Silenced by Violence

A few bad apples spoil the barrel. That’s an old cliche’ reflecting a Biblical principle that a little bit of leaven leavens the whole lump.  Scripture compares both heaven and the teachings of the Pharisees to leaven. Jesus warned against the leaven of the Pharisees (Matthew 16:6). He also compared the Kingdom of Heaven to a woman who hid three measures of leaven in flour until the whole was leavened. One is good the other bad. This principle has been on full display in our nation for the entire world to see.

A couple years ago we saw the death of a man in police custody broadcast all over the internet. People began to peacefully protest the police brutality which took place there. They had good reason and every right to peacefully protest that act as well as a few other incidents around the nation that have occurred over the years and since then. Those officers who commit these acts of brutality are not, however, representative of the whole of law enforcement. I’d venture to guess that they represent a very small portion of the entirety of law enforcement at all levels. They are the few bad apples, the leaven of evil, spread out within the entire barrel and the whole loaf. They need to be removed so the whole barrel is not spoiled.

Almost as soon as good people began protesting their voices were silenced by groups I will not name. These groups of radicals began a campaign of violence and destruction everywhere the peaceful protesters tried to get their voices heard. But they could not be heard and were silenced by the violence. The groups who violently took over legitimate protesting are another form of bad apples. They represent a very small but loud contingent of wicked people.  These criminals care not for the worthy cause, rather they use the cause as a cover to commit crimes. The very people who were protesting became the victims of the bad apples. Small businesses, even those operated by people of color, were destroyed in the areas where the violence occurred and is still occurring today. The radical groups care not the color of one’s skin or ideological beliefs, they support a mad, uncontrolled rampage and crime spree. These violent criminals hijacked the slogans of the peaceful protesters so the public could no longer hear their cry, just the cacophony of the radicals who  want to steal, break and destroy. Yet the mayors and governors began bowing to this lawlessness.

You see, to make matters worse, not long after all of the chaos erupted, cities around the nation began to talk of defunding the police. What were these mayors and city councils thinking? There may be a few ‘bad apples’ in law enforcement, which should be addressed, but, to defund the police just invites criminals to step up their criminal activities.  There is no concern for the law abiding citizens and theirs homes, businesses, or lives in general. Without law enforcement lawlessness runs rampant and society devolves into uncontrolled chaos. Unsafe for everyone.

To be fair, most of the violence and crime incited by these destroyers of peace occur in limited neighborhoods whereas the majority of these urban areas are mostly unaffected. Still, with cities reducing law enforcement crime spreads out from the original locus. Not good for society in general.

The answers do not lie in reducing law enforcement, nor in more restrictive gun laws, or any other restrictive law. The answers can be found in educating (and evangelizing) the people, enforcing the existing laws, voting in sensible people for positions in government at all levels and allowing the established free market to stabilize itself. What have I missed? Not sure, I’m not a leader, educator, evangelist, social engineer, law enforcement official, or politician. Just a citizen who is educated to some extent, retired, and somewhat opinionated.

So here is my small voice sent out into the vastness of the virtual world. Maybe someone will hear the cricket chirp of my voice.


Grandma Peachy

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Persecution in Spiritual Warfare

This post was started almost a year ago when the US troops were pulled out of Afghanistan in 2021. I was visiting a friend in Florida when this occurred and my heart was deeply touched by the reports of persecution. Today there are other places in the world where people are suffering. There have always been times and places where people suffer. There are more than I can easily identify and know about. I learn from ministries that I follow just how bad the persecution of Christians is around the world. I pray for my brothers and sisters, my heart aches for them, but I know that they have a special place in eternity. They overcome by the blood of Jesus and by the word of their testimony. So without further ado, here is last years observation. Still salient today.

Today I watched a video by an Afghani minister about the loss of twenty years of progress in Afghanistan in just one day as the Taliban has taken over the country. It broke my heart and I’m still in tears. I began praying for Gods people there and for those that will be reached through the brave Christians who are staying to continue trying reach the lost in their native land.

These evil men are taking girls over the age of 12, and for the married women they are killing their husbands and taking the women and using them as sex slaves. The evil that has taken over that country is beyond anything we in our soft cushy lives can imagine. It overpowers the things we are facing here so much as to make our problems trivial.

People are fleeing to the mountains to escape the atrocities being perpetrated on the population. But these people need resources to sustain life; food, water, medical supplies to name the most critical.

What is happening is much more than just terrorist taking over a country. It is intense spiritual warfare. The enemy of humanity has taken over and these thugs are his instrument in the flesh. But as the apostle Paul wrote in Ephesians, we do not battle with flesh and blood but with rulers, powers, principalities and spiritual wickedness in high places. He admonished the Ephesians to clothe themselves with the full armor of God, because this is truly a spiritual war. I’m sure the ministers in that country are fully aware of the armor they need to put on and keep on at all times. The enemy does not rest and Gods people cannot rest from the battle either.

I believe that in the past I’ve written about the armor of God. As a reminder:

“Therefore take the whole armor of God, that you may be able to withstand in the evil day, and having done all, to stand. Stand therefore, having girded your loins with truth, and having put on the breastplate of righteousness, and having shod your feet with the equipment of the gospel of peace; besides all these, taking the shield of faith, with which you can quench all the flaming darts of the evil one. And take the helmet of salvation, and the sword of the Spirit, which is the word of God.
Ephesians 6:13-17 – RSV

For those of us who do not know what this kind of persecution is like we need to be in prayer for our brothers and sisters who are living in this battleground. My prayer is for them to be strengthened in faith to persevere during these dark evil days until the day they meet their Saviour face to face.

That is the end of what I wrote a year ago.

Be vigilant in prayer for the persecuted Christians, and other groups such as Falun Gong in China, because of their faith. Pray for the gospel of Jesus to spread throughout all the nations, peoples, language groups of the world. For all of us the only hope of salvation is Jesus. Only when all peoples and language groups have been reached will our Lord and Savior return. Its our job to reach all the people of the world, so the sooner we reach all the people groups, the sooner our Lord will return. Pray without ceasing.

Blessings and prayers,

Grandma Peachy

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Over the years there have been many unspoken conversations in my mind. Recently I’ve had conversations with people that afterward I keep mulling over, rehashing what was said in an effort do identify what bothered me about that conversation.

One topic happened to be about church closures during the most restrictive part of the Covid-19 ado, which seems to still be lingering. In relating a story in which church closure was part of the cause of an incident that occurred the person I was talking to expressed disagreement with church closures on constitutional grounds. That is all fine and good, but, that was not the point I was making at the time. What had happened within that church resulted in a number of people leaving and the congregation was reduced in size such that the minister believed they could no longer support a full time minister and he resigned.

