Assad’s comfort level during the interview was relaxed, he did not display any body language indicative of deception during the interview and his body agreed with the answers he was giving. In that interview, which I understand took place about a month or so ago, he was asked how long it would take to resolve the civil war within Syria. His answer was to the effect that if there were no outside interference it would probably take about two months or so. He was confident in that answer. When he qualified it with the statement of ‘given no outside interference took place’ his body language appeared to indicate he felt that outside interference was a distinct possibility. Another question about what his priorities were once the civil war is settled shows that the man’s priorities for rebuilding are pro people. His first priority is to rebuild the suburb areas that have sustained so much damage, then the infrastructure for sanitation, power and such, and third is industrial restoration. As I see it he wants to first house the people, second insure utilities and sanitation, then jobs. How does that sound like someone who would attack his own people with some kind of chemical warfare? In at least one and maybe more news reports from non-American sources I heard that Syria claims that they were bombing what they considered a munitions cache of the rebels and did not have any idea that there were any chemical weapons stored there. The bombing resulted in hitting that chemical cache. Rebels having those chemical weapons seems more likely to me than Assad using them against his people on purpose.

In a recent White House press conference, Sean Spicer said that the first priority is to destabilize Syria, he corrected himself and added to destabilize the civil war in Syria. His demeanor, to me, said that the first statement was the real one. We know that the US wants to overthrow Assad. I believe US intelligence is actively spreading propaganda to give us a reason to overthrow the Syrian president. We know that we’ve been supporting the rebels and I think someone in our intelligence community knew that there were chemical weapons stock piled by the rebels. I also believe that when Assad had their munitions cache bombed he was unaware that the chemicals existed, he thought all chemical weapons had been eliminated from his country.

I believe that here in the US our president, and we the public as a result, are being given false information on what is really happening in Syria. Syria, Russia, and a few countries we have been active in facilitating regime change, are nations that have resisted the world banking system and the agenda of the New World Order. Trump had a nationalist platform when he campaigned. I would think that he would be in favor of other nationalist leaning countries. So, why is it he’s falling into the trap of helping the NWO agenda through regime change? False intelligence seems to be the only answer in my opinion. He’s being told that Syria is a threat because of ISIS. ISIS is a threat to everyone, but Assad was working toward quelling the threat in Syria. As I understand he was ahead and winning until we stuck our noses in. Who is behind the false intel? Maybe it comes from somewhere within the CIA; who knows? I certainly don’t. But I do wish that our president would not believe everything he’s told by intelligence sources. He needs more reliable people in that capacity than what he’s inherited.

I listen to news and commentary on Israeli News Live (INL) and his take on what is going on over there in the Middle East. Steven Ben Denoon of INL is an American living in Prague, Czech Republic. He has contacts with many news sources within Europe and the Middle East as well as occasionally going on scene himself. I tend to trust his opinion commentary on the events, though I don’t always agree with his opinions. What I get from his broadcasts is not the same as what we get here in the United States.  The view from across the ocean is much different than here.

Then there is North Korea… The Chinese government may or may not have moved troops and weapons to the NK border to help the US take Kim Jong-un down. China backed NK in the Korean conflict. I don’t know their current relationship, but, the NK leader is out of control and I’m pretty sure that Xi Jinping of China realizes the threat NK poses. We engage in a lot of trade with China and if we don’t get the cooperation from them it could pose a risk to trade relations that they don’t want. It would appear that in the very near future the US will be attacking NK. We’ll see how that plays out.

Tensions in the Middle East and North Korea seem to be heading this planet into what could possibly be another world war. Many political commentators are forecasting just such an event. Some say that we can’t afford a war, but, honestly, it was war that brought us out of the economic hardships left by the Great Depression. Why would another war be any different? It’s brutal, violent, and costly in lives; but economically, war is profitable.

The next few months and years will be chaotic as we prepare for a war that voters didn’t expect. Right or wrong, we will most likely end up in a war that will last for awhile. I would hope not, but, it just doesn’t look like my hope will be the reality. Buckle your seat belts ladies and gentlemen, it’s going to be a bumpy ride for the next 8 years.


