Personal Reflections; Contemplating the Spiritual Things of God

img_0116I have been reading Old Testament prophets recently in my early morning Bible reading time. The other day I read the vision of Nahum concerning the destruction of Nineveh. I am almost at a loss for words on the fierceness of God’s anger and jealousy. He is slow to anger and He had given the city a reprieve when Jonah had finally gone to the city and proclaimed God’s judgement and the city repented of their sins. Then, maybe a hundred years later, as some commentators speculated, the city had returned to their sins and were even worse than before. The city was a bloody city, murderous and plundering, full of deceit, plotting against God, rampant prostitution, sorcery and witchcraft.

I see much of the description of Nineveh in the world today. God never changes; He is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow. When a people have completed their rebellion against God and in the fullness of their sin then God says, “no more,” he punishes that people.  God never leaves the guilty unpunished. He may raise up enemies to defeat them, He may use the weather. In Nahum it says that the Lord’s path is in the whirlwind and the storm and that the clouds are the dust of His feet. He dries up the seas,  the mountains quake, the hills melt, and the earth trembles in His presence. His wrath is poured out like fire and even the rocks break and are shattered before Him.  The message is, don’t anger God. He is slow to anger, but once He’s given you, or a city, or peoples or a nation, all the chances to repent and turn from sin that He can and instead of repentance the people say there is no God, we will do as we please and turn to wickedness, then there is a point at which He will take vengeance.

At the same time He protects those that love Him and take refuge in Him.  In my experience that does not mean that those who follow Him will have an easy life. If life is easy for His followers then maybe they are headed the wrong direction of the path.  The Lord is good and is a stronghold during times of distress. He strengthens those of us who love Him and depend upon Him. Jesus told us that we, His followers, would be persecuted. He was persecuted of course his followers will be persecuted. That ancient serpent, the devil, Satan, uses people for that purpose. He is the father of lies and has deceived a lot of people into believing there is no god and that he himself doesn’t exist either.  Those who are born of the Spirit, that is those who know Jesus and have His Spirit as our guide and comforter will be persecuted buy those who live only for the flesh.

There is a lot more to the whole spiritual realm. Supernatural events are real, some are demonic and others are of God. The Bible tells us that in the end times that the enemy of God will come with lying signs and wonders. I sometimes wonder what those signs and wonders will be. Will they imitate the miracles that Jesus performed during His ministry on earth? Will they be other things that we just can’t imagine? I don’t really know. That hasn’t been revealed to me.

I do know that there are a group of believers that call themselves the Watchmen. Among those are people who remind us that in the end times it will be as it was in the days of Noah. I always thought it meant that all the thoughts of mankind would be toward evil. But, these Watchers have convinced me that is not the only way in which it will be like the days of Noah. In Genesis 6 scripture begins the chapter with the sons of God taking wives from the daughters of man and having children. God said that his Spirit would not remain with mankind because they were corrupt and he shortened the life span to 120 years. Immediately after this the scripture talks of the Nephilim being on the earth in those days and afterward. These were the children of the fallen angels, those sons of God, and human women, the daughters of man. The Nephilim were described as the mighty men of old, famous men. Immediately following this passage scripture goes into the story of Noah. It begins with God seeing the wickedness and every scheme of man was for evil all the time.

What is being said now, and I tend to agree, is that not only were all the thoughts and plans of mankind evil, the corruption was more than a moral  corruption. The breeding of fallen angels with human women corrupted the DNA of the offspring.  From the passages following it seems that only Noah was ‘perfect in his generations’ meaning his DNA was not corrupted, he was fully human. There is some controversy and speculation about his wife and sons and their daughters. Some think that all were pure, some thing that all were corrupted, and some think that the wives of Noah’s sons were corrupted. The scripture doesn’t say, it only points out that Noah was ‘perfect in his generations’ or pure genetic human. I won’t speculate on who may or may not be right.

If the Watchmen are correct then corrupted DNA is the primary reason for God destroying everything except Noah and his family.  God saved a pair each of the unclean animals and 7 pair each of the clean animals as well. Otherwise God destroyed everything for all flesh was corrupt. Most of us know the story of the flood.