After many days of contemplating the conversation I came to the conclusion that the person I was talking to did not realize that part of the enemy’s tactic, that is Satan the evil one, is to create division among believers. The government’s forced closures of businesses, churches, synagogues, mosques, schools, etc… was cause for much disagreement among the nations citizens. This is exactly the kind of thing that Satan puts into the minds of people who unwittingly become the pawns of he who “prowls about like a roaring lion seeking whom he may devour.”(1)

Congregations of Christians are not immune to the enemies devises. Whether a congregation chose to close as state governors imposed lock-downs or chose to protest by remaining open and risk the penalties imposed is not relevant to the discussion. What is relevant is the two opposing reactions has caused division among believers and that is exactly what the devil wants.

As I ruminated over the conversation many things popped into my head. Rehearsing potential conversations pointing out that believers allowed themselves to be divided. This should not be. Jesus himself prayed for unity among believers that they would be one just as he and the father are one. Unity, being one, does not mean we all have to have the exact same understanding of everything pertaining to scripture. I believe it means that we are to be one in our unwavering faith in the God of creation and His Son, our Saviour, the Messiah that came and died on the cross as the ultimate sacrifice for the sins of the whole world, that God raised him from the dead on the third day conquering both sin and death. This so all who confess Jesus as Lord of their life and believe in their heart that God raised him from the dead have eternal life. All the rest is teaching doctrine and each individual understands as the Holy Spirit gives understanding. So, when a congregation allows the evil one to place a wedge between the members they are not being alert to the workings of the devil in the church. This fact is disturbing.

Why is it disturbing? Well, some time ago I drafted another blog that I never posted. It covers that subject. Jesus asked if he would find faith when he returns.(2) There will be some who have a deep abiding faith when he returns, but I’d say that kind of faith will be relatively rare by then, whenever that may be. I may finish that faith blog and post it as well. After all, the subject of faith doesn’t go stale. The point is, without pure, abiding faith, groups of believers can be deceived creating dissent and division where there ought to be unity and unwavering faith. Jesus warned his disciples, and therefore us, to be careful that we are not deceived. He was talking about the false Christs and false prophets that will arise in the last days. Still, believers need to keep their spiritual eyes open for the things that the devil and his minions place in their path to divide and conquer and weaken faith in God and his Christ, Jesus our Savior.

That off my mind I encourage all believers to stay vigilant to avoid divisions within the body of Christ. Blessings to all.

Grandma Peachy

Notes: (1) Reference 1 Peter 5:8

(2) Reference Luke 18:8

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Opinion: Today’s New Normal

2021 and Beyond

How to start this blog post? Events the past year and a half and those continuing to unfold have me concerned for the future of our nation. The hatred and deception in our politics and among our citizenry is a sure sign that this great American experiment is in rapid decline and accelerating.

For many years, two decades at least, I’ve known that our situation would just continue to get worse. For years I’ve said that the Bible tells us that in the end times things will get worse. I truly believe we are seeing the beginning of the end; the culmination of which will be the return of Jesus.

No one can say when that event will occur, but, I think it could happen within the next couple hundred years or so. Scripture says that no one knows the day or hour. Jesus did tell us the signs to look for and I see those things happening with greater frequency.

History, modern history, shows what happens when freedoms are eroded. There is much censorship arising in our time. The big tech companies are deciding what people can or cannot say on public platforms. News media screens all information the public is allowed to know. We in the United States are supposed to have freedom of speech granted through our Constitution. However, this freedom has been significantly impaired in the past few years. I can’t specifically say when it began. But, I remember as a child when the government decided that the Bible and prayer were banned from public education. One year our class was reading aloud from the Bible and the first thing of the school day was the pledge of allegiance recited by all students and lead over the intercom, followed by a prayer. The next year all of that other than the pledge of allegiance were gone. That is my earliest memory of restricting the right of free speech in the school. It slowly went down hill from there until we come to government legislating and banning what is considered hate speech. The definition of hate speech has expanded and the advent of politically correct language further limited what people were allowed to say.

Over the past few years ideologies have diverged and the gap has become a crevice so deep and wide that people on each side of the gap can no longer hear each other. True communication of ideas has stopped. Citizens are no longer able to engage in civil discourse and people are told what to think and believe. Critical information for free thinkers is withheld so they can no longer evaluate situations and facts to decide for themselves what the truth is in matters of importance.

Parents are so intimidated by the state that they fear disciplining their children will result in their children being taken away by the state. No wonder we have so many children with behavior problems. This has gone on long enough that an entire generation has already been raised to destruction. A few have escaped and become rational adults, but there are so many who have been indoctrinated through the schools and media and have no respect for other people and property.

Look at the things that happened just in the past 18 months. Riots and violence in cities across this nation. Radicals calling for the defunding of law enforcement, the very ones who are there to protect and defend us from criminals. Sure they cannot ensure that no crime will be committed, but without them there is unbridled violence and crime.

There are so many things that could be listed as evidence of the destruction of our nation. I will not itemize them all. However, I will say that we’ve come to a point where good is called evil and evil is called good. This is prophesied in scripture. It is a sign of the last days, however long those days last.

What will our nation look like in this year and years to come? The year 2020 was just a foretaste of what is to come. The hype of a global pandemic used as an excuse or experiment to see how far the government(s) could go in controlling the actions of the people. I understand that the virus is real, I understand that it is particularly bad for the most vulnerable in our society. But, there is not the level of danger to the population as a whole as to really be a pandemic. Evidence suggests that the figures are manipulated to such an extent that things like the regular seasonal flu have all but disappeared. I’d have to do a little deeper research to see the impact on the fatality rates of other reported medical conditions. At this point I’m not even sure that information is readily available to the public.

We were required to wear masks which have little impact on whether or not a person contracts this virus. Sure, as some experts say, a mask can reduce the amount of virus we are exposed to but they do not prevent exposure at all. Something no one mentions is that if you don’t have the virus you can’t spread it. If I don’t have a contagious disease I can’t give it to anyone. We were being treated as though all of us had the virus and we went along with it, for the most part. Those who did not were ostracized and in some cases penalized.This isn’t going to go away either. Now they are talking of new strains developing. Funny how new stains of the seasonal flu do not get such notoriety. Those seasonal flu shots are developed based on predictions of which strains are most likely to present themselves this season. Some years the efficacy barely reaches 30%. Doesn’t seem worth it to me. Then there is the rapid development of a vaccine for this new virus. Unless the vaccine was already under development before we knew about this new virus, I am quite concerned about the safety and efficacy of this vaccine and unknown side effects in long term. That is not to say the vaccine will not be safe and effective, just we can’t know for sure yet because the process has been sped up and that means short cuts have been taken. I certainly do not want to take a shot that has not been fully and properly tested. There is the talk of forced vaccinations which concerns me greatly. Not being allowed the power to make my own health decisions is a grave concern to me. But I know that scripture does tell us that one day if we do not conform to the beast system we will not be allowed to engage in commerce. Requiring all people to have a vaccination is just a shadow of things to come. Will we be forced to take this vaccine and carry our proof of vaccination record before we can buy and sell? Who knows? Not me.