Grandma Peachy


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Information Overload and Censorship

Over the past year or so I’ve been reading, watching and listening to a variety of people covering topics from UFO’s to survivalist strategies, end times prophesy to archaeological cover ups. There is so much out there in the virtual world that  no one person can absorb everything even if they were to spend every waking hour acquiring the information. One has to have discernment on what is or is not true and of the true what is relevant and important to know.
What is important for me is to study scripture, understanding the times I live in, and being spiritually prepared for whatever lies ahead so I will not be deceived. Prayer is the only way to ensure that my spiritual eyes are opened and I am not among those who are deceived. I think even then carnal understanding sometimes gets in the way.

There are a multitude of videos and web sites you can find on what the signs of the end times are and how the prophesies are being fulfilled today. Many think that Christians will be taken away to meet the Christ in the air before the time referred to as the great tribulation. There are those who think we will have to go through that same tribulation, and even others who think it is somewhere in the middle of that time. I don’t know for sure and though I tend to lean toward post tribulation I can still hope to not see it in the fullness of time. Yes there are signs that we could be approaching the end, but, honestly, if you can think of it, that’s not it – as my husband is fond of saying.

A myriad of sites and videos exist on the UFO phenomenon. Granted, some have to be fake videos and false reports, but not all of them and the number of people who report sightings is increasing annually. Something is going on there and I don’t believe in “Ancient Aliens.” What I do believe is that these are either other dimensional craft or our government(s) were given the technology by other dimensional beings. Those beings are satanic in nature regardless of what those in contact with them think.  They do no have the best interests of humanity in mind.

Christian ministry sites on the internet are abundant. Some are just preaching the gospel or reaching out to get your money and telling you what you want to hear. Others are preaching the end times are near and informing the public that will listen of the world events that seem to fulfill Biblical prophesy. Others are getting into the nitty-gritty of what to expect in the end times. A few are teaching on the real spiritual battle that we as Christians must be prepared for by putting on the full armor of God.

Then there are those who are revealing the massive cover ups of ancient history and evidence of things such as fallen angels, giants and nephilim – the hybrids of fallen angel and human interbreeding from the Genesis account.  Cover ups also range from what is the true purpose of CERN and related scientific projects to the question of what did they find in Antarctica.  The agenda of the New World Order is being revealed and equated to the one world government and religion foretold in the Bible. People all over the country are taking the threats of this NWO seriously and there are more people who are gearing up as survivalist preppers. Books and products abound for the survivalists. I couldn’t spend that kind of money if I wanted to. So I will have to lean on God.

All this information is at our fingertips. Computers in our homes and offices, miniature computers that are our cell phone in our hands, laptops, notebooks and iPads; all these things give us real time news and a vast amount of the information that exists is instantly available if you know how to access it.

With so much information and misinformation floating around out there on the internet it can be difficult for a person to, first, discern what is real and what is a lie, and second, to process even a portion of the information. I think my head is about to explode from all that knowledge.  I’ve heard that compared to the information doubling rate of about once every 100 years prior to 1900 and it rose to every 25 years in the early 20th century.  The rate of information doubling now is just 12 months and expected to be every 12 hours soon.  How did that happen? How can ordinary humans even be expected to keep up with a small percentage of that increase in knowledge? I wonder if we aren’t getting some help in some areas of expansion.

This increase in knowledge was predicted thousands of years ago in the book of Daniel of the Old Testament in the Bible.

Daniel 12:4 Holman Christian Standard Bible (HCSB)

“But you, Daniel, keep these words secret and seal the book until the time of the end. Many will roam about, and knowledge will increase.”

Other versions say that many will run to and fro and knowledge shall increase. It sounds like a forewarning of things to come and certainly in today’s world many do roam about or run to and fro. The transportation methods of today would make it seem like we scurry around like ants on the face of the planet going back and forth, or ‘to and fro’ in our cars, buses, planes and trains.