What I see today with genetic manipulation is the corruption of flesh again. We’ve  cloned animals, scientists are infusing human DNA into animals to grow human organs; and who knows what else the scientists around the globe are doing in their labs? I know that we have a corrupted food supply with genetically modified organism or GMO foods. Even when we think we are getting nice, pure, organic foods, don’t be fooled, we don’t know that the varieties of produce we are buying are not genetically modified even if they are grown organically. There is a company that claims to sell non-GMO seeds that will produce viable seed for subsequent crop plantings.

It seems to me that we are ever so much closer to the end days described in the Bible. We are corrupting the DNA of plants and animals and working on the corruption of human DNA as well. So far designer babies have pretty much been banned around the world. Now, I’m not saying that medical science shouldn’t do what it can to correct problems that produce babies who won’t live to maturity. There is a process that substitutes the mitochondrial DNA of one mother with that of another. I wrote a blog several months ago about that. Mitochondrial DNA is not the DNA that makes us who we are, it is the nuclear DNA that makes us who we are with all of our genotypical traits we get from our parents. In the case that I discussed it was the mitochondrial DNA of the parent mother that contained a trait that cause her children to die anywhere from infancy to 6 years of age. That particular procedure did not destroy an embryo, rather the mitochondrial DNA was swapped out before the egg was fertilized. I had no problem with that kind of medical advancement, the child was all human and had the nuclear DNA of both parents. No changes were made to the chromosomes. Just because designer babies are not legal now does not mean that eventually scientists will start manipulating the nuclear DNA of humans to make them better, faster, stronger, more intelligent, more aesthetically pleasing, whatever trait the parents want. I wouldn’t even doubt that they will begin infusing other species DNA to get super-powers, so to speak. That will be fully corrupting the human genome.

There is another thread of thought on the corruption of the human genome.  Many will think this is a bizarre train of thought. The real and growing phenomenon of UFO’s and purported aliens come into play here. I’ve never considered the alien phenomenon anything but satanic entities from a different dimension. The spiritual world is another dimension. The myriad accounts of human abduction include some kind of reproductive experiments or stealing of human DNA either the ova of the females or the sperm of the males. This sounds to me much like the fallen angels are back looking for ways to breed with humankind or create hybrid bodies for the spirits of the Nephilim or whatever spirit needs bodies.

All these things, along with the signs of the times taking place around the globe, make me think that those who are saying the time is near when Jesus will return may not be too far off.  A couple of decades ago I wanted to understand where we are in the prophesies and I read through Revelation for that purpose. At that time because of the descriptions of the opening of the seals I thought it possible that we were approaching the opening of the third seal. I still think that because we haven’t yet reached the economic hardship described after the opening of the third seal. However, I recently read a new article in Reuters that was covering the atrocities of the Islamic State active in Egypt. They are targeting Christians and beheading them. That article brought to mind what happened when the the fifth seal is broken. Under the alter in heaven the souls of those who had been killed because of the Word of God and their testimony cried out asking the Lord how long before he would judge and avenge their blood. He gives them white robes and tells them to rest a little bit longer until the number of their brothers who will be killed is complete. My wondering is, are those souls the ones who have been martyred before and the ones now are those for whom God told them to wait? Are we actually seeing the time of the fifth seal and not aware of the time because we didn’t recognize the economic hardship of the great depression as the 3rd seal and maybe we haven’t considered the slaughter of the unborn as part of the quarter of the earth who are slaughtered after the 4th seal?  These are just questions. I don’t know the answer and actually still think that we may still be between the second and third seals being opened. Then again, maybe none of the history of the past century relates to the opening of the seals at all.

