Book Review: Three Weeks in Washington by Luana Ehrlich

Three Weeks in Washington: A Titus Ray Thriller by Luana Ehrlich

After reading the second book, Two Days in Caracas, I had to read the next one. This author does an excellent job of character development and her plots are captivating.  Titus Ray is an undercover CIA operative who became a Christian just before the beginning of the first book in the series. His spiritual growth is not the main focus of any of the stories, but, we do see how it affects his life in his job and his relationships. As Christians grow so does their reliance on God in their daily lives. The author does a wonderful job of portraying this natural progression in spiritual growth.

In this book I thought that there was a little too much detail reviewing incidents in prior novels. Mention of incidents in previous books was usually relevant to the narrative, but, I felt there was a little too much rehashing of the actual events. If one had never read the prior books I can understand how the detail would help a reader understand the relationships or reactions to events. Without the detail though it would still have been a good, self contained story.

Still, I enjoyed this episode in the life of Titus Ray. Action, suspense, danger and touch of romantic involvement are all in the story. The author does a good job of showing the reader what is happening, capturing the imagination, and pulling you into the story.  I didn’t to want to put it down. The story is narrated by the main character and each chapter has this little wrap up at the end in which Titus makes a comment about how he thought things were going to go, but, it didn’t happen that way after all.  It really does endear the reader to the character in the trials of his life.  The end of the book gives a look into what Titus Ray’s assignment in the sequel will be. Though this current assignment is wrapped up there is a mini-cliff hanger of one loose end which will be the assignment of the next book. I’m not sure exactly what title it will have but it has to start with Four Months in …, and I look forward to reading it once it is published.

The Titus Ray Thrillers are suitable for even younger readers. If they were a movie I’d probably rate them PG-13, if that rating is still used.  All adults who enjoy a good spy novel will enjoy Three Weeks in Washington.


Grandma Peachy

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Fruit of the Spirit (Part 1) – Love

Galatians 5:22-23 Holman Christian Standard Bible (HCSB)

22 But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faith, 23 gentleness, self-control. Against such things there is no law.

Recently I’ve been listening to the series Understanding the Kingdom by Dr. Michael Lake.  Now the topic I’ve chosen isn’t yet one that he’s covered in this lecture series. But this morning listening to one a new thought came to me in regard to this particular passage of scripture. Yahuah has a way of giving me new insights in a way that I’d not thought about before. The last time I had a similar insight was with the scripture calling us to put on the full armor of God. The realization that the fruit of the Spirit is not the fruit of my imperfect human spirit rather it is the fruit of the perfect Holy Spirit of Yahuah. This inspired me to pen what that means to me.


As a wife, mother, grandmother, sister, daughter, niece I love all those in the family in which I was born and the family into which I married and the offspring of that union. Human love can only be a mere reflection of the love that our Creator has for his creation; mankind, humans, being the chief beneficiary of his love. He loved us so much that he gave us the free will to either choose or reject his will for us.  It was his will for us to live eternally in a paradise in which he set the first humans.

At the beginning, just as any parent, Yahuah gave his children direction, commands if you will. When he created them he told them to be fruitful and multiply, fill the earth, and take dominion over it; all these were commands, positive direction. He gave them all seed bearing plants for food and told them they could eat of any tree in the garden except one. The tree in the center of the garden known as the tree of the knowledge of good and evil God told them not to eat, the only forbidding command. Like all children they disobeyed the only rule that said not to touch something. Being children they disobeyed and took of that tree and ate. As when our children disobey, there are consequences to disobeying. The first immediate consequence was that their eyes were opened and they realized that they were naked. Now I don’t think that they were naked before as we see naked, rather they were clothed by the glory of God and when they ate of that fruit they lost the covering of God.  As a result of their disobedience, sin, there were the curses to first the serpent,  then the woman in childbirth, and the earth because of the man’s sin in eating of the fruit.  God still loved them, just as we still love a child who misbehaves. Love, true love, is unconditional. Still, sin separates us from God and this separation was manifest in sending man out of the Garden of Eden when they sinned.  When God clothed Adam and Eve in the garden before evicting them, he killed an animal and took the skin and clothed them. That was the first animal sacrifice used to cover their sin of disobedience.  All mankind from there on out were born with a sinful nature. Still, God loved us.