Then there is the abominable political scene. So politically divided, so much political corruption, each side making accusations. Election fraud on one side, idolizing Trump on the other side, repeated attempts to remove elected political officials, inflammatory rhetoric on both sides. (See why I hate politics?) It’s a civil war, so far fought with words and subterfuge. These things will get worse. The political and domestic scene are already at an all time maximum for craziness but not as crazy as it’s going to be.

It’s already happening. Social media banning the sitting president before his term was ended. They talked of trying to remove him before his term was up. Talk of removing conservative congressmen for spurious reasons, censorship of all conservative speech across the major social media platforms, actual repression of speech that does not align with a certain political agenda and deemed to be false by whoever fact checks for the biased social media platforms. All those things are portents of what is to come. If we the people do not take a stand against this suppression of conservative thought, then we will lose all our freedoms in a very short time. Only state approved propaganda will be fed to us, ideologies contrary to that of those in power will be considered treasonous. Free thinkers will be rounded up and most likely executed. These are the results that will come to us if we do not get our nation back to what the founders intended when they adopted the constitution.

What I see is grown adults bullying each other on a grand scale. Both among elected officials and unelected officials. Both among governing bodies and by individuals this bullying can be seen by the whole world. A leader among nations, ours, the United States of America, has become a horror and laughing stock to the world. We’ve been a comfort to some and a terror to other nations. We’ve held the welfare of the world economy in our hands and are now failing in our responsibility to the world in that regard. Many have fled to our nation to escape the persecution that is now surfacing within our own borders. Immigrants have viewed the US as a place of freedom for generations. We’ve welcomed those immigrants from across the globe and they’ve become an important part of our melting pot society.

Soon, at the rate we are going, people will not see us as a nation where freedom rings. People will not desire to come here for a better life. People will not want to stay because their lives have have gotten worse. But where in this world can anyone go? At the moment we still have more freedom than most of the world. When those freedoms are taken away and we are under an oppressive government people will ask themselves, “ What went wrong?” I’ll tell you what is going wrong. We are not standing up for our rights as delineated in the US Constitution.

Last year I received a notice that my state legislature proposed a bill to join 15 other states in calling a constitutional convention. It is the states’ right to call a convention to amend the constitution when the federal government has gotten out of control. The issues are fiscal spending, reduction in the size of the federal government, and term limits. To have the proper majority of states come together in agreement and do something about the federal government would go a long way toward turning this nation around and getting back on the path set out by the original framers of the constitution. The fact that it was written into the constitution for states to have the power to change the constitution in order to rein in the federal government tells me those men understood human nature and could foresee how the government could become so corrupted. But, as with all attempts to convene a constitutional convention, this one will take time to get enough states to agree on the issues to address. All prior attempts have failed to gain the required 2/3 of states to call for a constitutional convention.

I wrote the body of those previous paragraphs over a year ago but never finished or posted the opinion piece. I’ve gone through updating and editing it because it’s still germane today. Maybe even more in target as things heat up politically and socially. Sure mask mandates are pretty much gone for those who have been vaccinated. But so far no one has asked me if I’m vaccinated when I go shopping. So I just walk in like I always did. I’m sure a great many of the unmasked people I see in stores are also unvaccinated. But other things are continuing and some getting worse since I first wrote it.

My life was only affected to a very small degree by all the hype over the Covid scare. I’m not a social person so there were no gatherings I couldn’t meet with others because I don’t join groups in person. I went to see family in other states and no one stopped me to ask about whether or not I self quarantined during those trips. About the only thing different was having to wear a mask in the store and pharmacy. Actually that sent me to the small independent grocer in our little community. I was never asked to wear a mask there so she has my loyalty as a customer. There’s a few things I can’t get there so periodically I’d drive into the city for those things, not anywhere near as often as I once did. Even now that masks aren’t required I still shop locally. It may cost a bit more, but when I take into consideration the cost of fuel I feel it offsets my extra food expense to some degree. Besides, I’m not overly concerned about the cost of food and other household products. I’m not affluent but I’m not short on financial resources to keep up with my monthly expenses. I even bought a new car last October and that additional expense hasn’t made me fall short even in months with extraordinary expenses. So, I’ll remain loyal to my local grocer.

Some members of my extended family have gotten the vaccine. Most only experienced mild side effects the first few days. I pray they never have any serious side effects further down the road. I pray no one ever does, even those multitudes I don’t know who have taken the shot(s). We will see next year or 5 or ten years from now.

Politically and socially I don’t see things getting better. There is still a lot of fall out from the last election. Audits by states of their election results. Violence still taking place; although they aren’t getting as much sensational news coverage as they did a year ago. Our president undoing so much of what the previous president did with the same strike of the pen as the one before did in ordering these things done all through executive orders. Right or wrong they are on opposite sides of that great separating crevice I mentioned earlier. It’s just a little deeper and a little wider now.

So praying that each of you is doing well and are truly blessed. Until next time, whenever that will be, blessings to all.

Grandma Peachy

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Dealing with Gardening Pests and Other Things

Last year I wanted to have a garden but couldn’t get my dear husband (DH) to build me any raised garden beds. He works a heavy labor job so was always too tired after a 6 day work week and I didn’t blame him for not wanting to do a bunch of manual labor work on his days off. So, I tried container gardening and was profoundly unsuccessful other than our tomatoes. We have used a 150 gallon livestock tank for 15 years to grow tomatoes. So far we’ve always had a successful and bountiful tomato harvest.

This year I decided that regardless I’d have my raised bed garden. Because of the corona virus shut down in March the young man who used to mow and do odd jobs for us when we was still in school, was temporarily laid off his job. So I asked if he’d build the beds for me and help me fill them with compost I could buy in bulk from a local tree and landscape service. Over a couple weeks he built them to my specifications. We shopped for the materials and used his truck, or rather his dad’s truck, to haul the soil. I’m sure I paid more to build my raised garden beds than most people do. Still, I was happy to help him financially and get what I wanted; extra tall raised beds. I’m sure they will last a few seasons before they have to be repaired or replaced.

I began planting a few things either from seed or as seedlings that I bought right after the last frost in April. It did get a little cold those first two weeks, but not down to freezing temperatures. Some things had a slow start in germinating and the seedling grew slowly those first few weeks. There are a few things I should have planted more of and a few that I should have planted less or none. This is my first time gardening in raised beds and I have a lot to learn.

