We’re Back From Vacation

Grandma Peachy profile 1Wow! It was a long and tiring trip but we are back and the routine of daily life is back. We traveled about 2400 miles round trip the last few days. We left early Thursday morning and drove through about 21-22 hours. Three days of intense family over the weekend and we took a little more leisurely two days to get back home. Still that was over ten hours a day in the van and the kids get quite restless, as do the adults. But we survived the long weekend to celebrate the 65th anniversary of my husband’s parents.

Not all of the family were able to make the trip. One grand daughter and her family, including two young children live in Japan and it wasn’t feasible for them to be there. One of my husband’s sisters was ill, in the hospital as I understood, and could not make the trip. My son-in-law just started as a permanent employee at his job so was unable to take time off.  There were a total of seven family members not there. Those that were there including my mother-in-law’s sister and her husband and her daughter-in-law and her daughter totaled something like 39 people from the family plus one at the church dinner that mom has adopted.  Forty people. That is a lot and seven were missing.

I remember when they celebrated their 50th anniversary, none of the grand kids had gotten married yet. The family consisted of their four adult children and their spouses and the nine grand children. So their immediate family including themselves was a total of 19 people. Now, fifteen years later there are an additional eight spouses for the grand children and 16 great grands for a grand total of something like 43 people. The family has more than doubled in size. Granted there are a lot of us who have married into the family, but that is what families do, they  merge and grow.

While I was traveling I did get to reading a couple of books that I’ve set aside for personal reading. I have a few more pages to finish the second one. They are non-fiction books but I may review them on Friday anyway. There are other books by this same author that I want to read and he’s got some videos that I’d like to watch too. He provides the Biblical version of the Ancient Aliens program. I’ve always thought that my idea of what was/is actually going on was more accurate than the proposed theories in the History Channel program Ancient Aliens. But I loved to watch the program to see places I’d never be able to visit in person and to see video of strange events occurring around the globe. This fellow states what I’ve believed all along.  All the unexplained megalithic structures, the UFO phenomenon and other things are all part of the spiritual battle that is being waged and will ultimately conclude at the end of the age when, Yeshua/Jesus, the Messiah, returns.  This is a subject for another blog post though. I’ve written other posts about it and will probably write more in the future as well.


Family time on the patio

I did get to spend time with all of my children and grand children over this past weekend and it was nice to have everyone in one place at the same time. The only person missing was my son-in-law and it’s sad that he had to work and couldn’t be part of the gathering.

The day that the entire family had lunch at my in-laws house it was an overwhelming experience for me. I knew that there would be a lot of people and a lot of children and that it would be loud and noisy. I was only prepared intellectually. Sure, I live in a house with four adults and three children. That is nothing compared to the crew at mom and dad’s house – NOTHING. I was not really prepared and the frenetic energy, the loud cacophony and the crowded conditions really overwhelmed my senses. There were a few small children who were also overwhelmed. I left the room and sat outside to keep from just breaking down in tears. Those poor children though couldn’t just walk out like I could. One was not yet walking and couldn’t do anything more than scream and cry to let out his feelings. I know it was embarrassing to mom and dad, but, the poor child was as overwhelmed as I was and I certainly don’t hold it against him or for one minute think that he is normally that way. I’m surprised there were not more children having a hard time with the crowd and noise. But, the little girl cousins were all playing together and there was a pretty good group of little boys from 2-5 who played together too.  It was mostly the littlest ones that had a hard time coping, and me…


Mom & Dad Winters, 65 years together

The actual celebration dinner was at the church and the space was bigger so not as overwhelming for me as the crowded conditions at mom’s. With several new great grands the ones who’ve had babies this past year were presented with quilts for the babies that were made by ladies at the church who make quilts for new babies, for hospitals, nursing homes and for missions. That is a wonderful ministry those ladies do. They also presented a card and cash to my daughter and her family to celebrate the adoption of her two boys that was finalized on September 12th this year.

Okay, I guess that pretty much gets everyone updated on what I did on my ‘vacation’ if that is what a family reunion can be called.

Blessings to everyone!