The love that Yahuah has for his children is agape love. What kind of love is this agape love? Agape is a love that has at heart the best interests of the one loved. There is a strong moral element to agape in which love is an act of will involving faithfulness and commitment. One of my favorite parts of the Bible is the description of love found in 1 Corinthians 13.

1 Corinthians 13:4-7 Holman Christian Standard Bible (HCSB)
Love is patient, love is kind.
Love does not envy,
is not boastful, is not conceited,
does not act improperly,
is not selfish, is not provoked,
and does not keep a record of wrongs.
Love finds no joy in unrighteousness
but rejoices in the truth.
It bears all things, believes all things,
hopes all things, endures all things.


The first line of the next verse (8) says that love never ends. Some versions say love never fails. We as imperfect humans really have no way we could love as deeply as Yahuah does. But with his Spirit abiding in us then we can love one another as God does. God loves us, mankind, so much that he had a plan from the very beginning to redeem us, to close the gap that separates us because of sin in the world.

John 3:16 Holman Christian Standard Bible (HCSB)
16 “For God loved the world in this way: He gave His One and Only Son, so that everyone who believes in Him will not perish but have eternal life.

This then is love, that while we are yet sinners God provided a redeemer to be the sacrifice, the propitiation, atonement, expiation for our sins. See, only blood will pay for the sin and only the blood of a perfect man can be the atonement for the sins of humanity.  God sent his Son who was born as a man, lived a perfect and sinless life then gave his life as the perfect atoning sacrifice for the sins of all mankind from the beginning to the end. Through believing in and accepting Yahshua’s sacrifice we will have that eternal life in paradise just as God originally willed for his creation, mankind. That is the depth of Yahuah’s love for us. When we accept this atoning sacrifice of his Son his Holy Spirit dwells in our hearts, then the fruit of the Spirit of God will manifest in us. Only through his Spirit can we truly love. For God is love (1 John 4:8). When we have the love of God in our hearts, then we will be able to truly love others. The fruit of the spirit is God’s love made manifest in us.

Next time will be the fruit of joy.  I was going to try and cover all the fruit of the Spirit, but, after writing this much on love, I think that one fruit per post will be a better way of doing this.  Until then…

Be blessed with the love of God,

Grandma Peachy

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Book Review: Two Days in Caracas by Luana Ehrlich

Two Days in Caracas a Titus Ray Thriller by Luana Ehrlich

Two Days in Caracas is the second book in the Titus Ray Thriller series. Both the first book, One Day in Tehran and this second book were enjoyable reads for me.  Excellent plot development and the characters are very well done. The author continues to develop Titus and other characters in this second in the series. I like the way the author handles the spiritual aspect of the book. Titus is a relatively new convert to Christianity and as such still has much to learn. He learns to lean more on God in this episode of his life as a covert CIA operative and manages to witness his faith in an unobtrusive way as the Lord opens the door for him. The low-key witnessing is minimal and presented just as an everyday lay Christian would find opportunities. No overt evangelism, just ordinary people sharing their faith to someone who has opened a door to hear about it. The real story is his life as a covert CIA operative. The author does an excellent job of creating a believable story. The villains are villainous, the terrorists are terrorizing, the spies are suspicious and secretive, and overall the characters are an excellent mix representing the human population well.

In Two Days in Caracas, Titus is temporarily taken off the spurious medical leave he was forced to take after his last assignment in One Day in Tehran. He is thrust into the world of Hezbolla, drug cartels, and Venezuelan civil servant corruption when a fellow CIA operative was murdered and it was determined that Titus Ray was the real target.  There is a lot of great action, plenty of suspense and a little bit of romance, as well as dealing with family issues and interpersonal relationships with  family, friends, co-workers, and superiors.

The story is written from the first person perspective of Titus Ray, the main character. As a male he occasionally will include descriptive details that, in my experience, most men would usually miss or dismiss.  But, being a spy, I’m sure his attention to detail is trained and heightened so it isn’t beyond suspension of disbelief.  Her male characters are masculine and she has strong female characters, though there are moments of feminine weakness that ring true to reality, especially when it comes to relationship development.

