Book Launch: A New Summer Garden by Paul White



A New Summer Garden

An Electric Eclectic Novelette by Paul White.

A crime drama.

Sam was a down and almost out, with little prospect for the future when he meets Rachelle, the beautiful wife of the philanderous Peter, the kingpin of an international criminal business empire.

When Peter catches Sam ‘in flagrante’ with Rachelle, he ensures Sam’s simple life becomes complicated.

What happens next takes Sam on a surreal path, where the only plausible outcome is for Sam to end up in prison or dead… most probably both.



I have never played poker before. The only game I played with cards was ‘Snap’ when I was a child and I usually lost then. Yet somehow, by one o’clock in the morning, there was a great pile of money in front of me, bunches of twenty and fifty-pound notes.

Things were looking good.

By three o’clock my entire wad of cash was gone. So was my original three hundred pounds stake money Peter gave me.

It had all gone tits-up.

The game was wound up at four o’clock and I was in the shit. I was left with five IOU’s, totalling five thousand seven hundred and twenty pounds. The debt belonged to the two Kosovans and the big Russian, with a few hundred owing to the three Polish fellows.

They said I had one month to come up with the cash or pay with my kneecaps.

Peter laughed aloud saying it was the best three hundred pounds investment he had made in years. In fact, he said, he often paid twice that amount to fuck one of his poxy little whores.

I knew then I had been fucked over. Again.

But this was not the end of the night. Oh no, things were to get a little more complicated than just being stitched up by a jealous husband and owing a gambling debt to a bunch of unstable, possibly ex KGB type, gangsters.

It was from this point on things began to get a little bit dark.

Very dark.

Pitch black.


You can purchase your copy of A New Summer Garden here,

Authors Bio.

Paul White is a prolific storyteller, a wordsmith, tale weaver and an International bestselling author.

He writes from his Yorkshire home, situated near a quiet market town in the East Ridings.

Paul has published several books, from full-length novels to short story collections, poetry, children’s books, semi-fiction, non-fiction & military social history.

He also contributes to various collective anthologies.

You can find more about Paul, his current works-in-progress, artworks, photography and other projects, by visiting his website:

Paul is the founder of Electric Eclectic books, of which this, A New Summer Garden is one.

You can find all the Electric Eclectic books and introductions to the other Electric Eclectic authors by visiting the website.

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RF and your health

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Another High-Tech Lynching In the Works…

via Another High-Tech Lynching In the Works…

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Q – Where we go one We go all

I really like LA Marzulli and his commentary is generally spot on in my opinion. Times are reaching critical mass and we will just have to ride out the storm. Blessings to all. Grandma Peachy

L.A. Marzulli's Blog


The Sunday Bun
L.A. Marzulli
I’m actually going to do something different here but after months of reading the Q posts, I have decided we may be at a crossroads.
This is what we know and in my opinion, it is irrefutable.
1. The DNC and Hillary Clinton hired FUSION GPS to write a phony dossier about Candidate Donald Trump.
2. This bogus story was then used to obtain a FISA warrant to spy on the Trump campaign.
3. The FISA court judge was lied to as to the source of the so-called Russian Dossier. This fact alone may implicate the Obama White House and the DNC as being complicit. 
4. Peter Sztrok and his mistress Lisa Paige wrote emails that specifically discussed an “insurance policy” in case then-candidate Trump actually won the election. Disgraceful!
5. Fauxahontos—Senator Elizabeth Warren—is calling for the use of the 25th amendment…

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Checking in, an Update on Life

It’s been quite a long time I’ve ignored my blog. I apologize to those who have followed me over the last three years for taking so long to write anything. So much has been going on the past few months. Nothing extraordinary, just life.

We moved into a much smaller place in June. I still haven’t gotten back into the same kind of routine I had before. Some of that is not for the best I’m sure. I’m still a bit overwhelmed with what I have to do to finish unpacking. Many things were gotten rid of in this move, still, I need to get rid of much more.

We went from being a multigenerational family to separating into two households. So we have an empty nest again after over nine years of our daughter and her growing family living together in the same houses. I say houses because we did move twice in those those nine plus  years. But we all agreed that it was time for their family to have their own home and for grandma and grandpa to have an empty nest again. We still live close so we see each other frequently.

I’ve begun to occasionally have one or two of the grandchildren spend the night at my house. They consider it a treat and have much more fun than when it was just another normal day because we lived together. I had been concerned about how these children who had never known anything than having us as part of the household would adjust to not seeing us all the time. But children who are well loved and happy adjust quickly. I’m pleased about that. I’m pleased with the excitement they display when I go visit or they come over to see me.

This Labor Day both of my kids who live near me are coming to my house for a family cookout that I planned. It’s a good feeling to know I can host my family and we can all enjoy time together; then at the end of the day my house will be quiet again.

About the other things that have been happening. Grandpa isn’t retired yet and has a job in a manufacturing plant. Through July and August he’s had several weekends that he’s not had a day off or only one day. When he works, so does grandma. Fixing his breakfast and lunch for work is a morning routine where we are up very early so we have a little time to have coffee and chat of a morning before I have to get busy in the kitchen. I’ve changed our diet since moving into our little home. He’s lost some weight and maybe I have too, though I avoid scales. But it seems that my clothes are fitting a bit looser too. Eating more healthy has improved how we feel. (Not to mention the improvement from finally replacing our old bed.)