I tend to believe that there are cover ups. Just look at how much censorship has increased recently. The sites that are spreading the stories the elites in charge want to have spread are never targeted. The sites that are uncovering the extent of cover-up, the extent of conspiracies, the truth of both ancient and modern history, are being censored. I keep finding videos and YouTube channels that I have subscribed to are being removed by YouTube. Access to videos I’ve watched before is no longer available. I’ve even had one incident where my own computer would not allow me to log on and it wasn’t an error message that my password was wrong. It was a message that stated I was not allowed to log in at this time. What? Not allowed to log in to my own computer at this time? By whose authority is my own personal computer blocking me?

Times are getting worse for humanity, for rational, thinking people. There is a glut of information, and there is a reality that we can’t quite grasp. Just how close to the end times described in the Bible are we really? With the information overload that I’ve encountered and from the little that I can glean from it, we are close, very close. But, close to God isn’t the quite the same as close for us. It could be any day, or it could be decades or even centuries away. No one knows the hour or the day. It doesn’t say year though, so, maybe someone out there will get pretty close to predicting the return of our Lord, maybe.

Whatever you think or believe, do you know Jesus? Have you accepted the free gift of salvation and eternal life? If you haven’t be aware that the time of the end is close and even if it doesn’t come in my or your lifetime, when this mortal body dies it is too late to make the choice to follow Jesus. You don’t want to experience the judgement that will befall if you don’t accept the Savior. “If you confess with your mouth, “Jesus is Lord,” and believe in your heart that God raised Him from the dead, you will be saved. “Romans 10:9


Grandma Peachy

Links of interest:  (Israeli News Live)  (Steve Quayl)  (L.A. Marzulli)  (Two Preachers End Times Signs)
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Book Review: Carly’s Voice by Arthur Fleischmann with Carly Fleischmann

Carly’s Voice by Arthur Fleischmann with Carly Fleischmann is another traditionally published book that I had wanted to read for some time. My interest in autism was initially sparked by my sister-in-law whose sister has autism. I’ve encountered autism several times in my life and currently the community in which I reside has an unusually high incidence of autism among children. Carly’s Voice has been on my reading wish list for some time.

This story of the impact of autism on the family of Carly Fleischmann was heart breaking from the beginning. The battle the parents, especially the mother, went through pulled at my heart strings.  I experienced deep empathy for her parents while going through the trials of first getting a diagnosis, then fighting to get the best education for their nonverbal autistic child. The author did an excellent job of imparting the emotional feelings of knowing that his child would never have the same kind of life as her siblings and knowing that he would not be able to get to know his daughter and do things with his daughter that a father looks forward to doing.

When the people who worked with Carly daily discovered her ability to communicate through the typed word her whole world opened up. Carly contributed her insights and point of view in the final chapter.  She has become an advocate for people with autism and is living proof that autism doesn’t have to keep one from accomplishing their goals and dreams.

I recommend this book to anyone who has been touched by autism even as remotely as the relative of a relative or friend. Carly’s Voice gives us a much better insight into the mind of a person living with autism and just how misunderstood they are even by those who are closest to them and love them the most. We can learn to be more accepting and compassionate of those with autism. They are not the autism, they are people with hopes and dreams just like the rest of us. An excellent read, well written and totally engaging.


Grandma Peachy



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Book Review: Do You Believe in Legend by Ani Manjikian

Do You Believe in Legend? is the second book in the Stars of Heros series by Ani Manjikian. I think that this second book in the series is better than first book, Spirit of the Lone Horse.  I still like the first book in the series. This tale is a combination of science fiction and fantasy featuring horses, equine shape-shifters, seasoned with a nice dose of time travel in a military setting.

The series plot is well developed and the saga of the Mason family and associates continues to unfold. Since the 19th century the family of Jo Mason has pursued a dream of a future in which people travel among the stars. Because of unexplained memories she carries, Jo Mason has questions about her past and her future. But, no one who can answer her questions is telling her.

Strong family ties are  important in the story.  Personal connections between siblings are prominent in the series. In Legend two brothers are left in different centuries and their contacts are few, far between, and not necessarily in the same chronological timeline for each brother.  Once thrust into the same century, because of an unforeseen accident, their relationship is strained.  Time travel paradox is convoluted and difficult overcome. Can and should events in the past be fixed? In this book decisions have to be made that take into account that what happens in an earlier century impacts future centuries.