This author’s books entertained me and kept me reading into the wee hours because I didn’t want to put them down. I’ve already gotten the third book in the series. Each book is a stand alone story so you are left with an unresolved cliff hanger. If you missed the first book there is enough pertinent information reviewed from the first book that you are not left in the dark.  Even if you read the books out of order there are no real spoilers in the second to keep you from enjoying the first at a later time, though, I would recommend reading One Night in Tehran first just so you can see the progression of character development. Both are well worth the reading. I would let any youth read this series of books.  Great read for people who enjoy spy novels and political thrillers.

Read and Enjoy!

Grandma Peachy



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Wake Up Children of God!

There is so much going on in the world today which is written about in the Bible. The evidence is clear; yet, it appears that many church going Christians are simply unaware of what time it is.  They attend their regular church services on Sundays and possibly a midweek service then go on about their daily lives as though life will continue in the path that it has always gone. They do not realize that the way things have always gone is increasingly heading toward a culmination of Biblical prophesy of the end times. There are those who would say that the words of prophesy have been applicable for generations or even centuries. To some extent that is true, however, there are some distinct differences today than in other eras.

In Daniel 12:4 the Bible says that in the end time knowledge will increase. Not long ago I mentioned in another blog post that the rate of increase in knowledge is significantly on the rise. Prior to the 1900’s it is estimated that knowledge doubled every 100 years. In the early 1900’s it began to rise to a level of every 25 years. Now the rate of doubling in knowledge overall is every 12 months and decreasing at a rapid rate. It is expected that soon, however long soon is, the rate of doubling in knowledge will be every 12 hours. I think that increase in knowledge fits the prophesy of Daniel 12:4 quite well.

That same verse also says that people will be going to and fro, or running back and forth in my vernacular. Transportation has reached a level where we can travel around the globe in hours. Cars are everywhere and even the poorest in the United States have cars to drive about going to and fro from home to school, work, shopping, visiting friends and relatives and everywhere one wants to go. Roadways are widened as traffic volumes increase. We don’t walk to our destinations, and we hardly even ride bicycles anymore, we drive, or take a bus, train, or airplane. This advance in transportation certainly fits the ancient prophet’s description of people going to and fro.

Then there is what Jesus told his disciples when they asked what would be the sign of his return. Chapter 13 of Mark recounts Jesus’ words. He (Jesus) warned his disciples, and that means those of us who follow him today too, that we be not deceived. He said that many would come in his name and claim to be the Messiah and deceive many.  He said there would be wars and rumors of wars, but the end would not be yet since these things have to take place. Nation will rise against nation, earthquakes in various places, famines are just the beginning birth pangs. We see much of this happening now. The turmoil around the globe, the phenomenal increase in the number of earthquakes, and so many other natural disasters happening around the world. Jesus told them that there would be persecutions, that the gospel would be preached to all the nations of the world, his followers would be jailed, relatives (brother, parent, child) would raise up against each other to put them to death, and that everyone would hate his followers because of his name. He talked of the great tribulation and said that unless the Father limited those days none would survive. But for the elect those days are limited.

Now I am aware that there are many who believe this term “the elect” just applies to the Israelites, or the Jews. I’m not convinced that is the case. Jesus was talking to his followers whom he would send out to spread the gospel. After his ascension he called another apostle, Saul of Tarsus whom he renamed Paul. This later chosen apostle was sent to the Gentiles. Jesus was warning his followers not just the Israelites. Because the Israelites or Jews rejected Christ the Gentiles were given salvation to make them jealous. It is a mercy to us who are not born of the genetic line of Israel (Jacob) that we are grafted in to the branch (Jesus).  Paul, in his letter to the Romans goes into a long dissertation on this subject. He quotes Moses in Deuteronomy 32:21 when he says that he (God) will make Israel jealous by a people not a nation then quoting from Isaiah 65:1 he says: I (God) was found by those who were not looking for me and revealed myself to those who were not asking for me. I am convinced that those who follow Jesus whether Jew or Gentile are in fact God’s elect, Gentiles grafted in and many Jews are cut off. But there will be many who will be grafted back in when they come to know that the Jesus they rejected truly is the Messiah they have been anticipating and he’s already been here to be the sacrifice for the sins of all mankind.