In any event, it is quite apparent that the earth is going through what was described as the beginnings of birth pangs. It’s been going on for decades, maybe even centuries, but the pains are getting closer together and much more intense. Just pay attention to the news about floods, droughts, hurricanes and tornadoes, earthquakes, sink holes, mass animal deaths,  violence and rebellion, the wars and rumors of wars, the aligning of nations against Israel, and so much more to see that things are picking up the pace. Daniel was told to seal up the book until the end when men would roam about and knowledge would increase. In this day, we have methods of transportation that we can literally roam about the world with ease and with the mass communications and instant information at the tip of our fingers certainly knowledge is increasing daily. The one knowledge that is lacking among many is the knowledge of God. We are told that God’s people perish for that lack of knowledge. I wish I could wake everyone up to the truth of God, for the truth will set you free and he who is free in Christ Jesus is free indeed.

There are many verses in scripture in which the meaning is still hidden from me. I know what I need to know and that is that Jesus became flesh and lived among us. He was crucified and died on the cross for the sins of all mankind from the beginning of time to the end. He rose from the dead on the third day to conquer sin and death that those who will call on His name and believe in Him, accepting the sacrifice He made for us, have the promise of eternal life with God. Eventually there will be a new heaven and a new earth. Those who have accepted the free gift that Yahweh our God has given us will have a place in that new heaven and new earth. Free from sin and death, the true paradise in which Jesus is preparing a place for us, for those who accept Him as Lord and Savior.

I don’t know how long it will be, it could still be decades or even centuries away, but, we are to prepare ourselves for the return of our King, Yeshua – Jesus. Whether we join him in the resurrection of the dead, or he snatches us up when He returns, we need to be ready. Have you accepted the free gift of salvation that comes through Jesus Christ? Be ready, for if the owner knew the day or the hour the thief would come then the owner of the house would not have been caught off guard. We know not the day nor the hour, don’t be caught off guard.


Grandma Peachy


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Book Review: Proof of Heaven: A Neurosurgeon’s Journey into the Afterlife by Eben Alexander, M.D.

I do not usually use this blog to review traditionally published books. Proof of Heaven by Eben Alexander, M.D. is one that I have wanted to read for quite some time and had purchased it six months ago to read in my spare time. I finally got around to reading it. proof-of-heaven-by-eben-alexander-m-d-cover

The subject matter of near death experiences (NDE’s) has intrigued me for probably three decades. The first NDE story I ever read was the experience of Dr. Richard Eby, who was an osteopath and gynecologist.  Because Dr. Alexander is a neurosurgeon I wanted to read his story from a brain specialists point of view.

The book is very well written. He takes you through his experience both from his memories while in a coma and from the family and medical perspective. He examined his own well documented medical records and gives the reader his professional opinion from a scientific perspective of what was happening to him and the medical care he was given while in a coma.  Had he been the physician and someone else the patient he would have come up with the same diagnosis and treatments as the doctors who handled his case. He explains the medical side in a way that even a non-medical person can understand. Medical terminology that I would not understand he explained in layman’s terms so it was clear to me what happened to him in the natural realm.

As a physician he had heard stories from his own patients about their NDE’s and always dismissed them as nothing real. In his own case however, none of the explanations that are normally given could not apply. He was patient zero for a truly unprecedented form of cerebral meningitis that completely shut down and destroyed the neocortex, the covering of the brain in which our consciousness resides.  Every theory of the cause of NDE’s requires a functioning neocortex and he did not. His recovery was absolutely miraculous and his experiences while in a coma were clear.

At first, after his recovery, he wanted to read everything he could about other peoples experiences before he wrote his own. His son, however, reminded him that if he wanted to stay true to the scientific method, he needed to write his own experiences down first. He took his son’s advice. His experience, though having many of the characteristics of other reported NDE’s, was somewhat different than most.

Having read or watched a number of NDE stories I found this one fascinating for the detail, the rational and logical explanation on why it was a real afterlife experience and not some hallucination or dream. His account was well done, engaging, and never boring. His life story as well as his NDE story are woven together in a book that is both entertaining and informative. If you are curious about near death experiences I’d highly recommend this book.