I have 6 cabbages that are being decimated by cabbage butterfly caterpillars. I’ve been picking them off but I can’t keep ahead of them. I also found I had a squash vine borer in my zucchini. So I began doing a little research into natural ways to control them. There are products that can be used and apparently are used by organic gardeners. However, at this time of year they are hard to get. Even Amazon is out right now.

I found a recipe for a natural way to treat the plants for both of my current pest problems. It uses garlic juice and fish oil in a ratio of 1% each to 98% water. I don’t know how you get fish oil that isn’t in a capsule so I bought a bottle of capsules locally and got several garlic bulbs from a lady at our local farmers market. I haven’t juiced the garlic yet but it is my plan to do that tomorrow while DH is at work. I think I have a new unused spray bottle that I can mix this 1-1-98 formula and spray on my plants.

I did do something drastic with the squash today, though. I saw that roots were formed further out on the squash vine going both directions from the original root ball and the vine borer had entered right at the base above the original root ball. I cut the damaged section out completely and pulled up the original root ball. I’m hoping that the two ends, which are pretty long already and have flowers blooming daily, will survive from the new roots the plant has put down. It’s now two plants actually. Even if one doesn’t make it I’m hoping the other one does. I’ll make sure to spray those cut ends to prevent another attack at the place where I did the major surgery on the poor plant. That is if the formula actually works.

Next year will be better; I’ve learned a few things and will make changes next year. One thing, if I plant another butternut squash it will not be in the raised bed. That plant is a monster! It’s crowding out everything else in that garden bed. It’s beginning to remind me of a pumpkin we planted one year in Tucson when our kids were still young. That thing took over almost a third of our back yard. We had so many pumpkins that we couldn’t even give them all away. The butternut squash isn’t quite that big, yet, but it keeps wanting to send vines over to the neighboring beds, the basil in the bed with it is tall and healthy, but the squash vines have surrounded it. I’d also put some purslane in the center of that bed for the flowers to attract pollinators, plus it is an edible green that I thought I’d try in a salad. You can’t even see the purslane unless you move the squash leaves aside. I’ve pruned the squash plant leaves back some so pollinators can find the blossoms. As a result it just put out more vine and more leaves. Next year I think I’ll only have one type of squash and I’ll plant it in a bottomless container away from the raised beds. Somewhere that it will have room to spread out.

Before I planted anything I purchased red wiggler worms to put in my garden beds. I was putting fresh vegetable matter directly into the bed to feed them. Well, I had gotten some potatoes that were going bad and decided that the worms might eat them. DH had commented about the worms not eating them and that I might have potatoes start growing. He was right. I have 3-4 plants growing between 2 of the beds. So, accidentally, I’ll have potatoes too. They came up near my red pepper plants and my basil. I’m not sure the one by the basil will survive the monster squash though.

Another thing I did for the garden this year, to try and attract and keep native solitary bees for pollinators, was put up a small bee hotel. It is on the east side of our storage shed so it can get morning sunlight and not too far from the raised beds. Several of the ‘apartments’ have been filled and a couple units are already hatching the bees that moved in. I’ll have to clean it up after the season so there is no chance of disease for next year’s bee population. I will have to refresh my memory on when the best time to do that is and just how I need to clean it. Hopefully over time more of the tubes will be occupied and I’ll be able to have a bigger occupancy in the bee hotel. I’d love to see it fill up. But, as with all things new, it takes a while for the native solitary bees to move into a new location and use it year after year.

A few weeks ago there was a batch of praying mantises that hatched out somewhere around the bee hotel. I was looking to see how many of the tubes had been used and saw a tiny praying mantis maybe half and inch long. Looking around there were several others too. It was like they’d all just hatched, or whatever the proper term is for their emergence. I was happy to see them because they are great for garden pests and I’m especially glad because I found scale on the crabapple tree this year. I’ve been trying to combat that particular pest. I bought ladybugs, but too many of them were DOA, close to half. I also tried to get lacewing larvae and maybe some survived but I wouldn’t bet on it, I’ve not seen any. The problem was, not long after putting up the envelope they came in, just as the package said to do, it rained, heavily. I’m pretty sure those larvae drowned because the envelope filled with rainwater. After the leaves fall and the sap goes into the roots I will treat the tree for scale and hopefully next year it will be free of the pesky bugs. Last year a magnolia had to be taken out because it was infested with scale. I liked that tree but it was in an inconvenient location. I’m actually glad to have the space useable now. For now a free standing porch swing sits there.

The soil in the raised beds has settled from the level it was when I filled them. Next year I’ll add to the top soil. Hopefully I won’t have to buy any. Last fall I decided to save most of the autumn leaves for use as the brown element in an experiment in composting. There is a compost pile in the making now and has had grass clippings and some vegetable matter from trimmings of fresh vegetables for making salads added to it. There are a few coffee grounds and tea bags in there too. I finally got a garden fork to turn the mass periodically. I’m considering covering it to get it to heat up and decompose everything faster. There are a few small branches and twigs from the crabapple tree that were put in at the bottom last year and unless I get it hot in that pile it’ll take a couple years or more to decompose those pieces of wood. It’s an experiment, I’m certainly no expert at this gardening thing, but I do enjoy it and over the years I’ll get much better.

We’ve had gardens off and on over the years and I find that tending the garden is enjoyable and relaxing. Maybe it’s a built in desire to return to the Garden of Eden. I love growing things, a vegetable and herb garden or house plants, it really doesn’t matter; green growing things give me great pleasure in life, especially when they thrive. I sat some of my houseplants out under the base of the crabapple tree and they are doing beautifully. My problem will be space when I bring them in this autumn. Some are in bigger pots now and have grown much taller. There is the schefflera that I think I’ll have to prune and root the tops I cut off. I didn’t know I could do that until a few days ago. I’ll have to buy some root hormone to root the cuttings. That’s about the only reason I haven’t already trimmed it back. I read that in some places it is grown as a hedge; it just needs to be pruned to make it bush out.

Well, I think I’ve exhausted all that I had to say about my garden and the problems I’ve encountered and the things I’ve done, learned, and plan on doing. Hope this was an enjoyable read for you, even if I did ramble on and on.

May each of you be blessed,

Grandma Peachy







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Trip to the Northwest

My brother and me.