The characters are well developed and I easily identified with the Jo, the main character. I was also quite empathetic to Randy, a man out of time. The story alternates between current time and the future, but, I did not find the shifts confusing because future events related to the past events in a way that allowed me to retain my suspension of disbelief. Relationships between characters are realistic and not shallow. The book is appropriate for teens and adults who like a mixture of science fiction and fantasy. I am looking forward to reading the next book in the series. The end is somewhat of a cliff hanger and I want to know what happens.


Grandma Peachy

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Personal Reflections; Contemplating the Spiritual Things of God

img_0116I have been reading Old Testament prophets recently in my early morning Bible reading time. The other day I read the vision of Nahum concerning the destruction of Nineveh. I am almost at a loss for words on the fierceness of God’s anger and jealousy. He is slow to anger and He had given the city a reprieve when Jonah had finally gone to the city and proclaimed God’s judgement and the city repented of their sins. Then, maybe a hundred years later, as some commentators speculated, the city had returned to their sins and were even worse than before. The city was a bloody city, murderous and plundering, full of deceit, plotting against God, rampant prostitution, sorcery and witchcraft.

I see much of the description of Nineveh in the world today. God never changes; He is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow. When a people have completed their rebellion against God and in the fullness of their sin then God says, “no more,” he punishes that people.  God never leaves the guilty unpunished. He may raise up enemies to defeat them, He may use the weather. In Nahum it says that the Lord’s path is in the whirlwind and the storm and that the clouds are the dust of His feet. He dries up the seas,  the mountains quake, the hills melt, and the earth trembles in His presence. His wrath is poured out like fire and even the rocks break and are shattered before Him.  The message is, don’t anger God. He is slow to anger, but once He’s given you, or a city, or peoples or a nation, all the chances to repent and turn from sin that He can and instead of repentance the people say there is no God, we will do as we please and turn to wickedness, then there is a point at which He will take vengeance.

At the same time He protects those that love Him and take refuge in Him.  In my experience that does not mean that those who follow Him will have an easy life. If life is easy for His followers then maybe they are headed the wrong direction of the path.  The Lord is good and is a stronghold during times of distress. He strengthens those of us who love Him and depend upon Him. Jesus told us that we, His followers, would be persecuted. He was persecuted of course his followers will be persecuted. That ancient serpent, the devil, Satan, uses people for that purpose. He is the father of lies and has deceived a lot of people into believing there is no god and that he himself doesn’t exist either.  Those who are born of the Spirit, that is those who know Jesus and have His Spirit as our guide and comforter will be persecuted buy those who live only for the flesh.

There is a lot more to the whole spiritual realm. Supernatural events are real, some are demonic and others are of God. The Bible tells us that in the end times that the enemy of God will come with lying signs and wonders. I sometimes wonder what those signs and wonders will be. Will they imitate the miracles that Jesus performed during His ministry on earth? Will they be other things that we just can’t imagine? I don’t really know. That hasn’t been revealed to me.

I do know that there are a group of believers that call themselves the Watchmen. Among those are people who remind us that in the end times it will be as it was in the days of Noah. I always thought it meant that all the thoughts of mankind would be toward evil. But, these Watchers have convinced me that is not the only way in which it will be like the days of Noah. In Genesis 6 scripture begins the chapter with the sons of God taking wives from the daughters of man and having children. God said that his Spirit would not remain with mankind because they were corrupt and he shortened the life span to 120 years. Immediately after this the scripture talks of the Nephilim being on the earth in those days and afterward. These were the children of the fallen angels, those sons of God, and human women, the daughters of man. The Nephilim were described as the mighty men of old, famous men. Immediately following this passage scripture goes into the story of Noah. It begins with God seeing the wickedness and every scheme of man was for evil all the time.

What is being said now, and I tend to agree, is that not only were all the thoughts and plans of mankind evil, the corruption was more than a moral  corruption. The breeding of fallen angels with human women corrupted the DNA of the offspring.  From the passages following it seems that only Noah was ‘perfect in his generations’ meaning his DNA was not corrupted, he was fully human. There is some controversy and speculation about his wife and sons and their daughters. Some think that all were pure, some thing that all were corrupted, and some think that the wives of Noah’s sons were corrupted. The scripture doesn’t say, it only points out that Noah was ‘perfect in his generations’ or pure genetic human. I won’t speculate on who may or may not be right.

