Book Review: Kissing Demons (Book #1 The Guardian Novels) by Jen Winters


Today is a special Friday with my very first guest reviewer. I would like to welcome my guest, author Scott Borgman. It is a pleasure to have you here with me today, Scott. Please tell my readers a little something about yourself before you get into your review.

Hello, thank you for having me! My name is Scott Borgman. I’m an Indie author like Jen, which makes her a co-worker! Currently I live in the exact center of Wisconsin (no joke, the town sign even says it!) with my wife, our 3 kids, a rescued cat, and our lovable, bed hogging dog… who incidentally is the reason I usually do most of my writing at night. The primary genre I happen to write in is Epic Fantasy, though I also have a trilogy in the Paranormal Romance genre. But enough about me, let’s get to my review of Kissing Demons by Jen…

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Grandbabies are the Best!

img_2455Yesterday morning at 8:05 a.m. CDT my 8th grandchild made his debut into the world. I am ecstatic and humbly grateful to God for His blessings. Grandchildren are definitely a blessing. This month I have been triply blessed with 3 grandbabies. Two were officially adopted by my oldest daughter on the 12th of September 2016. The third is another grandson born yesterday September 20, 2016. I’ve cried a lot to have these three new grandbabies this month.

I love being a grandma. I refer to myself as a chronic grandma because even grandchildren that are not my own I feel grandmotherly toward. There is nothing to be done about it either, not that I would want to do anything about it. I love children! I love to flirt with small children, babies and toddlers. After that I don’t flirt much, it might be taken wrong and I wouldn’t want any moms or children to be uncomfortable. But my love of children makes it easy to strike up a conversation with the parents. Generally it is the mom out shopping with the little one in tow.

img_1983But I diverge off topic. The topic being my own grandbabies. Not all of them are babies. The oldest, the first to ever call me grandma, is my oldest daughter’s step daughter. She was still three when my daughter and her dad married. For most of the years they have had custody of her and have raised her. She’s 17 today as a matter of fact. She is special to me, I call her my Ladybug. When she was just four she would come over and we’d do things together, I called her Ladybug once and she was so offended. “I’m not a bug!” So I explained to her that I thought ladybugs were cute insects and that I really liked them. I asked her permission to call her Ladybug. She considered for a little while and decided that it was okay for me to call her Ladybug, so that is what she has been ever since.

Then a few years later my other daughter had her first baby, a girl. She is 8 now. She’s my sewing buddy when we sew. It took me awhile to settle on a nickname for her though. For awhile she was my Jelly Bean, but, I’ve settled on Sweet Pea instead, a lovely little flower with a cute name. I think it fits better.  Three years and some later along came the first grandson. img_2466He is five now and other than calling him bud or bub I’ve not given him a pet name. We have lived together as a multi-generational family since the eight year old was eight months old. Those two do not know anything other than having grandma and grandpa there as well as mom and now their step-dad and as soon as they bring him home, their baby brother. Grandpa has been waiting to say to the granddaughter, “you bother me, and your brother bothers me, and your other brother bothers me.” He used to say that to our daughters. All in good fun and it garners much laughter.

img_2471My son and his wife gave us two grandbabies after the first grandson was born. Their son will be three very early in January and their daughter was one in June. I call her my little Rosebud.img_2472 The grandsons just don’t have pet names.  Their real names are short and unique enough. Although all the girls also have pretty unique names.  The live nearby so I get to see them often as well. They love to come over and play with the cousins. I love seeing the cousins playing together and having a great time. It warms my granny heart.

img_2349Last week after over two years my oldest daughter and her husband were finally able to adopt the two boys they had fostered since the youngest was an infant of about 5 weeks. They are now 3 and 2. Such cute little boys, I fell in love the first time I met them and they are the answer to years and years of prayers. I cried, I was so thrilled when the adoption finally went through. More than I ever shed happy tears for any of the other grandbabies, up to that time.

img_2462Now yesterday the most recent grandbaby made his debut and on the heels of the adoption I have to say that this one also brought tears to my eyes. But he too was an answer to prayer. When his parents married they really wanted to have another child. The longer they were married the less sure they were that they would have another. But, God’s timing is always perfect. I prayed for a boy. I felt that my son-in-law should have a son of his own besides a step-son that though he loves him unconditionally, he still has to share his with the biological dad. I personally felt he deserved a son to carry on his family name.  September 20th that son was born. I teared up. I think the babies that are the answer to prayers must be the reason I tear up because God is so merciful and gracious to answer those prayers for children in our family.