I have been wanting to go see my brother for awhile. I’d planned on going this summer. I had to wait because I’d used my travel funds already this year going to New Mexico at the end of February and the first week of March. When I returned home I was not home more than a day before I rented a car and went to Kansas to pick up my grandchildren and bring them to Nebraska during their spring break. It was during that week that the COVID-19 fufurah shut down most of the country. I did take them back at the end of the week and by then all the schools had shut down. The day that I was taking the grandchildren home I got a call from my brother that his dear wife had passed away after having had surgery earlier in the month. It was a very sad time especially because once she’d been taken to a rehab facility no one was allowed to visit her in the facility. She died there without the comfort of her family around her in those last days and hours. They could not have the typical funeral because of the virus scare. No true closure was available to the family. I wish I could have gone then but I just didn’t have the funds to make the trip.

So, as soon as my finances would accommodate a trip I scheduled a flight to Oregon to spend a week with my brother. While I was visiting they did have a virtual memorial service on Zoom for her. It was nice, but, not the same as an in-person memorial service. I’m glad I was there and could at least give some measure of comfort.

He lives on a pretty large piece of property along the southern coast of Oregon just outside of Coos Bay. His property is secluded and this time of year the lush, verdant growth around his place is beautiful and it’s quite peaceful there. But the cleared areas do grow up fast so while I was there he got on his Husqvarna mowing tractor to mow the property.

Small orchard as seen from the porch

Orchard from hill looking toward house

Now, my brother is an elderly man and not in the best of physical health. He is a bit stooped in the back and with post-polio syndrome has a difficult time walking even with his walking stick. But, he’s always been one to keep busy and maintaining the acreage around his home is one of the things he really enjoys. The property is not level except where the house is located in front and on the north side the land has been leveled. The rest is hilly. Down behind the house is a small fruit tree orchard he planted over the years. Behind the orchard is a steep hill with a clearing where he has a few fig trees and other things planted. Above that is another small clearing as well. 

After he’d gotten the areas around the house and the small orchard mowed he went up the steep hill to mow that area. The mower got stuck because some of that area is a bit on the marshy side. He got off to try and get it unstuck. When he got back on the mower it wouldn’t start. The battery had died and he said it was the first time that had ever happened. So we walked back to the shop near the house and got an extension cord and battery charger.


Tractor with front end loader bucket

He has a small tractor that has a front end loader bucket with forklift forks he manufactured for it and a small grader blade on the back.  Because the mower was quite a distance from the house and shop he used the tractor to get back to the mower. I told him I’d ride with him but didn’t see a place I could stand to ride back with him. He said I could ride on the bucket; so he lowered bucket and I climbed on. We went back to the mower at a snail’s pace. I could have walked it faster. But I chose to ride. At the steep hill to get up to the mower he had to raise the bucket to keep the forks from digging into the side of the hill, I therefore had to lean forward quite a bit for balance. All the while I was thinking, “Aren’t we something of a pair for a brother & sister. A 66 year old woman riding on the bucket of a small front end loader with an 82 year old man driving the tractor.” To outsiders we’d seem to be a pretty eccentric old couple. It was fun. After we got back to the mower he plugged the extension cord in at his pumphouse and I drug the other end over to the mower. Once the battery was charging he parked the front end loader with the bucket in the shade and we sat there talking until the battery was charged. Then he finished mowing and took the mower back to the shop.

We walked back to get the tractor. I was a bit concerned about my brother and told him he looked like he’d used up his oxygen. He asked if his lips were blue and I responded, “Yes, they’re purple!” After getting the tractor back to the shop area we went inside and my brother got back on his oxygen. He has COPD and should have had his portable oxygen tank with him. His children and of his neighbors up the road chastise him for not using his oxygen when he’s out puttering around. Like many old men, though, he’s a stubborn old coot and leaves the oxygen behind. It’s too bulky and awkward in his opinion.

I had a wonderful time while I was there. Being there is relaxing and serene. The time passed too quickly. It was an emotional parting when I left, I suspect I may not see him again in this life. I think he suspects the same. It will probably be the last time I see that property too. He was telling me that when he dies he just wants everything sold and the funds distributed to the kids. That is too bad, maybe one of them will have the ability to buy out the property from the estate. I’d love to see it stay in his family. I guess that is what he’s drawn up in his will.

As we get older, more and more of those we love pass on and we are left to mourn our loss. They live on in our memories. Eventually it will be our turn and those who only we remember are forgotten. Maybe there is an oral account of their lives that is passed on for a generation or even two, but, eventually we all are forgotten for the most part and no one is left to remember who were were and what we were like. God knows each of us and in eternity, those of us who have come to know God and accept his plan of salvation will live again in eternity with God as our king. We will be known as we were known. I have that hope.

Blessings to all,
Grandma Peachy

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About Racism and Civil Unrest

The other day I took time to actually listen to some videos and read some articles about what is going on in our nation. I was somewhat appalled at one suggestion that said we should be teaching our children about racism. Why? By nature children are not racist unless they are taught to be. Let me relate my own childhood.

I am the product of a multi-generation union. My dad was twenty-two years older than my mom. He was born in 1910 at a time when there truly was a problem with racism. But, he did not leave me that legacy. He taught me that decent people are decent people regardless of the color of their skin. The ‘white trash’ people were not any better than ‘black trash’ people, they are all the same. Poor didn’t mean you had to behave like trash. A man was respected because of his character not the color of his skin or any other irrelevant attribute. Dad was a firm ‘content of character’ believer long before that term was made popular. I was unaware of racism as a child.

As a matter of fact, the only time I ever recall noticing the color of a man’s skin was the day after I got out of 2nd grade in 1962. My mom and I were on a trip to pick up my brother to spend the summer with us. We were in a car accident and the following morning while we were at a restaurant having breakfast a group of black people walked in. One was an albino with yellow hair and very pale skin. I quietly leaned over to my mom and whispered to mom, “He’s the wrong color.” I was 8 and learned what albinism is, not what racism is.  It’s the only time in my recollection that the color of a man’s skin was ever a question.

I lived in several places during my childhood, some had very few non-white families and some had many. Growing up in the time when Martin Luther King, Jr. was raising awareness of the injustice of racism and segregation I was totally unaware of the conflict. I lived in Springfield, MO from 1966 – 1968 while my mom was attending college. The first place we lived when we moved there was in the middle of a pretty large black community. The school I attended for 7th grade was predominantly black. As a child I didn’t notice racial discrimination. I had friends that were black and the color of their skin wasn’t anything I ever though about.  Every day I walked to school alone past a small industrial area, a private college, and a high school. I was never concerned about my safety or anything, just getting to school on time.

During that time my dad operated a service station in an industrial section of town. The majority of his customers were black. I would walk to his station after work and would pump gas for customers. No one ever mentioned anything about the race of the customers or of us as a family of ‘white folk’ serving them. You know what impressed me the most? The gas wars of the time. I remember pumping gas for people when it was 11 cents a gallon. Oh, but that’s whole different subject.  The point is, I was totally unaware of racial unrest all throughout my childhood.