Back to the times we are living in. Jesus was clear about not being deceived. He said it at the beginning and later in the same talk with his disciples. Already there have been groups of people who were deceived to their own demise. There have been in my lifetime a number of men who claimed to be the messiah. They had their followers, but, I think that those were just the beginning and that there will others, more convincing, yet to come. Eventually there will come one who claims to be messiah and will have supernatural powers to back up his claim. Don’t be fooled, the true Messiah will return in the clouds as he left and he’ll be coming as a conquering King as the Jews have thought all along. The very reason they did not accept Jesus as the Messiah in the first place. They expect Messiah to be a King to rule the world.

The persecutions that Jesus said are already happening in many places. We in the United States have no clue what real persecution is. We may be inconvenienced in some ways with limits on when and where we can share the gospel, but, the real persecution that is going on in, say, the Middle East where people are beheaded for their faith, or in other parts of the world where preachers are jailed and tortured, those people know persecution. The complacent here in America have no real perspective on true persecution.


Peter was an apostle to the Jewish believers in Jerusalem. He had this to say about the latter days.

Peter 3:3 Holman Christian Standard Bible (HCSB)

First, be aware of this: Scoffers will come in the last days to scoff, living according to their own desires,

This is something that Christians encounter all the time. They are ridiculed and insulted for their faith. Peter was admonishing the believers to live holy lives because we do not know when Jesus will return. It will be like a thief in the night and we need to be prepared, spiritually, for his return. Whether we die before or are alive at the time his return does not matter, in either case, when the time comes for either death or his return it will be too late. The decision you’ve made at that point is the one that will determine your eternal fate.

In Acts we have more information on what to expect in the end times.

Acts 2:17 Holman Christian Standard Bible (HCSB)

17 And it will be in the last days, says God,
that I will pour out My Spirit on all humanity;
then your sons and your daughters will prophesy,
your young men will see visions,
and your old men will dream dreams.

We see this happening more frequently all the time. Reports of visions are abundant on the internet and many of them are very similar in nature. There are also many who are prophesying and those too are frequently very similar. Nothing in that verse is said about old women, so I guess my dreams are just for me, unless ‘men’ really includes women. Still, there are many who are dreaming dreams and receiving words of knowledge about things to come. A prophet is simply a messenger of God, or as my daughter says, the mouthpiece of God.

In Matthew 7:15 we are warned against false prophets who come to us in sheep’s clothing but are really ravaging wolves. Then in verses 16-17  Jesus tells us, we will know them by their fruits. He simply asks: “Are grapes gathered from thorn bushes or figs from thistles?” A good tree will produce good fruit and a bad tree, bad fruit. We can see that, but, it takes time to see the fruit come to maturity. Later in Matthew 24:24 he reiterates that there will be false messiahs and false prophets performing signs and wonders. They will try to deceive even the elect if it is possible.  Jesus plainly states for us to take note because he’s told us in advance. He was giving us a head’s up, so pay attention.

I do believe that those who are prophesying an eminent return of the Messiah are correct. When that will happen is only known by God the Father, not even the Son knew the timing of his return. He told us as much.

Matthew 24:36 Holman Christian Standard Bible (HCSB)

No One Knows the Day or Hour

36 “Now concerning that day and hour no one knows—neither the angels in heaven, nor the Son—except the Father only.

There are many things that we need to be aware of in this world as the signs of the end times are at hand. The end is not yet because we are currently in what Christ called the birth pangs which are just the beginnings of troubles.  I would admonish all to read Matthew chapters 24 and 25. Actually, I encourage you to read the entire Bible. Either straight through or following a daily reading plan. But if you don’t want to do that, then pick up a Bible and read the red letter parts where Jesus himself spoke. Reading the Word of God is something that will bless you and help you grow and understand what this relationship with our Creator is all about.

May Yahuah Elohiym our God and Yahusha Hamashiach our Savior, and the Ruach Haqadash the Holy Spirit of God bless you and keep you.

Grandma Peachy


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Book Review: Handbook For The Criminally Insane by B. K. Brain

What a fun Halloween thriller! A haunted house, a serial killer, zombies, mist Demons and a demon King, a character I’ll not reveal the nature of, and lots of action. Written in a lighthearted way that isn’t intended for the reader to suspend disbelief, only to be entertained.