Grandma Peachy


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Spiritual Warfare, Personal Growth, and Effective Prayer

img_0116Things are not always what they seem. I’ve known this for many years. In my younger years I was living blind to the depth of the spiritual world. I was 14 when I accepted Jesus as my Lord and Savior. But, no one taught me about the things of the spirit. No one taught me about the Holy Spirit. No one mentored me. I thank God for a brave history teacher in my Jr. High. I don’t remember how we came to be discussing the topic after class, all I remember is that this history teacher put the Biblical history and the secular history together and suddenly all those Bible stories became real, historical events for me. They were no longer just stories that I had been hearing in church since I was very young. The following summer I attend a church camp, only the second and last I ever went to during my childhood and youth. I went forward at the alter call one night and accepted Jesus. That night the girls in my cabin thought I was nuts I was filled with a holy laughter. The joy that I felt kept me laughing well into the night. I don’t think I’ve laughed like that since. But I do remember it well. At my home church the following Sunday I was baptized by immersion. For the time that we lived there I attended faithfully. Then we moved to another town, I went to a small church across the street from where I lived until I got a job in which I worked on Sunday mornings. From then on I slowly fell into a sinful lifestyle. From age 15-25 my spiritual growth was negative and in a downward spiral. I had no one to mentor me and did not know that I needed someone, or that I needed to be reading the Word of God. Then at age 25, pregnant and unmarried I was invited to attend church. I went.  I had never stopped believing. I had been told by doctors while I was married to my first husband that I would never have children. Then in the midst of my sinful rebellion I had a vision from God telling me I was pregnant. Even before it was late enough to know and I never prayed harder for it to be true. I wanted a boy, but, I asked God that if I had a girl that she would look a lot like me. God said yes to that and my daughter, who was my miracle baby, does look a lot like me. But God did me one better, he gave her some phenotypical traits that I always wished I had. Skin that tans, and that silly little mole that was, during my childhood, considered a ‘beauty mark.’ I didn’t ask for those but God gave them to her anyway just to make it clear that she was the answer to my prayers and a gift from Him to me. Evidence that there is a spiritual realm and I can talk to God and He does pay attention and does perform miracles even today. Still I was living blind and no one was teaching me about the power of the Holy Spirit. No one was teaching me that the Holy Spirit is a person just like God the Father – Yahweh, and Jesus the Son – Yeshua. I had no clear idea. I had faith. Not long after my daughter was born the man who would become my husband decided that she needed a father and he was it. He moved in with me, without any discussion it just happened. We began raising our daughter. Times got really tough for us financially. We were mostly stuck at home because we didn’t have the money to go anywhere. I rode a bicycle all the way across town to attend my part-time college classes. The only place we took the car was to church on Sunday morning. Had it not been for his grandmother we would have had it a lot harder. She brought groceries every time she went grocery shopping she’d get a few things for us. When we all had a cold she brought us cold medicine. His grand parents were really the only family support we had. During that time we spent our days reading the Bible aloud to each other from front cover to back. Caring for our baby who was starting to crawl then began walking during that dark time in our lives. We were committed to making it work. We really did love each other and our child. Reading the Bible convicted us that what God wanted us to do was to get married and stop living together ‘in sin’ as we had been. Once we made up our minds that is what God wanted for us the funds were there. It doesn’t take much to get married but it does have some cost associated with it. The new semester started and I picked up my financial aid for the semester and there was a small grant check for the previous part-time semester that was unexpected and not budgeted. We took that money, got our license, paid for the required blood tests, got a wedding band. It was the last one in stock of a discontinued style, just what I wanted, and fit me perfectly and the jewelry shop sales person was the young man who had first introduced us – is that evidence of God’s hand at work or what? The father of that same friend was a minister and attended the same church we were attending, though not the minister of that church. We asked him to perform the wedding and that we just wanted it to be small with family and friends. He did ask if he could invite a few people from church. We agreed. The entire congregation showed up that following Saturday evening for the wedding. Our daughter had just turned one a couple weeks before the wedding. Financially things began to look up not too much later. For awhile at the end of that semester and in the summer we were physically apart. He went to Texas to find work. He ended up in Big Spring, TX and we moved there. We rode the oil boom of the early 1980’s until it went bust. Just as it was going bust we had our second baby. The generous people of the church we were attending pitched in and paid the hospital bill for that birth. I can never thank that congregation enough. The pastor and his wife refurbished a nice old dresser for our daughter. She used that dresser until she left home to go to college. Still, in all these years I had not been taught about the power of the Holy Spirit. My faith was there, it was pretty well established though I was not a mature Christian by any means, though I had grown some over the prior 4 years or so. Eventually the financial collapse of the oil field drove us  back to where family was and where I had been going to college. With a preschooler and an infant I started back to college and for awhile we lived in his grandparents basement. Ultimately his dad purchased a small mobile home that we fixed up. They were in Mexico church planting so didn’t see what we bought until they came back to the US. At that point they bought us a bigger mobile home. We learned we were going to have a 3rd child when the second was only six months old. So when he was born I took a summer off from school but was back in school in the fall to finish my last semester.  After graduation I discovered once again we were going to have another child. During that pregnancy I got a temporary job out at the military base. The baby developed bilateral cataracts by the time he was six weeks old and by two months he had surgery and my employer was kind enough to allow me the daily morning visits to the eye surgeon with out docking my pay. As a temporary I did not accumulate leave so technically could not take paid time off. I met the doctor a half hour before his office opened and showed up about an hour late for work. God blessed me with empathetic and helpful supervisors. Still I did not know about the power of the Holy Spirit. When that job was at the end of it’s one year term there was a federal hiring freeze and my position was not renewed. I collected unemployment and my husband was self employed for awhile. About the time my unemployment benefits were running out I was offered a job with the government in Tucson, AZ. We moved there in January of 1987. It was in Tucson that I began to learn about the Holy Spirit.