Knowing that there are enough grandchildren that our family will continue to grow is quite rewarding. I don’t care if they will have our last name, I don’t care if they have our genetics, what I care is that we pass on the love and family ties from this generation to theirs and beyond. I may not be around to see most of the generation after, the great-grands. I may get to see some as babies and small children, but, I’m thinking that most of the younger ones won’t be very far into starting families of their own by the time I leave behind this mortal body. The oldest one, probably, the next oldest possibly, after that it is not a sure things that I’ll see them grown, married and starting families. It would be nice.

My husband’s parents are both still living and they are blessed to see the great grandchildren up to something like 16. They had four children, nine grandchildren, and I think so far there are 16 great grand children. What a tremendous blessing for them to see that many of their descendents.

Blessings to all!

Grandma Peachy



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On Political Matters and Biblical Things

My best hatFollowing the news, non-news, commentators, prognosticators, and general media mish-mash on the upcoming election and the candidates I am thinking that this country is on the fast train to destruction. The downward spiral is coming to a narrow point and it all seems so surreal. The situation would be laughable if it were a satirical comedy routine. Unfortunately, this is the reality we live in and it is unsustainable. Something is going to happen. What will happen or when is beyond my ken. I know what the Bible has to say and I think this era is the beginning birth pangs of the end times. It seems the contractions are coming closer together and the intensity is increasing.  We may be in for a long  and difficult labor though.

The Bible tells us that in the end time, just before Jesus returns, that it will be like it was in the days of Noah (1) when mans every thought was turned toward evil (2). Well, it appears that we are getting there. There are those in positions of power who have no qualms about doing evil things and lying about it even though it is obvious that what is said is a lie. Their supporters absorb it all and believe everything that is said, or don’t hear anything that is said. They have their blinders on and refuse to take them off, or maybe they don’t realize that the blinders are even there. There is a complete disconnect from reality at work among those people. I know some of these people and all I can do is shake my head in disappointment.

Then then there are terrorists. Only a mind given over to evil could attack and murder innocents, intentionally trying to kill largest number of people possible.  All in the name of a false god and the teachings of  a false prophet.  You can’t battle an ideological war and win.   gives the terrorists more fuel for their crusade to eliminate all of those they consider infidels. They don’t care if those people are among their own peoples and religion, if they are not as radical in their beliefs then they too are to die. Who does that? Those who are in the grip of the evil one, that is who.

Even among Christian people who understand that the political arena is fraught with falsehoods and the world scene, both politically and geologically, is in turmoil, there are those who do not recognize these things as signs of the end times.  Some point out that for generations people have been saying the same thing.  They too have blinders of a sort. Then there are those who have an achromatic view of the world.  They do not share the warm colors of love.  Instead of love and forgiveness, not keeping any record of wrongs they protest the evils of this world in unloving ways. Anger and resentment, hateful and condemning speech, with violent acts sometimes accompanying these protests. Where is the love as defined in the Bible (3)? Their world view is angry and quite gloomy leaving little room for hope. I think these people will be quite surprised at the final judgement. My hope is not in this world, but in my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I would like to spread that hope to others who have lost hope through loving those who do not know the truth of the gospel.  We will be known by our love (4). The more gentiles that are brought to the saving knowledge of the gospel of the good news of Christ, the sooner His people, the Israelites, will also have their eyes opened. That is my desire because is it also the desire of God that none be lost in the end. Unfortunately that will not be the case.

We are called to pray for and love our enemies. In obedience to this Biblical instruction I pray for both of the presidential candidates. Especially for Mrs. Clinton, who seems to be in poor health. In the event she prevails in this election I would want her to be in good health so she is able to perform her job and serve out her term, even if I disagree with her.   I also pray for her to see the light of Christ and repent of her sins as well. That would be the best outcome. She is still breathing so there is hope for her salvation.

