Book Review Policy

Books that are reviewed here are either chosen by me or by request from the author to read and review. If books are available in Kindle Unlimited (KU) they are obtained from that source. Authors wanting a review of a book unavailable on KU need to provide a Kindle format copy to be read.  Books that cannot be given at least a three out of five star review will not be used for the weekly review.

Many genres interest me. Mystery,  suspense, action, adventure, historical fiction, science fiction, fantasy including dark fantasy, spy novels, military novels, westerns, steampunk, biographies, memoirs, topical Christian, general fiction especially unique stories, paranormal, and the list goes on.

I do not read strictly erotica, S&M, alternative lifestyle romance. I do not feel I can give these genres an objective review.   I will no longer read books with even mildly graphic sex scenes.  Allusion to sexual activity is fine as it is a part of the human experience, but, just as in real life I wouldn’t watch porn, I am not going to read about it either.

Topics of rape and incest are difficult for me but I can read them when the topic is treated as a crime and the victim finds justice, or is part of a memoir. Sweet romance that is just about the romance isn’t my cup of tea either. I prefer a more substantial plot accompanying the romance.

If you have further question you can contact me.

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