Before we moved to Arizona a friend of my husbands that he’d known since childhood had needed help and we helped. He had cleaned out his parents garage and had given me a book that I didn’t pay much attention to. About two years after we moved to Tucson, one Sunday afternoon I picked up this little book, My Name is Legion by Glenna Henderson. It was a quick read about this woman’s deliverance from demons. Well, that little book made the demons afflicting me very uncomfortable. Had they not made their presence known by getting a little uncomfortable and fidgety I probably would have just tossed it aside as an interesting read but not taken it seriously. But they made themselves known and I took it seriously and thus began a period of searching for me and how to rid myself of the demons that were afflicting me.  I read my Bible more and I acquired as many books about demonic activity and deliverance as I could. Still,I was only beginning to get a glimpse of the power of the Holy Spirit. I was not really aware that it would take the power of the Holy Spirit to deliver me from the demonic affliction. I do not think I was possessed but there was one in particular that was hanging on. I even realized when I had let it in and what it was. The spirit of fear that had been afflicting me since before I ever met my husband. I had been practicing a relaxation technique and the ugly face of the demon entered my mind at the point where the relaxation was at my head and I was supposed to push all the tension out of the top of my head. It scared me so badly that I never again attempted that relaxation technique. For years after that though I would have these uneasy feelings of impending doom for no apparent reason. It was a spirit of fear that had tried to possess me but had not been able to do more than attach itself to me as a freeloader hanging on waiting for an opportunity that I never gave it. See in general I am fearless. Even during threatening events I do not fear, I trust God, even when my faith was still immature. I trust God like a small child trusts a parent.

Eventually that spirit of fear was cast off and I’ve never had that problem since. It took a woman with the gift and her prayer partner praying over me to banish that evil demon but they did. Instead of just sweeping the house clean leaving an empty house for the demon and his brothers to come back to I delved deeply into reading and studying my Bible. Filling my heart and mind with the Word of God prevents the demons from returning. This growth spurt lasted for several years. But, as many times happens, life begins to get busy or we stop being diligent and time with God gets put to the side and spiritual growth becomes stagnant. I never stopped believing, never stopped praying, but my scripture reading was only sporadic and I was not studying the Word in prayer for teaching and hiding the Word in my heart. I was not regularly putting on the full armor of God.