Grandma Peachy


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Vacation Time

Grandma Peachy profile 1The next few days we will be travelling so I am taking a break from my blog and social media in general. This month is my in-laws 65th wedding anniversary. The family has planned a celebration with as many family and friends as can be there. It is a pretty long trip for us, driving with three adult and three children including a one month old infant.

I remember the days of driving long trips with our four children in a car to visit grandparents. Now we are the grandparents and our daughter and her three children will all be driving an even longer distance to visit those same grandparents who are now the great grandparents. I’m sure it will be a trying trip for both the adults and the children. The baby may not have as difficult a time as the other two. Boredom can be a problem with children. We didn’t have electronic devices when we were raising our children. I’m not sure they will actually be of any use during the drive though since I don’t believe they will have internet access.  A lot of pit stops to let the adults stretch their legs, get a few minutes of relief from the closed quarters of the van, and let the kids run off a little energy.

I do look forward to the arrival and the time we get to spend there with family. We will get to see the other grandchildren. They live so far away that we won’t be seeing them nearly as often as we do the ones who live close. Five of our eight grandchildren all live in the same town as we do. Three live in the same house actually. I wish I could see the three who live two to four states away (depending on the route taken) a lot more often than I do. Parents who work and never have the opportunity make the trip out to see us and financial constraints that make it impossible to make frequent trips to see them keep us apart. I’m sure the same will be true if and when my only child who doesn’t have children starts a family. They too live three states away.

This trip will be shorter than most trips we make. Usually our trip to visit is around the Thanksgiving or Christmas holiday and we stay at least a week. This trip will only be four days there. The kids are missing three days of school, in the past it wasn’t an issue because they were either not in school yet or being home-schooled.  With a new baby and a house that is now quite over crowded the decision was made to put the kids in public school this year.

As many of the family as can make it will be at this celebration. The last time there was a celebration was 15 years ago at the 50th anniversary party. The family has grown substantially since then. The grand kids have grown up and gotten married and started families. What was three generations and 19 people is now four generations and 41 people. Unfortunately the four who live in Japan, which includes 2 great grand children, will not be able to attend. We were all hoping they could be there since there are so many great grand children all about the same age. Cousins are wonderful people to know and I suspect that today knowing second cousins well is not that common. We are a close family even is we are scattered across the world and having the next generation be close is desirable.

After the trip is over and we are back home I’m hoping to finish an edit project by the end of the month and get back into reading for review and for my own pleasure. I have a long list of books that I want to read. A few may or may not get a review because there are a few non-fiction books that I am interested in reading and have stored in my Kindle application. I read pretty fast when that is all I am doing so hopefully I’ll be reviewing books again before mid-November. I know that holidays usually slow me down and I am a little behind schedule at this point on my Goodreads Reading Challenge for the year. But not that far behind since I was way ahead by the end of summer. I can catch up pretty quickly.

Have a great rest of the week and weekend. I’ll be back later next week for an update on how the anniversary celebration family reunion was. I may even have a picture or two to share.


Grandma Peachy

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Politics and Christianity

Grandma Peachy profile 1There are many people who are questioning just why a Christian would support Trump. There are a lot of media people out there trashing him because he has lied. I haven’t seen all the video clips that would prove this allegation, and to me it is just an allegation. But, how many of us have never lied in our life? I know I have.  Most I remember very well because I learned young that I couldn’t get away with a lie unless I could remember it and never get it mixed up. As an only child I had no one to blame things on so if I lied about something I had to stick to it, forever. Granted there have been few times in the last thirty years that I’ve intentionally lied, but I know I have. I’ve lied on every lie detector test I ever took and have never failed one. (It was something that occurred in my young adulthood and I long ago asked God’s forgiveness.)  Okay so Trump lies as does everyone at some point. Don’t claim you’ve never lied, that would be a lie in and of itself. But what real harm has any of his lies done to our nation? What great impact upon our nation has anything he said ever had?

I suspect that many of the allegations of improper behavior are also a lie. (1) Funny how several women claiming to have been molested by him years ago all came out just in time to take attention away from the Wikileaks release of more Clinton email documents. I even heard a rumor that the Clinton campaign had been calling women from Trump’s past trying to dig up dirt on him. One such woman apparently talked about their attempt to coerce her into going public with a lie. So, I suspect that the claims of these women are bogus or at least ‘trumped’ up. I couldn’t help it, that just came out. My own gaffe I suppose. Is it possible that these women were paid to make these claims? I certainly wouldn’t put it past the opposition’s campaign lackeys to do just that. But, that is just my own supposition and there is absolutely no proof to support it. Maybe he is guilty of some groping, I wouldn’t know. But then again if he is how much flirting had been taking place to begin with? What happens in private is a she said-he said situation and who knows except God who is actually telling the truth?