If the Watchmen are correct then corrupted DNA is the primary reason for God destroying everything except Noah and his family.  God saved a pair each of the unclean animals and 7 pair each of the clean animals as well. Otherwise God destroyed everything for all flesh was corrupt. Most of us know the story of the flood.

What I see today with genetic manipulation is the corruption of flesh again. We’ve  cloned animals, scientists are infusing human DNA into animals to grow human organs; and who knows what else the scientists around the globe are doing in their labs? I know that we have a corrupted food supply with genetically modified organism or GMO foods. Even when we think we are getting nice, pure, organic foods, don’t be fooled, we don’t know that the varieties of produce we are buying are not genetically modified even if they are grown organically. There is a company that claims to sell non-GMO seeds that will produce viable seed for subsequent crop plantings.

It seems to me that we are ever so much closer to the end days described in the Bible. We are corrupting the DNA of plants and animals and working on the corruption of human DNA as well. So far designer babies have pretty much been banned around the world. Now, I’m not saying that medical science shouldn’t do what it can to correct problems that produce babies who won’t live to maturity. There is a process that substitutes the mitochondrial DNA of one mother with that of another. I wrote a blog several months ago about that. Mitochondrial DNA is not the DNA that makes us who we are, it is the nuclear DNA that makes us who we are with all of our genotypical traits we get from our parents. In the case that I discussed it was the mitochondrial DNA of the parent mother that contained a trait that cause her children to die anywhere from infancy to 6 years of age. That particular procedure did not destroy an embryo, rather the mitochondrial DNA was swapped out before the egg was fertilized. I had no problem with that kind of medical advancement, the child was all human and had the nuclear DNA of both parents. No changes were made to the chromosomes. Just because designer babies are not legal now does not mean that eventually scientists will start manipulating the nuclear DNA of humans to make them better, faster, stronger, more intelligent, more aesthetically pleasing, whatever trait the parents want. I wouldn’t even doubt that they will begin infusing other species DNA to get super-powers, so to speak. That will be fully corrupting the human genome.

There is another thread of thought on the corruption of the human genome.  Many will think this is a bizarre train of thought. The real and growing phenomenon of UFO’s and purported aliens come into play here. I’ve never considered the alien phenomenon anything but satanic entities from a different dimension. The spiritual world is another dimension. The myriad accounts of human abduction include some kind of reproductive experiments or stealing of human DNA either the ova of the females or the sperm of the males. This sounds to me much like the fallen angels are back looking for ways to breed with humankind or create hybrid bodies for the spirits of the Nephilim or whatever spirit needs bodies.

All these things, along with the signs of the times taking place around the globe, make me think that those who are saying the time is near when Jesus will return may not be too far off.  A couple of decades ago I wanted to understand where we are in the prophesies and I read through Revelation for that purpose. At that time because of the descriptions of the opening of the seals I thought it possible that we were approaching the opening of the third seal. I still think that because we haven’t yet reached the economic hardship described after the opening of the third seal. However, I recently read a new article in Reuters that was covering the atrocities of the Islamic State active in Egypt. They are targeting Christians and beheading them. That article brought to mind what happened when the the fifth seal is broken. Under alter in heaven the souls of those who had been killed because of the Word of God and their testimony cried out asking the Lord how long before he would judge and avenge their blood. He gives them white robes and tells them to rest a little bit longer until the number of their brothers who will be killed is complete. My wondering is, are those souls the ones who have been martyred before and the ones now are those for whom God told them to wait? Are we actually seeing the time of the fifth seal and not aware of the time because we didn’t recognize the economic hardship of the great depression as the 3rd seal and maybe we haven’t considered the slaughter of the unborn as part of the quarter of the earth who are slaughtered after the 4th seal?  These are just questions. I don’t know the answer and actually still think that we may still be between the second and third seals being opened. Then again, maybe none of the history of the past century relates to the opening of the seals at all.