That changed again a few months ago and I began to study and pray more frequently, but, I had not set aside a specific time daily. I finally decided on a specific time, but, had not an organized plan for Bible study. I was randomly looking up verses on topics of interest that day. Then one day I read verses that brought into question the controversial issue of when the ‘rapture’ will take place. I know, the word rapture isn’t in scripture. The idea though of Jesus coming and snatching away His people is in scripture. I knew that I couldn’t just find all the references to end times prophesy. I began on January 1, 2017 a reading plan offered by Bible Gateway online. The plan isn’t like many that take part of the Old Testament and part of the New Testament reading straight through each on an annual plan. The plan is a yearly plan, but, as of 2/28/17 I’m  almost halfway through the year in my reading.

Praying before I read for understanding, reading, meditating upon a verse for the day, and finally talking with Yahweh, loosely following an outline that reflects the elements of the prayer Jesus gave his disciples, commonly called the Lord’s Prayer, although personally I would consider His prayer in the garden before he was arrested and crucified to be the Lord’s prayer and the one He gave his disciples as the disciples guide to prayer, or the Disciples’ prayer. I got a little side tracked there.

This regular schedule and organized plan has helped me gain more understanding, opening my eyes to spiritual things and opening my heart and mind to hear the still small voice of God speaking understanding into my spirit. I have a long way to go and will be growing in my walk with God for the rest of my life. It does feel good, satisfying even, to be back into the Word and having quiet time alone with my Lord everyday. He is working on me in some areas and eventually, with His help, I will be able to more fully examine my own heart and motives and recognize that which is unacceptable to God so that it can be purged from my actions, beliefs, or feelings, whatever it may be.

I encourage everyone to delve into the Word of God daily and begin hiding more scripture in your heart. You will be better equipped for what lies ahead historically and spiritually. Taking the time to read and pray is getting fully suited up with the full armor of God.


Grandma Peachy

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Book Review: Child of the Night Guild (Queen of Thieves Book 1) by Andy Peloquin

child-of-the-night-guild-by-andy-peloquin-coverChild of the Night Guild by Andy Peloquin is the first book in the Queen of Thieves series. Set in the same world as his The Last Bucelarii series, the story is about a girl who is sold into the Night Guild to pay a debt.  This dark fantasy captivated me even though in my minds eye the girl’s maturity was beyond her age in my reality.  I kept reminding myself that in her world anything could be possible including intellectual maturity beyond one’s chronological age. I was in full sympathy with the main character and all that she experienced. Many of the things she endures will be hard to read for people who have undergone any kind of abuse or trauma. The ‘training’ to deprogram the initiates into the Night Guild is torture and the methods used could be a shadow of those used to deprogram victims of human trafficking of today.  The bullying and abuse are at times extreme. But humans are capable of the most heinous of acts against others and the author captures this, as well as the resiliency of the human spirit.  Child of the Night Guild is not for the faint of heart. 

Through sheer determination and a will to survive, Illiana moves up in House Hawk, those thieves of the guild who rule the roof tops. I like the way the author interspersed the current events taking place with her memories of events leading up to her being sold to the Night Guild.  Scenes in the main plot sparked memories in the main character of her early childhood. By the time I was about two-thirds of the way into the book I had learned her back story, not too much at a time and not too little.

The plot and characters are both well developed. An enjoyable tale and one that I am sure I will enjoy the rest of the series. If you like a dark fantasy that captures the human spirit in the darkest of times, then you will enjoy this tale.  I recommend for older teens and adults, the subject matter may be a little too dark for most younger teens.


Grandma Peachy



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Book Review: A Raven’s Touch (A Raven Wing Series book 1) by Linda Bloodworth

a-ravens-touch-by-linda-bloodworth-coverA Ravens Touch, book one of The Raven Wings series is a paranormal coming of age story. The plot was a good one and the cliff hanger ending occurred at just the right scene to make a reader want to pick up the next book to find out what happens.

Set in a small town right out of the mid 20th century two teen age girls dealing with high school bullies are eagerly anticipating graduation. A series of tragic event throughout the book thrust them into adulthood and a paranormal world for with they are not prepared. With distinct Catholic overtones throughout the plot, the heroine relies upon her religious beliefs to see her through the toughest of situations.