I’m not normally a horror fan and zombies aren’t among my favorite things to read about, but this book kept my attention and I read it in a day – even with a lot of out of town family at my house for the holiday weekend.  Strong female characters that were a little over the top and as entertaining as they get,  a recently deceased zombie who just doesn’t quite fit in with the whole Halloween ritual crowd, a political figure with a lust for ultimate power, a demon chihuahua, and an angry ghost child in a town full of oddball people all combined for a truly enjoyable read.

Monica moves to a small town to recover from her divorce and to get some peace and quiet. What she finds is anything but peace and quiet. The people she meets when she first moves in are all just a little odd.  A serial killer is on the loose, the mayor has the sheriff cowed, a crazy homeless man seems to be a prophet of sorts, and the little old lady in the store warns Monica to leave town. It all seems so strange to the young woman who just wants to start her life over. The first person she finds for a friend, Betty, is a fun loving, easily distracted woman; but she too has her secrets.

I’d let any intelligent youth who has attained abstract thought read this one. Adults who like horror and those who like satire both will enjoy this one. A great cotton candy for the brain read.  I’ve already gotten the sequel  “Handbook for the Festive Sociopath” by this author.


Grandma Peachy


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Book Review: Illusional Reality by Karina Kantas

Illusional Reality by Karina Kantas

I started reading this book last November and had not finished. So began at the beginning again and it became apparent to me why I had quit reading before. The use of an odd configuration of the English language to emulate a different language structure and usage made it difficult to relate to the characters and dialogue at the beginning. However, this time I stuck it out and as I read, the story developed nicely and it became easier for me to decipher the meanings of the strange turn of speech. I got used to it.

The characters were pretty well developed and the plot pulled together nicely. An ordinary young modern day business woman is pulled into an alternate reality where she is no longer an ordinary citizen. This fantasy clearly delineated good and evil. With a mild mannered people to represent a good, peace-loving people in need of a strong ruler. Evil portrayed by a dictatorial monarchy intent upon world conquest. Magic plays a essential role in the battle between good and evil in this story. By the conclusion of this adventure there is an unknown evil that afflicts the heroine. But this hint of what is to come will have to wait for another story taking place in this world. I have my suspicions as to it’s source.

At first I was thinking of a mediocre review because I had a problem with the language though not the plot or the characters. As the plot developed and my comprehension of the language got better and I increased my regard for the story and my rating improved. The pace varied, some parts seemed a bit slow and others raced ahead. Overall, the slow parts were not extensive enough to become boring and the fast parts did not leave me behind or leave out essential details. I read it pretty much straight through (other than sleep cycles). I enjoyed the story and look forward to reading more books by the author that take place in this world.  It is an interesting world with much potential for more adventures. I would recommend for for ages 16 and older as there are a couple of sex scenes, though they are not graphic and were dealt with tastefully and modestly.

Illusional Reality is a great read for fantasy lovers! The author has created an alternate reality in a world with unique magical elements.


Grandma Peachy

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Twitter: @KarinaKantas


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What to Write?

The other day while my husband and I were chatting I had a great idea on a topic for my blog. But as many other things I forget, I’ve forgotten what the topic of discussion was and haven’t a clue what I thought would be a great blog topic. As a result you’re getting an off the cuff post today.

I’ve considered a discussion sparked by the people who go onto various You-Tube channels to promote the flat earth theory. In my opinion those people are completely deceived.  I couldn’t, however, write enough about the subject to make more than a paragraph or two.

Yesterday I got deeply interested in videos about archaeological evidence of Biblical events and spent hours watching videos that support the Exodus of the Israelites from Egypt. Some of the video was very interesting where the researchers found a place crossing the gulf of Aqaba  between the Sinai peninsula and Saudi Arabia. The coral growth in the area is unlike anywhere else. In other places the coral grows in large reefs. Here the coral grows in small clusters as though they were growing on man made artifacts. Many of which look as though the artifact is a chariot wheel or wheels and axle. There is a natural bridge near the middle of the gulf from the Nueva Peninsula that has the geographical attributes that fit the description of where the Israelites camped when Pharaoh came upon them and God parted the Red Sea for Moses and the Israelites and subsequently destroyed pharaoh’s army when he covered them with the waters.  The area across the gulf in this area is shallow compared to the depths of the rest of gulf. It is covered by sand instead of the rocky sea bottom in the rest of the gulf, which reaches depths of 1000 feet or more on each side. It is flat, wide and not rocky. If not covered by water it would easily accommodate the large population with their flocks and herds of livestock. I am pretty sure that these researchers have accurately identified the place where they crossed.