Now, look at the opposition. Clinton has been in the political arena for a very long time and she too lies. Her lies have had much more grave consequences to the nation. Consider the recent FBI investigation and the statements made to Congress by Director Comey. There were a number of times that he was asked if statements made by Clinton were true and his response was basically, “no they were not.” This is to the House Judicial Committee, so there was concern of national interest regarding her statements, by politicians no less.  I remember during her husband’s presidency there was a big scandal about FBI files that had her fingerprints all over them, files of people who were considered opposition to the Clinton presidency, (2) files that she did not have clearance to have.  But it was all swept under the rug and isn’t mentioned. I think she must know where all the bodies are buried, so to speak, in order to elude any consequences for her actions. No other explanation I can think of for Director Comey not recommending prosecution because she was ‘extremely careless’ but they couldn’t find intent. I agree with the sentiment of whoever it was that asked, “why doesn’t ‘extremely careless’ equate to negligence?” That is my personal opinion folks. I won’t even go into the list of deaths surrounding the Clinton’s, or Benghazi, Libya and Syria. I’ve read enough and seen enough videos to know that even after weeding out the conspiracy theorist nuts there is a lot of corruption in her political career.

Now why, as a Christian, would I support Trump? The rumor is that he has become a Christian. New Christians don’t experience a complete reversal of their character overnight to become mature Christians. That takes time, lots of time, years as a matter of fact. But if the rumor is true, and the evidence of his surrounding himself with well known Christian leaders as advisers would support the rumor, then there is hope for Christians if this man is elected. Hope that the increasing political persecution of Christians, because their values do not mesh with the political left, will be slowed or even reversed for a time. Hope that Christians will again be able to freely express their beliefs in public forums with fear of legal reprisal. The hope that because of the release of constraints on Christian expression of faith that there will be a revival in the country. A revival that will result in God healing their land. Many cite:

2 Chronicles 7:14 Authorized (King James) Version (AKJV)

14 if my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.

Personally I think that there will still be a large portion of the population who will continue down the path of destruction. But, a revival will bring more people into the Kingdom of God and bring us much closer to the return of Christ. That is what Christians hope for the most, an end to this system and the beginning of Christ’s 1000 year reign on earth.

Trump is a rather crude man, I agree.  I have found there are a number of people who claim to be prophets of God with a word of knowledge, visions, or dreams about Trump. Most state that God has brought Trump up for a time like this. Virtually none I’ve encountered say that he will in fact be elected president though. What they do say is that this election will spark the revival that so many Christians hope for. Their message is that the country has to decide in this election whether we are “one nation under God” or not. The choice made in this election will determine God’s judgement or blessing on this nation.

With that said, when asked about how could I vote for a man like Trump I have to respond with a reminder that God has used much worse to accomplish His will. The Old Testament is full of liars, cheats, thieves, murderers, sexually immoral and sinful men who were used by God to accomplish His will. God is the same today as He was yesterday and will be tomorrow. What makes the self-righteous Christians of today think that God would not use a man like Trump to accomplish His purposes?  As a response to those who are not Christians but have the impression that Christians should condemn people guilty of all manner of sin, I say what the Bible says in Romans 8:1: “There is therefore now no condemnation to them which are in Christ Jesus, who walk not after the flesh, but after the Spirit.” (AJKV)  Should I then be condemning of the man whom I believe God has chosen? Should I be condemning of a new Christian because he has not matured enough in his faith to be less crude in his speech? Should I condemn a man for sins which God has forgiven? Am I the judge of the condition of this man’s heart? No.