It wasn’t until I got to college, and I did not start college right out of high school, that I read about what had happened in a college history book. I was appalled and frankly quite surprised that I had grown up through that period of time and knew nothing about it. Nothing. The death of President Kennedy when I was in 4th grade was something I had a limited understanding about the importance of what had happened.  I was aware of the Viet Nam war and the protests against our being there. It didn’t end until the year after I graduated high school. But I had not a bit of knowledge or understanding of the civil rights movement until I was 24 or so in college. How could that happen? I think it was because my parents protected me from that so I would not be influenced one way or the other. How they managed to protect me is beyond me unless in the areas where we lived there was a total news black-out on what was happening.

My last two years of high school were in a small town in New Mexico. There were Hispanics, Navajos, and a diverse background of white people though the area was dominated by the Hispanics and Navajos. The whites were either rancher’s kids or teacher’s kids and a sprinkling of others that were neither. That was the first community in which I actually witnessed discrimination between the groups. The ranchers kids were more often the most discriminatory of all and I didn’t like them because of it. A few were not, but, for the most part they were. The Navajo’s kept to themselves, and I don’t blame them. At that time the Bureau of Indian Affairs had a dormitory in which all the school children from the nearby reservation were bussed and spent the whole week away from their family just so they could go to school. I’m so proud of those in my generation who changed that. They started a school on the reservation, first for the elementary age children and ultimately for K-12. (I was sorry to hear this week that one of the men I knew in high school and had become the athletic coach at the high school on the reservation died from this COVID-19, his wife and son had also died from it earlier. Very sad news, my prayers go out to that family.)

Back to the subject at hand, I spent those last two years of high school hanging out with the Hispanic group. There were one or two other, ‘Anglo’ kids who also were part of the group. You know, I didn’t even know I was an ‘Anglo’ until I moved there. I know the term comes from my Anglo-Saxon ancestry but I’d never considered myself anything but an American. We’re all American here, or at least that’s the way it was. I didn’t even consider there were immigrants who were not Americans. I had a lot to learn. But discrimination and racism wasn’t something I approved. It still isn’t acceptable to me. We are all humans. If we were invaded by what many would call aliens from another place we’d be united as humans and the color of our skin wouldn’t mean a thing. The cultural background wouldn’t mean a thing either.

In high school I was part of the FHA the last two years. One of those years I went to the state conference. There was only one thing I still retain to this day. There was a speaker who was apparently there to try and dispel racist attitudes. The one thing he said that rang true to me is that there is no such thing as a white man, black man, yellow man, or red man. We are all various shades of brown. It’s true.

Fast forward to today. The things happening around our nation are crazy. Protests that are being used as a cover for rioting over issues that really are not so much racially based as class based. But the news outlets are telling us it’s because of racial discrimination. Granted there are still some radicals out there that are racist, but, I do believe they are a limited minority. The worst I’ve seen in the news is not white against black but the other way around. Groups like BLM, who’ve been hijacked by fascists, are promoting an agenda that I think the majority of either or don’t agree with or if they are participating in their activities misunderstand the agenda being promoted.  A few may actually agree, but, very few in my opinion. Witnessing the news of the riots and destruction it looks like all the work of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. has been undermined in today’s society. He was a man of peace. He’d be appalled at what is going on, just as he would have been appalled at what happened after his assassination.

The unrest and chaos taking place around the nation seems to be isolated to Democratic controlled areas. There were a couple weeks of protests in nearby Omaha after the Floyd murder and a little rioting with some destruction of businesses in the Old Market area. As a result there were curfews established in Omaha and Lincoln and a few surrounding communities. Not mine, though, beyond what is already established for minors. We are a small rural community of about 2000 residents of diverse ancestry. It is a quiet community in which little sensational crime occurs.

I am concerned about the direction our nation is headed though. Our nation was established to free us from tyrannical government and our constitution begins with “We the People…” in bold letters. The government was not meant to control the people, but the people to control the government. At this point governmental control has gone way beyond what the founders intended. If they were alive today there’d be another war for freedom. Yes, at the time there was slavery on this continent and it wasn’t right, but, it was what it was. Eventually the nation did abolish the practice. That was several generations ago. In the meantime, there have been many emigrants from all over the globe come into our country to live the ‘American dream.’ What is that dream? The Declaration of Independence sets it out for us, “Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness.”

The Declaration of Independence stated that it is the right of the people to change their government when it descended into despotism. Here is an excerpt:

 We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.–That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, –That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness. Prudence, indeed, will dictate that Governments long established should not be changed for light and transient causes; and accordingly all experience hath shewn, that mankind are more disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable, than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed. But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security.

We can see that our government has been descending into a state where we need to alter it. Preferably back to what the founders intended when they declared independence from Britain. They were pretty smart men. Recognizing that we have a creator and he gave us rights that no man has the authority to take away from us as humans. What we see in our country today is man taking away our rights, either through laws that increase the power of the state, or lawless men creating a situation where our rights are trampled upon, supposedly, in the name of former injustices for which they believe all future generations of one group are responsible to make reparations to all the descendants of those wronged. This should not be so.

As I see it, the instigators of the civil unrest have a goal to destroy humanity. The evil that is in this world is greater than any one of us can imagine. That evil does not originate in the hearts of men, but is placed there by spiritual forces of evil that have been at war with mankind since the incident in the garden of Eden. It is a seed war and eventually our creator will step in and say, “That is quite enough!” and put an end to it. I look forward to that day, though; honestly I do not think it will happen in my lifetime. Still, I keep looking up in anticipation and hope.

Blessings to all, and may you find peace and contentment in your pursuit of life, liberty, and happiness.

Grandma Peachy

References to the Constitution of the United States and the Declaration of Independence:

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It’s a Crazy World

National News isn’t something I intentionally pay much attention to. However, having a news junkie husband I can’t help but hear about what is going on around our nation and the world. He gets up every morning and reads or listens to the news. When listens then I hear it to because it blares out on the bluetooth speaker.

Recently with the death of the man in Minneapolis at the hands of police there have been numerous protests around the country. If these were peaceful protests I’d be in favor of them because what happened to Mr. Floyd is unconscionable. But that has not been the case, rioters have been causing much destruction in cities around the nation. These are not beneficial to those who actually want to peacefully protest what has happened. These perpetrators are using the protests as a cover to be criminals.

There are reports that some groups are intentionally inciting rioting and violence. I won’t name those groups, but, one is now being designated as a terrorist group by our president. I believe that is an accurate determination in the case of that particular group. Whoever is funding them is wanting to destroy our nation. I think most of us know where their funding comes from, so I won’t mention any names here. In any case, people who are taken in by these groups are highly deceived and allow themselves to be manipulated without realizing the impact it has on all of us including themselves.