In any event, it is quite apparent that the earth is going through what was described as the beginnings of birth pangs. It’s been going on for decades, maybe even centuries, but the pains are getting closer together and much more intense. Just pay attention to the news about floods, droughts, hurricanes and tornadoes, earthquakes, sink holes, mass animal deaths,  violence and rebellion, the wars and rumors of wars, the aligning of nations against Israel, and so much more to see that things are picking up the pace. Daniel was told to seal up the book until the end when men would roam about and knowledge would increase. In this day, we have methods of transportation that we can literally roam about the world with ease and with the mass communications and instant information at the tip of our fingers certainly knowledge is increasing daily. The one knowledge that is lacking among many is the knowledge of God. We are told that God’s people perish for that lack of knowledge. I wish I could wake everyone up to the truth of God, for the truth will set you free and he who is free in Christ Jesus is free indeed.

There are many verses in scripture in which the meaning is still hidden from me. I know what I need to know and that is that Jesus became flesh and lived among us. He was crucified and died on the cross for the sins of all mankind from the beginning of time to the end. He raise from the dead on the third day to conquer sin and death that those who will call on His name and believe in Him, accepting the sacrifice He made for us, have the promise of eternal life with God. Eventually there will be a new heaven and a new earth. Those who have accepted the free gift that Yahweh our God has given us will have a place in that new heaven and new earth. Free from sin and death, the true paradise in which Jesus is preparing a place for us, for those who accept Him as Lord and Savior.

I don’t know how long it will be, it could still be decades or even centuries away, but, we are to prepare ourselves for the return of our King, Yeshua – Jesus. Whether we join him in the resurrection of the dead, or he snatches us up when He returns, we need to be ready. Have you accepted the free gift of salvation that comes through Jesus Christ? Be ready, for if the owner knew the day or the hour the thief would come then the owner of the house would not have been caught off guard. We know not the day nor the hour, don’t be caught off guard.


Grandma Peachy


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Book Review: Proof of Heaven: A Neurosurgeon’s Journey into the Afterlife by Eben Alexander, M.D.

I do not usually use this blog to review traditionally published books. Proof of Heaven by Eben Alexander, M.D. is one that I have wanted to read for quite some time and had purchased it six months ago to read in my spare time. I finally got around to reading it. proof-of-heaven-by-eben-alexander-m-d-cover

The subject matter of near death experiences (NDE’s) has intrigued me for probably three decades. The first NDE story I ever read was the experience of Dr. Richard Eby, who was an osteopath and gynecologist.  Because Dr. Alexander is a neurosurgeon I wanted to read his story from a brain specialists point of view.

The book is very well written. He takes you through his experience both from his memories while in a coma and from the family and medical perspective. He examined his own well documented medical records and gives the reader his professional opinion from a scientific perspective of what was happening to him and the medical care he was given while in a coma.  Had he been the physician and someone else the patient he would have come up with the same diagnosis and treatments as the doctors who handled his case. He explains the medical side in a way that even a non-medical person can understand. Medical terminology that I would not understand he explained in layman’s terms so it was clear to me what happened to him in the natural realm.

As a physician he had heard stories from his own patients about their NDE’s and always dismissed them as nothing real. In his own case however, none of the explanations that are normally given could not apply. He was patient zero for a truly unprecedented form of cerebral meningitis that completely shut down and destroyed the neocortex, the covering of the brain in which our consciousness resides.  Every theory of the cause of NDE’s requires a functioning neocortex and he did not. His recovery was absolutely miraculous and his experiences while in a coma were clear.

At first, after his recovery, he wanted to read everything he could about other peoples experiences before he wrote his own. His son, however, reminded him that if he wanted to stay true to the scientific method, he needed to write his own experiences down first. He took his son’s advice. His experience, though having many of the characteristics of other reported NDE’s, was somewhat different than most.

Having read or watched a number of NDE stories I found this one fascinating for the detail, the rational and logical explanation on why it was a real afterlife experience and not some hallucination or dream. His account was well done, engaging, and never boring. His life story as well as his NDE story are woven together in a book that is both entertaining and informative. If you are curious about near death experiences I’d highly recommend this book.


Grandma Peachy


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