Now look at what Trump is saying about the issues in his talking points (3):

On trade: Companies are leaving the US. Yes they are and have been for a long time. I witnessed what happens when companies leave when I worked for the workforce development board in El Paso, TX, when all the clothing manufacturing moved across the border to Mexico because NAFTA made it more profitable to move operations across the border. It  hurt the local economy drastically, I can imagine that it was not the only area in the nation that suffered.  He wants to implement a 35% tax on the imports of products made by those companies that leave as an incentive to stay if they haven’t left or return if they have. He’s right that the companies leaving the US is causing economic hardship on the people through lost jobs, and I add, on the country in lost corporate tax revenues and lost personal income tax on those who’ve lost their jobs. I’m sure there are other consequences of his policy. Taxing the imports will increase the cost of those imported goods which would be passed on to the consumer. But, if ‘Made in America’ becomes cheaper than imported then maybe it will help our citizens to be more prosperous with fewer people needing government assistance. Keeping jobs and bringing jobs in will have a positive impact on the economy. I’m not an economist, but I’ve taken several courses in economics including graduate level. I can see the benefit of his trade policy.

Jobs: He believes he can bring jobs to people. He has done so in business and he believes he can do so on a national scale. I hope so and so do those average working class people who are supporting him.  We’ll see. I think it highly depends on the cooperation he can get from congress to make it profitable for companies to do business here in the United States and invest in growth. Right now companies are not investing in growth here in the US. Like the company my husband works for; corporate decisions reflect anticipation of business closure even though the company is an international business. There is a failure to invest in infrastructure and no expansion in operations. Their workforce is steadily declining through attrition.  If this is happening to other large companies across the nation then I hope Trump is able to get congress to work toward reversing this trend and making it more profitable to do business in the US than abroad and creating more jobs, well paying jobs, for American workers.

Second Amendment rights: He says he will protect our second amendment rights which the politicians have been chipping away at for decades. I’d like to believe he can do that. One of the ways he plans on doing that is reversing bad executive orders including those that impinge upon our 2nd amendment rights.  I don’t happen to own any firearms, but, I believe that we as citizens should never have our right taken away to own and use them for the protection of our persons and our property.  I think it also allows us to protect ourselves from a government over reaching it’s authority in our lives.

Immigration: He wants to build a wall to keep illegal immigrants out. I don’t see a problem with a wall. For goodness sake Mexico has a southern border wall, what makes people think that our having a wall is outrageous? Many countries around the world have walls. Illegal immigration is a real problem in this country and honestly, something does have to be done about it. My concern though is for the thousands upon thousands of children who are coming here without adults. My heart feels compassion for these children whose parents send them here in hopes of saving them from the ravages of their own countries.  As for the immigration of people from the war torn areas of the middle east, I think that there should be a better vetting process. I’m not in the know about how that should be done, but I think I agree to halt immigration from that sector until a better procedure is developed. I think it will be less of a problem when the nation quits covertly supporting terrorists though.

Education: He is in favor of returning education back to the local level. Getting rid of Common Core and making education a priority. I think I agree that Common Core needs to be eliminated. My mother was a teacher long before Common Core or even the prior No Child Left Behind project. Even back then, in the 70′ and 80’s there was too much interference by government in the classroom. Teachers had to do all these things that took time away from actual teaching the children. Since then more requirements from all these federal programs have undoubtedly reduced the time a teacher has to teach. From all I’ve learned about Common Core it is actually a way of ‘dumbing down’ our educational system. According to Trumps campaign web site America is #28 worldwide in education. I haven’t checked the veracity of that statistic but I’m sure we are not in the top ten. There are a lot of useful things that our children are not learning in school anymore.  A lot of revised history is also being taught in our schools. That was true even in my school days and it is getting worse with each generation of students I’m sure. “Those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it.” As far as I can learn, this quote is attributable to George Santayana and actually was, “Those who do not remember the past are condemned to repeat it.”  Education does need reform and reducing government interference with education would go a long way toward reform.