Practically speaking though, Hillarys criminal acts while Secretary of State, as found by the FBI although no legal action was taken, should have awakened the sleeping masses. Unfortunately there are people in a political coma, unaware of the consequences if she takes the highest office of the land. The moment I heard that FBI Director Comey was not recommending any legal action, even though he admitted they had found significant evidence of illegal actions, I was convinced he feared for his life if he did recommend prosecution. It is possible that Director Comey knows something about her real health issues and felt that she would not survive long enough to mete out justice. That is just a thought and may or may not be the case. I am actually leaning more toward wanting to continue living.  That is more likely taking into consideration so many people who opposed the Clintons in the past or apparently had evidence against died under mysterious circumstances. So many that it can’t be coincidence; I suspect Comey doesn’t want to risk being one of those people.

I believe there are some sinister things going on in this country and around the world. From apparently reliable reports there are some bizarre things happening around the world. I’ve heard of underground tunnels and cities built and stocked all over the world, there are reports of hundreds of thousands of ‘casket liners’ that are stored on private land by FEMA and would hold more than one body. What do they know that we don’t? There are reports of unusual sightings of mysterious things and creatures, the world is groaning with earthquakes, floods, droughts, tornadoes and other cyclonic weather in places that do not normally have these weather patterns. There are rumors of asteroids potentially hitting earth as our planet moves into an area of space with more space debris.   Increasing reports of people behaving in truly strange ways. Sigh, all sorts of oddities. Maybe it only seems to be unusual as the information age allows for more immediate dissemination of information, but, we’ve had internet to spread information for a couple of decades now and I think there is more to the increase in reports than can be accounted for by faster internet.  Maybe some would say I’ve put on the tin foil hat. I rather prefer to think that as Christ told us when we see these things we need to look up for our redemption is soon to follow(5).

As BP Earthwatch would say, ‘heads up, be safe.’ The times are perilous but we have hope in Christ Jesus.


Grandma Peachy



(1) Luke 17: 26-27
26 “Just as it was in the days of Noah, so it will be in the days of the Son of Man: 27 People went on eating, drinking, marrying and giving in marriage until the day Noah boarded the ark, and the flood came and destroyed them all.
 (2) Genesis 6; 1-8  (HCSB)
6 When mankind began to multiply on the earth and daughters were born to them, 2 the sons of God saw that the daughters of mankind were beautiful, and they took any they chose as wives for themselves. 3 And the Lord said, “My Spirit will not remain with mankind forever,because they are corrupt. Their days will be 120 years.” 4 The Nephilim were on the earth both in those days and afterward, when the sons of God came to the daughters of mankind, who bore children to them. They were the powerful men of old, the famous men.
Judgment Decreed
5 When the Lord saw that man’s wickedness was widespread on the earth and that every scheme his mind thought of was nothing but evil all the time, 6 the Lord regretted that He had made man on the earth, and He was grieved in His heart. 7 Then the Lord said, “I will wipe off from the face of the earth mankind, whom I created, together with the animals, creatures that crawl, and birds of the sky—for I regret that I made them.” 8 Noah, however, found favor in the sight of the Lord.
(3) 1 Corinthians 13:4-5 Holman Christian Standard Bible (HCSB)
Love is patient, love is kind.
Love does not envy,
is not boastful, is not conceited,
does not act improperly,
is not selfish, is not provoked,
and does not keep a record of wrongs.
(4) John 13:35  (HCSB)
35 By this all people will know that you are My disciples, if you have love for one another.”
(5) Luke 21:28 (HCSB)
28 But when these things begin to take place, stand up and lift up your heads, because your redemption is near!”
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Book Review: Mother by Colin Griffiths with Guest Reviewer T.E. Hodden

tom-hodden-author-guest-reviewerPlease welcome Tom Hodden as my guest today. He is an author, trained in engineering, and currently living in Kent, UK. In his everyday life he works in a specialized role in transportation. He has a free book on author cafe and several books available on Amazon. I’ll leave links to his books and where you can stalk T.E Hodden.


