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Just My Opinion, Probably not so Humble

For the first time ever I’ve been interested in all the activities surrounding the change of presidents. I’ve never before bothered to watch inaugurations, listen to speeches, watch the parade and view the National Prayer service. Once a president took … Continue reading

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As in the Days of Noah

Today’s post is going to be a long one. Bear with me dear readers and followers. I do have a point I want to make. Over the past year or so I’ve watched many videos by end times prophesy watchers around … Continue reading

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The Day After

Post election commentary on social media is so funny. People tend to over react when things don’t go their way, or at least the way they thought it should and would. Anyone who has been following my posts will know … Continue reading

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Watchers 1-10 : The Ultimate Collection

Watchers 1-10 : The Ultimate Collection starring L.A. Marzulli and Directed by Richard Shaw is the video compliment to L.A. Marzulli’s books researching geopolitical and supernatural events as they relate to Biblical end times prophesy.  I’ve watched a lot of … Continue reading

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Book Reviews: On the Trail of the Nephilim, Vol. 1 and Days of Chaos: an End Times Handbook by L. A. Marzulli

Usually I review books written by the Indie Author Community that I’ve been supporting for almost two years now. Today, however, this author, who is also independent with his own publishing company as well, Spiral of Life. I’ve been watching … Continue reading

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Politics and Christianity

There are many people who are questioning just why a Christian would support Trump. There are a lot of media people out there trashing him because he has lied. I haven’t seen all the video clips that would prove this allegation, … Continue reading

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Monday Musings:

Over the weekend I realized that my husband has discovered many of the YouTube channels that I’ve been watching for several months. I’m not sure he began watching them for quite the same reasons as I did. He seems to … Continue reading

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On Political Matters and Biblical Things

Following the news, non-news, commentators, prognosticators, and general media mish-mash on the upcoming election and the candidates I am thinking that this country is on the fast train to destruction. The downward spiral is coming to a narrow point and it … Continue reading

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Is the End Near?

Recently alternative news sources, particularly those with a Biblical perspective are becoming more popular with time. People are realizing that the mainstream media, especially here in the US, are not giving the public full, accurate and unbiased news about what … Continue reading

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Unpopular Personal Opinions

Over the past few months, maybe as much as a year now, I’ve been becoming a bit more informed about world events. In particular political, social, and environmental. Several months ago I came to a conclusion that is probably quite … Continue reading

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