The military: He wants to make our military strong, take care of the veterans and get rid of ISIS. I think just stopping the covert support will help. Listening to the military leaders who have been saying they know how to defeat the terrorists will help. Giving our soldiers what they need will help. Maybe a short term increase in the military budget, but, if it resolves the conflict with ISIS and takes us out of conflicts around the world, that we have no business being involved in, then in the long run that budget will be reduced, even with maintaining a strong military. I’m not quite sure how it will happen. A war of ideologies is impossible to win. The world has periodically had to beat back Islamic radicals trying to take over.  I’m not prejudiced against any individual Muslim, but, I am pragmatic about what fundamentalist  Islam promotes and it isn’t love and peace. I’ve listened to too many former Muslims from countries that promote fundamentally radical Islamic ideology. People who know exactly what the Koran says and how the fundamentalist Muslims interpret it. It is not so much a religion as a political system.  I clearly remember a conversation I had with the president of a law firm on an elevator ride after work on the day that President Bush was going to give his 2002 State of the Union message. The attorney was anxious to get home and listen to the speech to find out if we were going to war. I said it would turn into another Viet Nam. He was like, “Oh no, we’ll be in and out of there in 10 days.” I said, no, Bush thinks he’s a modern day crusader and it will be a religious war and you can’t win a religious war.” He dropped his head in thought and never said another word. I often wonder if he remembers that conversation.

Political correctness: It interferes with getting things done. I tend to agree, the level of absurdity from political correctness is out of hand.  Political correctness is emasculating men. Men can’t even be men anymore without accusations of being politically incorrect, misogynistic, or even racial. Give it a break people. a masculine man will most likely be attracted to and respect women for the feminine creatures they are meant to be.  I like a truly Godly, masculine, manly man, actually I love one, my husband is far from being a politically correct man. But he is a loving, caring, and considerate husband and father who has never subjugated me and above all loves the Lord. Women, my goodness we can’t even be what God intended us to be, the help mate of our husbands, without being seen as weak and subservient. Well, I personally find that being the help mate to my husband is not a subservient position but empowering. We are opposites but equal in this marriage, together we make a whole and no amount of political correctness rhetoric will ever change our relationship from what God intended. Others can do as they please and be as politically correct as they like but don’t try to make me believe PC is for the best, it isn’t.

He wants to unify our nation. He believes that he can do this. I’d love to see that happen, but, I think too many people out there are deceived and will never under any circumstances come into unity with ideologies that do not match their own. There is a whole segment of the population that though they talk tolerance are quite intolerant in some respects. I’d love to see it though. He thinks he can do that in the same way he has in his business ventures. We’ll see.

So why, as a Christian, can I support Trump? I believe that as imperfect a person as he is, as crude and politically incorrect as he is, as much mud as is being slung around about him, he is the best hope for the American people, the ordinary citizen as well as the corporate mogul, who, by the way, is going to actually provide many of those jobs the little guy needs. Small business provides jobs too, and creating a healthy economy will help even the small businessman to expand and provide more jobs.  He is promoting ideals that match my own and he is no more morally objectionable, in my opinion, than any other person running for the position and even less than some. If these points and my reasoning still does not help the questioners why I, as a Christian, can support Trump, then there is nothing that can be said that make you understand my position.


Grandma Peachy

(1) http://www.infowars.com/busted-trump-sex-allegations-full-of-holes/
(2) http://www.freedomwatchusa.org/hillary-clinton-tries-to-escape-from-on-going-filegate-case
(3) https://www.donaldjtrump.com/issues
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Adventures in Rhubarb – a Culinary Slam-Dunk

My best hatI’ve had this excess of frozen rhubarb in my freezer for a year now. The last two years my neighbor kept bringing me rhubarb from his garden. He isn’t there now and this year I didn’t get any more because he was in an accident in April and until last week was in a skilled nursing facility. He won’t be coming home, he lives with his daughter now. I’ll miss him. Still there was an entire shelf in my freezer packed with bags of frozen rhubarb that I never got around to using for anything.

The question was burning on my mind…what to do with so much frozen rhubarb? It was occupying too much space in my freezer. I decided to do something about it. Room in the freezer section of a refrigerator is a precious commodity when there are seven people in the family, four of whom are adults.  It was a last minute decision made when my daughter took her baby in for his three week check up.  I pulled two packages of rhubarb out of the freezer while she was at the doctor’s office then promptly forgot them.  My daughter messaged me to let me know that she would be home in time to take her five year old to preschool. I made sure he looked nice for school and by the time she got here there was just enough time for him to climb into the van and head to school. Needless to say by that time the rhubarb was mostly thawed out. I went into the kitchen, probably for another cup of coffee, and seeing the puddle of moisture on the counter realized that I had this thawing vegetable and something had to be with it.