Mother, by Colin Griffiths, reviewed by TE Hodden.

mother-by-colin-griffiths-coverOften, when I review books, I am worried that by comparing them to films, comics, or other works I am somehow giving the impression that the text is a pale imitation of something more familiar. This is not so. I can think of no better compliment for a book than admitting it holds me rapt, and absorbs all of my attention, as completely as a good movie.

Colin has a habit of writing such books.

Dollshouse, his previous best, was a sultry, sexy, and spine tingling Hammer Horror movie, complete with ink dark morality, and candy bright sexual chemistry, tempered with moments of touching humanity, and quirky humour. The buxom, flirty, housekeeper had all the hallmarks of Ingrid Pitt pouting alluringly, while the supernatural menace drew ever closer.

So, for his pen to have turned to paying homage to a very different corner of British cinema, was a boon to me for the start. His writing style is ideally suited to the windswept and rain lashed London of Hitchcocks later efforts, and the seminal chiller Peeping Tom. This is homage to the grittier, psychological thrillers, that haunted British cinemas with earthy, uneasy tales. The kind of horror that brings the darkness into the kitchen, and lets it roam freely around average households.

This is a story of washed out detectives, soup kitchens, and poor souls trapped by their love for an abusive presence.

Our heroine is a young woman who has never had time to consider herself imprisoned. She works in a busy, and unforgiving office by day, for the DWP, and at night tends for her ailing and puritanical Mother. Dissuaded from the evils of drink, men, and “free living”, the closest she has come to a social life is volunteering for charities. Her single escape is to dream of her bucket list of modest fantasies (Swearing at Mother, or seeing Blackpool).

When a handsome man her own age spends a few nights volunteering she begins to question the rules imposed upon her by her draconic and scathing mother. Soon we find ourselves swept along in a battle of wills. The more determined our lass is to break her shackles, the more disturbing and teeth clenchingly, unflinchingly, horrific the reprisals.

That there are twists and turns that are predictable is hardly the point. These are firm nods to the influences and inspiration. They leave you off your guard for the sucker punch moments when something hits you from the left field.

The descriptions of the setting may be blunted and economical, but the characters are described with a lyrical and poetic touch. There are many moments of genuine tenderness and moving turns of phrase that endear us to the well rounded and fully formed people that inhabit this world. The central relationships could have been in a perfect romance story, if we were not watching them through a cracked mirror.

This brilliant book could both warm my heart, then chill my spine completely.




I hope you enjoyed Tom’s review today as much as I did. Follow the link to Mother by Colin Griffiths.  Please look for T.E. Hoddens books on Amazon as well.  Have a taste test of Hoddens writing at author cafe with a free download of The Strangers Road.

Have great reading weekend!

Grandma Peachy

Links for T.E. Hodden:

Twitter @TomHodden

The Stranger’s Road



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Book Blitz! Swan Deception by Gledé Browne Kabongo


The perfect family, a house of full of secrets, and an ingenious killer out for revenge…


Dr. Shelby Cooper is a busy modern woman trying to balance it all—career, motherhood, and marriage to an ambitious corporate power player. But Shelby is not who she seems. The perfect life she’s constructed comes crashing down one afternoon when a stop by the police for a broken taillight turns into a terrifying battle for survival. A clever killer with a bitter vendetta is on the warpath, a killer who knows Shelby’s secrets—a psychotic genius hell-bent on revenge, and she won’t stop until Shelby and everything she loves is destroyed.


This diabolical psychological thriller chronicles the heart-wrenching unraveling of a family and exposes a shocking portrait of duplicity, vengeance, and betrayal that will keep you at the edge of your seat until the final, draw-dropping twist. 