Another topic that I was looking into is actual location of Mt. Sinai where the Israelites camped and Moses went up on the mountain and God gave him the ten commandments. Tradition has it on the Sinai peninsula. But from all accounts that location does not fit the geographic description in the Bible. Instead, Jabal al-Lawz in Saudi Arabia fits the Biblical narrative perfectly. The Saudi government has it cordoned off as an archaeological sight and no trespassing signs posted. There have been several people, however, who have snuck in and photographed the area. I saw a couple different videos interviewing and showing some of the pictures that were taken. The first was a couple of men who went and ultimately were arrested with most of their photographic evidence confiscated though not quite everything. How they got out of that is not covered so I have no clue. The other was a couple who went with their two children. Supposedly they made the trek 14 times over eight years without getting caught. Amazing feat if you ask me. Still the images captured are quite convincing that this mountain is in fact the mountain where Moses received the stone tablets.  First the top of that mountain is blackened as though burned from the top down. The rocks on the top are metamorphic rock formed under heat and pressure without going through a liquid state. The base of the mountain is granite, an igneous rock which is formed from cooled magma. The features that were identified included the probable alter that Aaron made with the golden calf, the alter that Moses erected for sacrifices to Yahuah at the base of the mountain, the rock that Moses struck with his staff that split and gushed forth water enough for the entire population and their livestock to drink until their thirst was quenched  and the cave on the mountain that Elijah (or was it Elisha) went to on that same mountain.  I do believe that the Saudi government recognizes the significance of the mountain. It is proof of the historicity of the Bible – at least the Torah portion.

That is what I was doing yesterday. Today I after I got up and had my first cup of coffee my husband and I went to the little local farmer’s market and I bought some fresh produce and some sweets that one of the ladies makes and brings. Then we went out for breakfast. When we got back, to my surprise there was a birthday party starting in the front yard. I had completely forgot that it was my youngest grand daughter’s birthday and had not been informed that they were going to have a cake and presents at my house. It’s a good thing I keep a small stash of gifts for just such emergencies. After cake and presents there was a lot of bubbles with bubble guns brought by my son and his wife for the party.

Speaking of bubbles and bubble guns, I bought a couple of bubble guns and lots of bubble bottles and a large refill of bubbles that I’m saving for the 4th of July weekend when family will gather at my place. My son in Texas and his wife, and our nephew from New Mexico will be here for a few days. I thought that with so many people gathering that the kids really needed something they like to entertain them outside. So, bubbles seem to be one of their favorite things. The bubbles are hidden until the holiday weekend. Otherwise it would all be gone and the bubble guns broken by the time the holiday arrives.

Plans for this week are to have Coral help me organize the sewing room again. Things have gotten a bit out of hand and we simply cannot work in there the way it is. Then, we are again going to start sewing together. She has a quilt that she started last year for herself and I have several projects that I need to work on. I’m hoping to get power to the regulator for my vintage quilting machine so I can really learn to use it. So far the adapters I’ve purchased for three prong cords to two prong outlets have not been able to power the regulator. I know it worked when I bought it because we tried it before I bought it.  I’m not sure why it won’t work with the adapters. There is one quilt I have that is pretty much ready to quilt. I do have to square it up so it’s easier to load onto the frame, but otherwise both the top and the pieced back and the batting are ready to sandwich. I’ve also got a quilt to finish repairing, a couple of wall hangings to finish, and a scrappy quilt with all the blocks made but the outside ones still need to be sewn together then a backing chosen, the quilt sandwich and quilting done. There are several others in various states of completion too. Enough to keep me busy all summer I think, even if I spend several hours a day. I doubt I’ll get them all done this summer.

I’ve got so much fabric that  I’ll never be able to use it all. Recently I decided that I’ll measure out many of those which I have several yards and post them to a quilters classified page to sell some of it so I have more storage space available. That is part of why it’s hard to work in my sewing room. Fabric, fabric everywhere and not a space to sew.  My table is scattered with books, games, my computer, and such making it impossible to measure and cut fabric at the moment. Much to do, so much to do.

May your week be blessed.

Grandma Peachy




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