I decided to cook it without even looking at potential recipes, I didn’t even bother to look for instructions on cooking it, how hard could it be, a little water a little sugar boil it up, easy peasy, right? I pulled out my largest stainless steel pan that isn’t a stock pot and dumped some water in the pan, way too much apparently, with some sugar (so-o-o not enough sugar, but, it was what I had) and put the two full quart size zip-lock bags of cut rhubarb in the pan. The electric burner was set on high so it would heat up sooner and boil. I decided that I didn’t have enough sugar so thinking some fruit would help I added a good handful of raisins and a couple of small apples diced up. This concoction cooked until the apples were soft and the rhubarb was just pulp. Somewhere in there the temperature was reduced but not enough apparently since it required a quick rescue to keep it from boiling over.  It was still pretty juicy, actually, way too runny in my opinion, so I took as much of the solid stuff out as I could. Rhubarb pulp holds a lot of water. I drained it a bit, putting the liquid back in the pan. Trying to get a thicker consistency I dumped two more quart size packages of fully frozen rhubarb into the runny sauce-like substance. It again filled the pan and I let it cook until the rhubarb was just a pulp. Still too runny. I really should have done some research before I jumped in and started cooking. But, we here in this house are graduates of the Slam-Dunk School of Cooking. There are several Slam-Dunk Schools of Life-skills, but those others are unrelated topics. The Slam-Dunk School of anything requires no planning and often a lot of impulsive, off the cuff ingenuity. In the culinary arts, some dishes are instantly successful and others may take some finagling to make edible.  (It does help to be a recipe collector and cookbook reader.)

This experiment was headed for disaster. Finally, deciding that maybe I should be looking for ways to use this tart, runny, rhubarb goo, I began a Google search for recipes to get some ideas. I was thinking a bread of some sort. Use my goo creation instead of whatever liquid is used in a real recipe.  Almost every recipe called for uncooked, chopped rhubarb. Too late, it was already cooked. My efforts were more like a sauce and that was mostly useful to put on things as a topping. Mine was way too tart for that sort of consumption. Now I’m thinking, “What am I to do with three to four quarts of very tart rhubarb sauce-like goo?” I began expanding my recipe search to the specialty breads like pumpkin bread for some ideas because this stuff was more runny than syrup and mouth puckeringly tart. Maybe I could replace the liquid and the pumpkin or zucchini or whatever garden produce the recipe calls for with my stove-top creation. Even that search yielded batters that contain less runny ingredients for moisture. Then, beyond all hope, a recipe to use left over rhubarb sauce caught my attention. A bread recipe no less.  But, this pan full of liquid goo really did not have the right consistency for a true rhubarb sauce. Reading recipes for sauces I found that some call for the use of Jell-o,  either strawberry or raspberry. Well, I didn’t have strawberry or raspberry. I did have a couple packages of cherry gelatin though. So I looked for a recipe with cherry and rhubarb just to see if the two flavors are ever used to compliment each other and I did find a cherry rhubarb pie recipe.  Perfect!

I pulled out my cast iron dutch oven and put both batches of runny rhubarb goo in it and heated it back up to boiling. The gelatin packages were dumped into the boiling liquid, then stirred until all was dissolved. Finding the last bit of brown sugar in a package I tossed that in as well, for good measure. Once everything was dissolved the heat was turned off and the sauce allowed to cool for awhile. After taking a little taste and determining that it was actually pretty good and could be used on toast or pancakes or maybe even Chocolate-Cherry Bordeau ice cream, I rounded up canning jars.  I’ve been saving jars from this, that, and the other along with their lids. I know, I know, you aren’t supposed to reuse the canning lids but I wash them and save them anyway, it’s the Slam-Dunk way of doing things. The concoction filled a quart jar, two pint jars and four 1/2 pint jars – well – a couple of those jars weren’t really standard canning jars and hold a tad more than the size in which I grouped them. I guess in all it made a little more than three quarts of sauce. Now I have to get the ingredients to make that bread. I’m low on flour, low on oil, and out of sugar. But, today is payday…

I’ll let you know how the bread recipe works when I get around to baking it. You know I won’t follow the recipe…


Grandma Peachy

P.S. One of these days I’ll get back to my routine of Friday book reviews, I promise. – GP



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Dragon Moon by Julie Nichols New Release Oct 13


Today I’m devoting the blog to Julie Nicholls and her new young adult fantasy novel that will be released in three days, Thursday, October 13th. I am looking forward to reading her newest book and as soon as I have read it will be putting up a review for you. She has the book on pre-order on several e-reader platforms. Check out the links at the end to find where you can pre-order and enjoy this YA fantasy as soon as it is released! Without further ado I present Julie Nichols and Dragon Moon.