I’ve been spending time watching alternative news and listening to preachers, teachers, and prognosticators about what is going on in the world.  As a believer in Jesus and a Bible reader I can see the signs of the times. The time is prophesied in scripture. Some seem to be fearful, others are not,  though they recognize that overall things in this world are going to get worse. Some are believing things get better. Actually, I think there will be an overall decline in society, but with the prayers of God’s people there will be a revival and an awakening among believers who are unaware. Not all will open spiritual eyes to see, or ears to hear but there is a growing remnant of believers who are aware and are looking after the things of God.

I can’t say that I’m a very righteous person myself. I have my faults, some believers would chastise me for the things I do or don’t do, but I feel confident in my relationship with my Lord and Savior, Jesus. Although He reminds me that I’ve slacked off in my daily scripture reading and I need to get back into that routine. I’ve let the cares of life carry me away recently. I’ll get back soon, I miss it actually. I just need to decide which Bible I’m going to mark up this time. I do read some but not like I was for the past couple or three years. From January of 2016 through May or so of 2018 I read through the Bible three times. Then I started house hunting, getting ready to move and moved and began unpacking. Now I’m not completely unpacked and probably won’t be for quite awhile. But, I know that I need to get back into scripture again for my own personal edification. I hear more from God when I am in His word daily.

Listening to others, though informative and educational, does not draw me as close to God as delving into His Word. So, I’m making a commitment to myself and God to begin reading His Word again in ernest to prepare myself and show myself approved in His eyes.

That’s a summary of what’s been happening here. One of these days I’ll also start reading more books to review but I’m not putting a timeline on that. What I really want to do is get my sewing area prepared to do some quilting this winter. I miss doing that too.

Have safe Labor Day.

Blessings to all my readers.

Grandma Peachy

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Mother’s Day Thoughts

Not sure what I want to say about this day, Mother’s Day 2018.  For me most days are much the same, but on this day my children who do not live near call or text me to wish me a happy Mother’s Day. This year my daughter-in-law got me a bouquet of lovely pink roses to give me from their family. I don’t really have a place to display them prettily but they are sitting on my cutting table near my computer and it’s a lovely arrangement.

I know that some people have a difficult time with this day. Many, like myself, have lost their mother, others who would like to be mothers but are childless don’t like to be reminded, some had mothers that did not love them and abused them. There are many reasons people have a difficult time with this day to honor mothers. My heart goes out to those people.

Then there are those who go all out for mothers day showering their moms and wives with lots of love, attention, gifts and time together. Those are the ones who make this a special day for their mom or the mother of their children. Those mothers are truly blessed to have the love of their children and husbands.

I love my family and truly am blessed that they call me on those special occasions. I don’t get many gifts and that is okay with me. To hear the voices of my children is special enough. To have them take the time to chat with me about life in general is a delight. But, if they did not, it wouldn’t be crushed. They are adults with lives of their own and the problems that come with being an adult. Mostly they are successful in their own lives, though as a mom I see potential that each one is wasting in my opinion. Sometimes I tell them and other times I just keep my mouth shut. Depends on the situation whether or not I think it would be well received.  My mother never gave me advice unless I asked for it. I’m not quite as good at that as my mom was. Does that make me a worse mom?

I had a wonderful mom. I loved her. In her later years I worried about her because of her health. But, she lived until she died and enjoyed her life no matter her circumstances. There was never a time that I can recall her complaining about anything that life dealt her.  She was widowed young and for a few months she did go into a depression missing my dad. But when my first child was born she snapped out of it and became the same happy woman she had been. I know she missed my dad, but, she had a grandchild to dote on and that made all the difference in the world. I am sure that I will see her and dad again in eternity.

My husband’s mom is still living and for the past 20 plus years she has been like a mom to me. I’m glad that we have such a good relationship. I love my mother-in-law. We don’t get to see each other very often because we live in different states. She can’t hear very well so we chat in text messages periodically. I send her pictures of the great grand kids and she appreciates them.  Usually I get to see her once or twice a year. Last year I went there three times during the year.

So, I hope that all the mom’s out there had a wonderfully blessed Mother’s Day. Though I know that some felt loss, because they have lost children. For them I pray that God will comfort them.  For those people who have lost their mother, I pray for comfort as well. Some mothers have been estranged from their children and for those I pray for reconciliation. Blessings to all.

Happy Mother’s Day,

Grandma Peachy

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Book Review: Cold Touch: Extrasensory Agents Book 2 by Leslie A. Kelly

I like the way the author is approaching this series by focusing on each member of the Extrasensory Agents detective team. Each has their own background story and the murder mystery plot brings out not only their story and their talent, but their personality in full bloom.  With Cold Touch she delves into the life of Oliva, who upon touching the remains of a dead person relives the last two minutes and few seconds of that persons life. What a burdensome gift that takes much out of the woman.

I read this one straight through and really enjoyed the plot. There were a lot of movie, TV, and book references by the characters, and I could have done a few less of those. There is always that underlying romance and I skim through most of those parts. In this one much could not be skimmed through, but, those were the individual characters expressing their internal thoughts about the person to whom they are attracted. I suppose for romance readers those parts were good build up of the developing romance.

There was  great, totally unexpected, twist at the end which I really liked. In a who-dunit those surprises are a delight to this reader.  I like guessing what will happen and though some correct guesses are expected it is always fun to find something totally out of left field  that had obscure clues in the story that were not recognized until the finale.

If you like a romance with a good plot then this author is one you will enjoy. If you like a good murder mystery and either don’t care about the romance or are willing to skim over those parts then you will enjoy this one as well. I would not recommend for teen under age 16 due to the one scene with sexual content. Cold Touch is available on Kindle Unlimited


Grandma Peachy


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