I did enjoy the story line but found that I was not drawn into the characters as much as I wanted. Written in first person the heroine told me all about what was going on instead of showing of the emotions, feelings, and setting as she experienced them. There were also a few instances where it seemed the technology was anachronistic. In a place where there are jukeboxes at every table in the soda shop or diner and land line telephones at home, there are also cell phones and social media.  I found references to songs from decades past instead of currently popular music. Certainly it is possible that a young person of today would like the music of her parents generation, but would the target audience actually get the references? I found that these things confused the time setting for the story.

I do want to read the rest of the series as it is released. The story itself is a good one and I want to know what happens next and how the heroine completes the task she was chosen to do. It is my hope that the author will improve in the area of showing me what the heroine goes through in the next book because it is sure to be a harrowing adventure.

Recommended for any reader age, though, older adults may not enjoy the youthfulness of the story as much as teens and young adults will.


Grandma Peachy




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New Release! Do You Believe in Legend (Stars of Heros Book 2) by Ani Manjikian

Do You Believe in  Legend?

By Ani Manjikian




Legend isn’t about people. It’s about pursuing a dream or higher ideal. About believing in something impossible and transforming the belief into reality through faith and hard work. The future is a legend written and unwritten.

Jeffery R. Mason
Do You Believe in Legend?

About the Story

Jo Mason believes that creativity, spontaneity, and faith exist as definable words, but not actionable items. Negative consequences always follow the rare positive outcomes. It seems her destiny is surviving a chaotic world she can’t control. That is until a man from the future falls into her lap, both literally and figuratively. Jo hopes he can give her some answers. There is only one slight problem… He doesn’t remember anything about himself or his life and what he does, doesn’t help.

About the Author

ani-manjikian-profile-picBorn and raised in Southern California, the diagnosis of hydrocephalus at birth should have killed Ani, or worse, left her blank to the world. Her strength of spirit, parents’ love, and a miracle all combined to overcome that prognosis within nine months. From this almost impossible beginning, she has developed into all-around person with the technical knowledge and analytical mind of a programmer, creative and detailed orientation of a writer/editor, and aesthetic instincts of a designer/photographer.

Her writing career started when a friend in Cyprus made her promise to stop throwing away her writings because she thought they weren’t good enough. After returning to the States, she set out to finish a single horse story and get it published. However, the book, like the writer, needed time to mature.

While perfecting her craft, Ani graduated from San Francisco State with a BA in Industrial Arts and worked several jobs from retail sales to human resources project management. Her innate ability to learn new computer programs with minimal instruction and need to be creative led to her current long-term stint as a web designer and developer.

Editor Comments

Over the past few months I’ve helped Ani Manjikian to edit her newest release, Do You Believe in Legend?  It has been an interesting and learning experience for me as well as the author. When I read the first book in her series, Spirit of the Lone Horse, I was unaware it was a science fiction story until reading a little way into the book. I was delighted and loved the story. It was among the first few books for which I wrote a review on Amazon and I rated it with high praises.

Memory fails me whether I offered or Ani asked if I would help with reading and editing Do You Believe in Legend?  the second book of the Stars of Heros series.  In either case it was an honor to be a part of the process. The first read through was a simple copy edit with an eye for grammar and typographical errors.  Subsequent edits involved suggestions on plot holes, realistic relationships, and human behavior.  Questions arose about some elements or events that seemed ambiguous or confusing, which helped Ani refine the insight and details so readers would not get lost, confused, or bogged down in historical details.  I believe this second book in the Stars of Heros series shows the increasing skill level of Ani as a story teller.  This second book in the series is even better than the first – and I still love book one – Spirit of the Lone Horse.