The more violence that occurs the more the government will take away our freedoms. One small example, here in my area there was a protest organized last Friday evening in Omaha. Protests continued on Saturday and Sunday. Most were peaceful protesters, then entered the rioters, the people who aren’t there to protest the death of Mr. Floyd, rather they are there to commit crimes. Over the weekend, one of the protesters was killed by a local business owner in the downtown market where rioting got out of hand and much property destruction took place. Monday I hear that no charges were going to be made against the business owner. Apparently he felt endangered. I have no idea what the young man who was killed was actually doing so I cannot make a judgement one way or the other on the validity of the business owners statement that he felt endangered. It’s anyone’s guess what will transpire over the next few days.

I don’t live in Omaha proper, rather in a small community outside of the city. There is another small community between where I live and Omaha proper. Because that community was annexed by Omaha a few years ago it is subject to any rules that are decreed for Omaha. So, yesterday evening I wanted to get a few things for my husbands lunches this week. Lo and behold at about 7 PM I went to a store in that other small community and discovered they were closing early because all of Omaha has been put on an 8 PM curfew for three days because of the continuing protests. The store closed early so their employees could get home before curfew. Really? As I understand the curfew exempts those commuting for work. It was most likely the company upper management who made that decision to close all stores in the areas where curfews are in effect. But that annexed community is a long distance from where the protests have been held and from the area in Omaha that is most prone to violence. Even our state capitol has issued a curfew, though I don’t know how long it will last. So, my freedom to go shopping for necessities was restricted by local officials. Sure it’s only a three day curfew, but, there is nothing keeping officials from extending that curfew indefinitely. Needless to say, hubby’s lunch today did not contain the goodies I usually put in them.

Now, there is the issue of lockdowns and restrictions around the round the country and the world because of the novel coronavirus that has caused such an uproar worldwide. People are getting frustrated with not being able to get back to their normal lives. This frustration, I’m sure, has an impact on the behavior of society as a whole. In my opinion some of the protest violence that is taking place is only an excuse to vent frustrations about the lockdowns and restrictions that have been in place for coming up on three months. People get irritable and even angry when they are shut up and unable to go about their daily lives as usual. Even I get a little perturbed about some inconveniences that I experience as a result. But, I’m generally a pretty even tempered woman so I don’t do anything but mumble to myself or say something to my husband about an inconvenience it’s causing me. Though the impact on me personally has been pretty limited. I seldom go anywhere except to the grocery store so self-isolation IS my norm.

There are reports of other side effects of the lockdowns and restrictions. Suicides, domestic violence, death from existing conditions that are going untreated, and so much more are on the rise. All this because people are shut-in, locked down, told they can’t gather, or don’t have the emotional, financial or medical support they depend on. No wonder the world is going crazy. People need their social contacts,companionship, and human contact. It is human nature to be social creatures. Take that away and people become irrational and crazy. No wonder its becoming a crazy world.

Take care, be blessed and don’t let the craziness of what is going on around the world take away your hopes and dreams.

Blessings to all,

Grandma Peachy




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Current Events 2020

Times are changing. People are wearing masks in public. Businesses are closed, some permanently, while others are limiting access to brick and mortar stores. Medical services are limited and public gatherings are prohibited. Sports, the American pass-time, are all cancelled and the unemployment rate has skyrocketed. Political leaders are claiming more control than they were ever intended to have, with governors and mayors declaring a war on people who do not do as the government recommends, as though the recommendations carry the full weight of law. Business owners jailed for opening their business, moms arrested for taking their children to a park, surfers chased down by law enforcement, and so many other examples in the news.

Where are we going with this virus scare? When the federal government called for social distancing, wearing masks, stay at home self-isolation, closing of schools and ‘non-essential’ businesses, restricting or even preventing social gatherings, closing churches and synagogues, and other places, our lives were put on hold. We cannot visit our elderly in nursing homes or our sick in the hospital. Travel is restricted and we aren’t able to have funerals for our deceased family and friends. Life as we knew it is gone, maybe forever.

Consumer panic at the beginning caused store shelves to be emptied as shoppers hoarded necessities and others were unable to purchase supplies they would need. Demand exceeded supply and in some places prices rose dramatically. Restocking was difficult as the manufacture and distribution of those supplies takes time to catch up with demand. Some manufacturing was repurposed to make personal protective gear for the medical community, so the normal products were put on hold and may still be in a holding pattern.

Daily reports on the rates of infection, recovery, and death from this virus that has us all in its grip are the most prominent news. Some parts of a nation and some groups in the population are the hardest hit, while the risk for other places and people groups is limited. News went from all impeachment to all Covid-19 and we have little news about anything else going on in the world.

The information and misinformation we get through the news is almost impossible to vet for the majority of citizens. The way our leaders have responded to this new virus seems no different than if this were a true biological attack. I have considered that this may be a practice run for a biological attack. It’s speculation on my part but I don’t see that it would be much different, other than the probability that nothing would ever reopen until the war was over and half the world population eliminated. Call me a conspiracy theorist if you like.

Then there are those who speculate that the worst hit areas of the world are those in which the new 5-G has been implemented. Some think that the virus was created in a lab either in China or here in the United States and exported to China. Was it something that originated with an animal and was spread to humans? Was it created in a lab and accidentally or intentionally was released? There is no way the average citizen could ever discover the answers to those questions. Those who do know will never tell us, and what the experts are telling us cannot be vetted by the average citizen. Our lives are changed over this and we’ll never know for certain why.

Personal freedoms have again been restricted by our government. Civil liberties are trampled upon and we are expected to just go along with whatever the government decrees. We are heading more and more toward a fully socialist state in this country. Not what our founding fathers ever imagined or wanted for the newly founded nation. They even wrote into the founding documents provisions to prevent the government from controlling every aspect of our lives. But, over the past century or so we’ve allowed government to slowly and increasingly take over our lives without question. It may be too late to reverse the result of that increased control over the people. People have become dependent upon the so called benefits of big government. We’ve become a nation with many people who no longer understand about freedom and civil liberties. Those things are no longer taught in our public schools, rights of the individual are suppressed and the information withheld from our school children. Thus they’ve grown up without a clear understanding of the background behind the founding of this nation. We now have a cabal of socialist politicians who believe the lie that socialism if controlled by the benevolent will work. Sorry, but power corrupts and there are no benevolent socialists. It creates a world in which people have no incentive to be productive, creative innovations are suppressed; no one wants to excel because there is no reward for excellence when everyone shares everything. In those situations the ones in control are the only ones who benefit. Greed and corruption are at the top, every time. The ordinary person suffers regardless of their skill set and ability to contribute. The ditch digger and the doctor both have the same economic status in a socialist state.

