Book Review: White Rose, Black Forest by Eoin Dempsey

It has been awhile since I read and reviewed a book here. I’ve been doing other things and can’t promise I’ll be having regular book reviews again. Although I would like to try and keep up with a couple reviews a month at the minimum. Today I’m reviewing a book Jen got for me in an Amazon special promotion.

White Rose, Black Forest by Eoin Dempsey takes place during WWII. It is the story of a young German woman who has lost everyone she loved as a result of the war and an Allied soldier she finds in the Black Forest because he missed his jump target when the plane he was on took damage over the Black Forest. This isn’t a romance story, it is a story of survival, espionage and intrigue. The characters are well done and the plot is excellent. I wasn’t alive during this war and all I know is from history and things I’ve read, but, this author managed to create a convincing story. He made the Gestapo character of the worst of all you ever heard about the Gestapo. The propaganda that the German people were given about the Allied forces and the propaganda given to Allied soldiers about the German people gave some insight into the minds of the people. Trust issues between Franka and the soldier who insists he is Werner Graf of the Luftwaffe are difficult to overcome at first. His training is to trust no one and she has her own grudges against both the Allied forces and her own country’s government.

I picked up the book and read a little one day and put it down. The next afternoon I picked it up again and didn’t put it down until I finished at 3:00 a.m. The first few pages were interesting enough that I wanted to read more but not quite enough to grab me and keep me until I finished it. That may have been because the soldier was mostly unconscious in the first few pages so the narrative was primarily about the woman and how she was dealing with the situation she found herself in. However, upon picking it up again the story became more complex and sucked me right in to where I didn’t want to put it down.  Nor did I put it down until I was finished.

Those who like WWII historical fiction will enjoy this novel. It is well written, has a good amount of descriptive without going overboard. It is heart wrenching at times and angering at others, it will create a sense of fearful anticipation for the characters and relief at other points in the story. A good story gives the reader a wide variety of emotional responses and this author has done his job in creating that kind of story. I would have no problem letting teens who have an interest in this genre reading the book.


Grandma Peachy


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I am a retired grandmother and amateur quilter. Generally I do not discuss religion and politics with people other than my family and even then I do more listening than talking. Because I dislike confrontation this blog is a way for me to express opinions that I hold on these and other issues without having to delve into controversial discussions with others who may not agree with me. I am also an avid supporter of indie authors. There are a lot of great books that are not available through traditional publishing and I believe that these stories need to be brought to the attention of the reading public.
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