Grandma Peachy


Dragon Moon Release!!

Hey peeps!! I’m happy to announce that my latest Young Adult Fantasy, Dragon Moon is available for pre order at the fabulously low price of 99c! This is a huge saving, and from Thursday 13th October, the price will be $3.45 so get it while it’s on offer!

14492499_1455874907774038_6835332012445561529_n-1Save the dragons, unite the races, no sweat.

I’m nineteen and wish I had a clue about my future. Instead of my own bed, this morning I woke in the strange land of Lur Neval. My name is Scarlett, but the Nevalese call me Dragon Mage. Seems it’s my job to preserve the all-important dragons and oh, while I’m here, bring peace to the warring clans. Piece of cake if I can outwit Madoc, the manipulative, evil seer who wants every dragon destroyed. Whatever it takes, I’m here to fulfill my destiny under the light of the Dragon Moon.

Buy Links

Amazon UK goo.gl/HolHgO
Amazon USA goo.gl/WXyIdl
Kobo goo.gl/TMrKcV
Smashwords goo.gl/jQszpx
Nook/B&N goo.gl/utlgGe
iBooks goo.gl/66Jbwu

Don’t forget it’s available at the ridiculous price of 99c until release day which is 13th October, 2016
Go get it!


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Mitochondrial Manipulation Therapy: Does God Approve?


Grandma Peachy and Tanner Baer

Recently I heard about a child that was born with the DNA of three different people. This idea ruffled the feathers of some end times prophesy watchers. The story I got from these sources was something to the effect that the nucleus of the mother’s ova was removed and replaced someone else’s nucleus in the donor egg resulting in the DNA of two mothers and one father. I thought to myself, “How can that be? I thought the DNA is in the nucleus.” I decided to find out for myself just what occurred. This lead to a lot of research just to try and understand what was done. I still don’t understand it all because it is so technical in an area of science that I really don’t have much knowledge. What I did learn is that there is nuclear DNA and mitochondrial DNA and they are not the same.  Only the mother passes on mitochondrial DNA. It is this DNA used to trace the origins of peoples today. But the mitochondrial DNA is not the part that makes us who we are, who we are comes from the nuclear DNA of both parents.

The basic drift of this family’s story is that the mother has defective mitochondrial DNA that causes Leigh Syndrome and the couple had already lost two children, one at age 6 and the other at 8 months. I have no problem with a couple wanting to raise a healthy child to adulthood. There were two options for doing the in vitro fertilization (IVF). One involved two fertilized eggs, one from the mother and one from the donor female ovum, both fertilized by the father. The nucleus of the mother with the nuclear DNA would then put into the donor egg which had the nucleus removed and the excess cellular material would then be destroyed. The religious convictions of the parents would not allow the destruction of a fertilized egg so they opted for the other method, which apparently in this case was the first time it was used on humans.

In the second method the nucleus of the unfertilized eggs were transferred before fertilization. The mother’s egg cell nucleus was inserted into the donor egg after it’s nucleus was removed. This resulted in a modified ovum with the mother’s nuclear DNA and the donor’s healthy mitochondrial DNA. No fertilized eggs were destroyed as a result of this genetic manipulation. But it does give the baby, who was born in April 2016 the DNA of three people. He’s not the first to have the DNA of three people, but he is the first to acquire it through this particular method. After  months the baby appears to be a healthy child. Leigh Syndrome manifests in infancy, so there is hope that he will not inherit it because of the science that went into allowing him to have life.