This Covid-19 pandemic scare has moved us that much closer to a fully socialist state. Either the citizens will allow the government to fully control our lives or there will be a revolt, a revolution even. I’m in favor of the revolution, first, while we still can, overturn the government and vote out all those socialist politicians at every level and replace them with people who do understand the Constitution and Bill of Rights and are willing to defend them for the citizenry. If that isn’t done, then I would expect a second revolution in this country. Ordinary people, taking up arms against the overbearing government isn’t out of the range of possibility. That is a risk the government has been trying to prevent for decades with all the gun control laws and restrictions. Not what the founding fathers intended and something that they planned for when they wrote the Constitution.

So where do we go from here? It depends on the conscience of the people. Are there enough to defend our rights? Is it too late to take back our God given rights? Are we going to be warriors or cowards? This is a war, but, not one that originates here on this mortal realm. Rather, it is a spiritual war, fought in the spiritual realm. For our battle is not against flesh and blood but rather against powers, principalities and wickedness in high places. Life will never fully go back to the normal we had before. But, we can pray for deliverance from the evil that has overtaken us as a society. That is where the power to win this war lies, in the effective prayers of the saints of God. Put on the full armor of God and be warriors against the evil that is upon us.

Blessings to all,

Grandma Peachy

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No Fan of Politics

Election years are a pain; I don’t like them. Certainly I do my duty, researching the candidates to find out just how close to my own opinions and beliefs are their talking points and actions. For state and local candidates it can be difficult to find the information I am looking for in any given election campaign.  Nationally it’s not as hard to get the information needed, just listen to the news. Not just the mainstream news outlets but all of them, including the alternative media sources.

As I watch, listen, and read what the various news sources are covering I wonder that anyone in the nation can make informed decisions. Recently about the only thing in the news is impeachment. We don’t hear much about other things going on. Passing stories of international news can be found. Even stories about significant events affecting our military or the news of tragedy such as the horrendous fires in Australia and the loss of our own firefighters who went to help. But, after that, back to impeachment. I’m sick and tired of hearing about it. Day after day, week after week, the same things are said by both sides of this issue. Nothing new is really said, just repackaging the same old lines.

My husband is a news junkie and he spends much of his free  time listening to news. As a result, I hear it too.  I’ve got opinions and suffice it to say, my opinions lean toward the conservative side on most things. I think I’ve registered as a Republican, though it is possible that when I renewed my drivers license I re-registered as an Independent. Honestly, I’m not sure. It really doesn’t matter because I vote my conscience.

Now, about the recent debacle called the impeachment. The way I see it is the majority of the House of Representatives would like to take over the government regardless of the results of the past two elections, the midterms of 2018 and the general of 2016. Instead of addressing issues that are meaningful to the people of the United States they are trying to get a sitting president removed from office. The excessive investigations and probes since 2016 have been a waste of taxpayer dollars, not in the best interest of the country, and dubious at best.

If the U.S. House of Representatives are successful in getting their way, then all future presidents are at risk of having their hands tied and unable to do their job as the chief executive of the nation. He or she will just be a figure head. The founders of this nation designed the constitution to prevent such unbalanced control over the governing of the people. The government is supposed to be for the people and by the people. When we elect these congressmen and women we believe they will act on our behalf for our benefit and well being, not for self interests. But that is seldom the case. When they are sent to Washington in our stead, more often than not, they change their focus to gaining power for themselves and do just enough to satisfy the people who elected them so they can be reelected over and over again, election cycle after election cycle until they have been in office for most of their career. Employee turnover in the private sector is significantly more rapid than in the public political arena. We the people really should consider a major turnover of the people we elect every election cycle. There may not be term limits for those in congress, but, as a population we could certainly force the issue at the ballot box.

In some places, though, the person in office runs unopposed. Ordinary people could challenge the incumbent, after all there are capable people in society who would be excellent leaders if they just chose to pursue it. People who could go to Washington, or their state capitol, or even local offices, serve a term or two, have an impact on the direction our nation, states, and communities are headed, then return and resume their private sector affairs. But the political atmosphere has become so polluted that no sane person wants to become embroiled in the expensive and convoluted process involved in running for office.  So we are stuck with career politicians who are there almost for life.

That is the problem. In 2016 a man who had the money, business savvy and experience, ran for president of the United States, and won. He wasn’t a politician as others and had never held a political office in his life. Instead he was a businessman with leadership skills from a whole different arena, a man with ideas on what needed to be done to improve the state of the nation. That was a threat to the established politicians on both side of the aisle.

I suppose that many of the Republicans have come to be cooperative if not supportive of this businessman turned politician. But the Democrats have still not accepted that a businessman, well known because of his real estate empire and some reality TV show, actually gained the favor of enough American citizens to be elected president. Instead they have been concentrating on trying overturn the election results of 2016 and failing to do the job they were elected to do, represent their constituency in congress.

I know the argument that the president did not get the majority of the popular vote. There is a reason that the popular vote is not what elects the president. A current movement to abolish the electoral college, or at least its intent, is to have states agree that their electors would vote based on the national popular vote. This would undermine the effectiveness of the electoral college.  The founders set up the electoral college for a reason. It is to prevent the major population centers from always dictating who is elected president. At the time the nation was small, now it is half of a continent and the population is huge. Population center cities and states would determine every president if the popular vote were the determining factor and all those smaller population areas would not be adequately represented. Their votes for president would not count at all. Each state decides how their electorate representatives are selected and used. (1) In most states the electors vote according to the majority of popular votes in their state, for two states, however, the electorate votes are allocated according to the majority in each congressional district with two electorates for the overall winner in the state. Those states are Maine and Nebraska, of which I live in one. Historically though, those two states have only once split their electoral votes. Maine in 2016 and Nebraska in 2008. (2)

The last thing that really bugs me are the calls and texts to my cell phone. Some guy by the name of Donald, presumably in a neighboring state, has erroneously been linked to my cell phone; I’ve had the same number for almost 15 years.  Last midterm election I discovered that the Democratic campaign of a politician from a neighboring state was calling for Donald and I asked to be removed from the call list as I am not a resident of that state and don’t even know a Donald. That was ineffective, I am once again getting political campaign calls for Donald. But Donald isn’t the only problem, as the election draws closer I know that I’ll be getting all sorts of calls to support this or that candidate, or to answer poll questions, which generally don’t even have an answer choice that fits my opinion. These calls can get to be very annoying and on some days they call my phone every 20-30 minutes during certain portions of the day. I’ve gotten so I don’t answer calls that are not in my contacts list and occasionally if a call comes from an area code matching my own I may miss important calls that I would otherwise want to answer. I really do not like election years. No fan of politics as they are today.

Blessings to all,

Grandma Peachy










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