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NEW RELEASE!!! Blood Brothers (Blood Trilogy Book Two) by Julie Nichols


I’d like to announce the release of Blood Brothers. This is the 2nd book in the Blood Trilogy. We have already followed the characters – K34GEN, Gabriel, Lyssa, and GH05T from book one, Blood Ties, but it seems their trials are not over yet.
blood-brothers-1Gabriel is pure lycan and was caged by Dr. Keller at Solgen Labs. Dr. Keller is a genetic scientist who used Gabriel’s lycan DNA to create the perfect soldier by splicing his genes with a human. K34GEN was Solgen’s top hunter…but then Keller realized he could improve the enhancements he’d given the human and created GH05T. She was faster and stronger than K34GEN, with a few added enhancements, and it meant K34GEN was no longer the top dog. The former hunter, K34GEN teamed up with Gabriel and together they attempted to bring down Solgen Labs.
The story continues in Blood Brothers

Synopsis : Blood Brothersblood-brothers-teaser

When you’ve been a “guest” of Solgen Labs, brothers from another mother takes on a whole new meaning. Keagen and Gabriel thought they were experts on all Solgen’s dirty little secrets. Until they met Ghost and found the deceit and conspiracy goes more than bone-deep; it goes right down to their spliced and enhanced DNA.

Need a sneaky peek?

blood-brothers-2“Your room’s better than mine.” Keagen pushed the door open wider as he edged his way into Ghost’s quarters. “I guess it’s a girl thing.” He snickered.
“Hey, if you want the pink duvet, take it,” Ghost quipped.
Keagen casually scanned the room while closing the space between them. He noticed the furrows congregating along Ghost’s forehead and blew out a weighty breath.
“I know what’s going on in there.” He pressed the tip of a finger to Ghost’s temple. The possibility she might be right and he should tell Gabriel about his condition was on his mind constantly, but finding the courage to admit he was imperfect wasn’t something he could do easily. He’d never concerned himself with the worries of others previously but seeing Ghost’s agitated expression bothered him. The realization that he could end up like K44 gnawed at him like a dog with a bone, and it was highly probable that this rabid dog would need putting out of its misery. Fear wasn’t in his vocabulary. There had never been anything he was afraid of…until now.
Ghost grabbed his finger and with pleading eyes stared at Keagen. She felt his pain. The possibility not only his body, but also his brain, might betray him was stinging—lacing him with more poison on an already infected wound. She wished he would listen to her and willingly let Lyra and Gabriel help, but the stubborn mask he wore wasn’t about to come off anytime soon.
They turned simultaneously to the sound of a knock on the door followed by Lyra’s soft voice.
“I’m sorry to disturb you. I know you’ve had a long journey, but Michaels wants to brief you on the current situation with K44.”
“It’s okay. We’re ready,” Ghost replied.
She released Keagen’s finger and moved toward the door, but Keagen halted her departure with a firm grasp of her arm. He pulled her close and let his mouth rest against her neck.
“I will tell Gabriel and Lyra about my problems…I promise.”
Ghost shrugged her shoulders. “It’s your business. I get that. I’m sure I’d feel the same, but it doesn’t mean I can’t worry about you.”
She smiled tentatively and headed out the door with Keagen following.
“Where’s Gabe?” Keagen directed his question to Lyra, who was already striding down the corridor.
She called over her shoulder and smiled. “He’s in recovery.”
Keagen charged forward and grabbed her arm, spinning her around. “From what?”
“The procedure.” She frowned. “Didn’t he tell you he’d agreed to give us the samples we need to help K44?”
“No, he didn’t.” Keagen scowled. “He said he wasn’t going to allow anyone else to experiment on him. What changed his mind?”
“You did,” Lyra replied and continued on to Michaels’ office after pulling her arm free and leaving Keagen standing with his mouth gaping.
Ghost sucked in a deep breath and braced. She approached Keagen from behind and stopped suddenly as he whirled around to face her. His furious expression greeted her.
“You told him…didn’t you?”
Ghost lowered her eyes. Before she could open her mouth to apologize, Keagen turned and followed Lyra to the operations room. Her eyes fell shut as she sucked in another large breath. She knew she’d fucked up. Her heart told her to chase after him and make him understand why she’d told Gabriel, but she knew he wouldn’t be interested. While something inside her said it was for the best, she felt guilty because she’d broken his trust. Buy Link Buy Link Buy Link

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