This method of IVF is banned in the US, so the American doctor who performed this complex procedure did so in Mexico for Jordanian parents. In researching the subject I discovered just why it is banned. Not for this particular procedure but for all forms of genetic manipulation for IVF.  In the early 1990’s another method was used to try and correct genetic defects from the mother’s mitochondrial DNA. The method used was to remove the mitochondria from a healthy egg and inject it into the mother’s egg with the hope of overriding the defective mitochondria. This was called cytoplasmic transfer. There were governmental concerns about the methodology which resulted in banning the procedure. As many as 30 children were born using this method.  It was primarily used to revitalize the mitochondria in the ova of older women experiencing infertility. The hasty human application based on laboratory mouse success without assessment of the potential risks from the three source DNA has been questioned. At this point there are somewhere between 30 and 50 people now that were born in the late 1990’s to the early 2000’s using one form or another of mitochondrial manipulation therapy (MMT). Soon it will be possible to determine if the modified mitochondrial DNA will be passed on to subsequent generations.

Now for my take on the whole controversy. First and foremost, the genetic manipulation done here is unlike that of the GMO food controversy. GMO foods take genetics from an unrelated organism and combine it with the food product to give it attributes that it would not otherwise have. The MMT used for human fertility uses human DNA from healthy donor cells to fix problems in unhealthy reproductive cells. The purpose is to produce healthy human offspring for parents who either are having problems conceiving or the mother has defective mitochondrial DNA that adversely affects the viability and health of the baby. These are good purposes. From my perspective all good things come from God. God gave us the mental faculties to discover these medical breakthroughs. As I see it, the idea to do this kind of research to help couples birthe healthy children was most likely given to these researchers by God. Of course all good things can be corrupted and be sure that they will be, but, to unequivocally condemn the birth of a child with the DNA of 3 parents is short sighted. The child does not represent the creation of a monster. The child is fully human, has a soul, and is loved by God. So, yes, I believe that God does approve of the beneficial use of MMT to allow couples the joy at a chance of raising a healthy child to adulthood, with all the risks that entails as well.

Below are links to some of the articles that I read in gaining more information on this topic. I hope that I’ve inspired enough interest for you to read a bit about this topic yourself. Though quite technical in some places, the topic is fascinating.

Be Blessed!

Grandma Peachy

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Guest Reviewer Jen Winters – Book Review: Toil & Trouble Series by Heather Blair

Jen WintersPlease welcome guest reviewer Jen Winters today. She is author of the Guardian novels and a fan of paranormal romance and urban fantasy. Today she is sharing her review of the Toil and Trouble Series by Heather Blair.


Sixpence & Whiskey (Toil & Trouble Book 1) by Heather R. Blair


I’m sad the next two books aren’t out! This is a freakin’ awesome book. Seph and Frost make my insides go all swirling and warm. Love these two, love the mystery and the sarcastic bullsh@t. This is worth reading twice! Recommend to UF lovers who need strong and sassy, girlie and sarcastic. I would add another star if I could. Maybe ten more.



Blackbirds & Bourbon (Toil & Trouble Book 2)  by Heather R. Blair


blackbirds-bourboncoverOk, so I waited for the whole series before reading this one because after the first one I was desperate for. Ore and this one wasn’t out yet. So…Yes. Very, very yes!!! It’s got it all, love, loss, pain, humor, sass…you name it, this ones got it! And you’ll love it every step of the way! I did and I knew I would!




Roses & Rye (Toil & Trouble Book 3)  by Heather R. Blair


roses-rye-by-heather-blair-coverThis was a hard book to read. Not because it wasn’t amazing, but because it’s so deeply emotional I was kind of a mess through most of it. A hysterical ball of weepiness at times and angry as hell at others. Gawd I love this series.



I give this entire series five stars.  As a series all the books were well edited and maintained a cohesive story line without having those annoying cliff hangers between books. Heather Blair did a fantastic job keeping up with her main plot line and her subplots going throughout all three books.  The characters were well developed, believable, and fun to interact with as a reader.  According to Amazon guidelines the series is recommended for readers 18+, but I’d probably let my daughter read it when she’s 16.


Thank you Jen for sharing your thoughts on this series with us today. Readers check out the links below for Heather Blair’s series. I’ve also given you links to Jen Winters’ books as well.


Grandma Peachy


Heather Blair:





Jen Winters



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