Grab this Library Journal SELF-e Best Books of 2016 Pick at a special $0.99 discount for a limited time. Regular price: $3.99




Barnes & Noble








Grandma Peachy

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Eight Days and Counting

My best hatIn eight days it will be D-Day, not the anniversary of the Normandy D-Day of WWII, that is June 6th. No I’m talking the D-day we’ve been waiting for the newest grandson to make his appearance, delivery day. This next week will probably seem like one of the longest too. My poor daughter is at the point where she just wants “to get this boy outta my belly” as she says. I know that feeling myself. I had four babies and the last two I felt the same that last month. I think most moms can relate. You never forget, well, I haven’t anyway.

I guess everyone is as ready as they can be. The baby’s coming home clothes have been set aside. The car seat has been installed in the van. I bought a cradle for the baby to use the first few months so he has a place to sleep when he’s not with mommy. His siblings are anxious to meet their baby brother. His cousins are anxious to meet him. Everyone is anxious to meet him. We’ve been seeing the ultrasound pictures, but you know those don’t do him justice. Those portraits never do. Although every indication from those portraits is that he will look a lot like his daddy.

Before then though I am hoping and praying that I have two other grandsons. Today is the court date for the final adoption of the two boys my other daughter and her husband have been fostering for over two years. The process has been a long one and this is the second time that a ‘final’ adoption hearing was set. The first was delayed and the battle to have another has been going on for months. Prayerfully by the end of this day the boys will legally be my grandsons.

If all goes well then, on the 20th I will have eight grand children, three girls and five boys. Even if all doesn’t go as planned, I’ll still consider everyone of them my grand children. I love them all and I love seeing my adult children raising their own families. I do believe that raising the next generation is what life is really all about. Not everyone wants to be part of bringing the next generation into the world and raise children and that is fine there are plenty who do.

The other day my husband and I were talking about the world population. He seems to remember a number of years ago the estimated population of the world was ten billion, but now the population is estimated at around 7.5 billion. He was wondering if he’s remembering wrong or if the estimate was revised down at some point. I haven’t a clue since that wasn’t something I every paid attention to. News in general I didn’t pay much attention to for several decades. I figured if it was really important I would find out from co-workers or my husband. So, if it was at one time estimated at 10 billion either the figure was inflated and it’s been revised or that phenomenon, the Mandela Effect, that so many are talking about is a real possibility. Personally, I don’t think the past has been changed, or that there is some alternate timeline crossing over, I think people remember wrong and want some excuse so they don’t have to admit that their memory is faulty. That is for another day to discuss in more depth.

I’m happy to see my family increase. Count down – 8


Grandma Peachy
Update: The adoption did go through today so it is official I have four grandsons and three granddaughters. I never knew that this adoption would have such a huge emotional impact. When I think about it being final I am so grateful. This has been a matter of prayer for years, long before the boys were even born. My chest fills with emotion and it feels like my heart is too big for my chest and my eyes well up and start leaking happy, grateful, feeling blessed tears.

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Book Review: Viral Snow by PM Barnes

viral-snow-by-pm-barnes-coverViral Snow by PM Barnes is a first person narrative short horror story. At first the story seemed to be about the woman’s mental health issues. It is apparent that the death of her child resulted in a withdrawal from society in the form of agoraphobia. She works from home doing computer programming and her primary outside contact is the young man who delivers her groceries. Her only friend is a man she she met on line and has never met in person although they Skype a dinner date each evening.

Mia has an extraordinarily unusual day which messes up her entire schedule including not being ready for her nightly Skype dinner date. What she sees and hears is enough to make your skin crawl or your head spin, depending on your personality. Her ultimate reaction is probably one of the most rational responses I’ve heard of in the event of a zombie apocalypse. I just might do the same thing.

Mia was a pretty well developed character and I got to know her quickly. She doesn’t sugar coat what an anxiety attack is like. Yet she employs an effective coping mechanism  for herself. She is honest to herself during her internal monologues so I was able to know the real Mia. She was believable and I empathized with her throughout her unusual day and admired Mia for how she coped.

If you enjoy short horror stories, love zombies, or like a solitary protagonist with phobias, then this story might be what you’re looking for in a quick afternoon read. I read it in an evening and finished it just before bedtime. I hope I don’t have nightmares! Appropriate for horror fans of any age.


Grandma Peachy


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