American Dream

My best hatI has been over a month since the election was over.  It seems that people are still just as divided and up in arms as they were before the election. In this country any child who is a natural born citizen can dream of becoming the president of the United States and it could become a reality.  Certainly our current president represents the American dream to become president. A man who grew up in a broken home, raised by a single mom. A man of mixed racial and ethnic background. He proved that anyone can dream of becoming president and it is possible.

Now we have a rich businessman who is our president elect. He wasn’t a politician, he doesn’t have a political science or Juris Doctor degree. As a matter of fact, as far as I could determine in researching his education, I have more college education than he does. He has a bachelor’s degree from University of Pennsylvania. The actual degree was not stated though the article I read indicated that he took two years of economics. It also stated that he took undergraduate courses at the university’s famous Wharton School of Business. so even though the university he attended is one of the Ivy League schools, his education is not that much to write home about, no matter how much he brags. So, just about anyone can dream of being the US president and have hope.

Now to some of the real issues I’d like to address. It seems that many people are horribly upset that Trump is the president elect. So upset that they were rioting and creating havoc in the streets shortly after the election. This is not who we should be as citizens of this nation. Just because the person who will take office is disliked is no reason to go around breaking things and blowing things up. He didn’t call for that and neither did his opponent after conceding the election. What’s up with that?  Seriously, the people who are out there breaking things and causing a stir are not doing so because they think Trump is the example. They are using that as an excuse to be bad. They harbor bad intent to begin with and that is just an excuse.  They were acting like spoiled children if you ask me. If my children acted like that they would have been appropriately punished, and it would not have been a mild ‘put your nose in the corner’ punishment either.

Now, a month or so later, the scuttlebutt is that there are folks trying to convince electoral representatives to ignore the people’s votes in their states. Really? That would be illegal. There are so many rumors flying around about why Trump won and Clinton lost. It wasn’t Russia hacking the DNC, which I don’t think they did.  It wasn’t a conspiracy of fake news, which targeted legitimate alternative news outlets using propaganda. It was a track record of politicians not listening to or caring about the ordinary, working man, citizen. The debacle called the Affordable Care Act didn’t make health care cheaper or easier. From my perspective, though I have insurance through my husband’s employer that has a self funded insurance, the result was that medicines I had been using were no longer covered and the replacement that was covered is not effective.  My experience is minor compared to others. People are fed up with the corruption and lies that they are being fed by the career politicians in government. Whether Trump can implement the plans he spoke of during the campaign is yet to be determined. But he spoke to the ordinary citizen and that is why he was elected. He knew who to court in his campaign. Clinton apparently did not. Trump is not the first president that didn’t get a majority of the popular vote but won the electoral votes necessary. That is just the way it happens sometimes. If Clinton had not stolen the nomination from Sanders using the ‘super delegates’ and the DNC had allowed Sanders to run, I do believe he was the only candidate who could have beaten Trump. So the democrats should quit their whining and get on with life. It’s their own fault for not having a realistic grasp of the pulse of the nation’s citizens. Hubris on their part lost the election for them.

Back to the reactions to the president elect. What’s up with labeling the man a racist and misogynist?  I don’t think the man is either of those things. Oh, are you thinking about the tapes leaked of a conversation he had over 11 years ago in which he was talking smack about sexual encounters?  Honestly, as a woman, I think I know what was happening and I don’t think that the women were totally innocent.  Maybe I’m wrong.  But money and power can be a strong aphrodisiac.  The ungodly human nature is drawn to sexual immorality.  You think all those women who suddenly came out of the woodwork to make accusations did so to bring truth to the light?  Why the heck didn’t they file charges against him back when these thing occurred?  Why wait a decade to say something; just before an election? Why not right after he got the nomination for his party? Or before the primaries to stop him from getting the nomination? The timing was suspect to me.

Do you think that wanting to deport illegal immigrants is racist? Or maybe wanting to put a hold on immigration from Muslim countries that are known to support radical Islamic terrorism is racist?  I don’t agree, those are steps to protect the citizens of this country. Make sure the people we let into this country are peaceful immigrants and not terrorists. Make sure the people here are here legally. Otherwise, what is the use of having immigration laws? Just open the borders and let anyone into the country. No other country in the world is so friendly to illegal immigrants.  We have sanctuary cities that harbor illegal immigrants for goodness sake. What are they thinking? Many of these people may be good people, but they’ve cheated to be here. Illegal is illegal and they should not be here.  They should have gone through the proper channels to come here legally. That is not racist, that is rational.

Trump is putting together his choices for various positions in his cabinet. I can’t say I agree with all of his choices. Actually, some of them are a bit disturbing to me. Still, I am willing to give the fellow a chance to ‘make America great again.’ I don’t think he’ll be as successful as he’d like to be. Even though the majority in both houses of congress are the same party affiliation, there are a lot of Republicans who do not like Trump and will not cooperate. So, I think the fear of tyranny because of the total control of both houses and the executive branch is an over reaction. He is going to have to make some compromises in order to woo many of the Republicans. I think there will be a lot of stand offs during his presidency. I do believe that he will have a positive impact on our economy though. He’s a wheeler-dealer and he’s not going to leave the wheeling and dealing to underlings, he’s going to be a negotiations president because that is what he does.  Maybe, just maybe, he’ll get our economy back on a prosperity track again and a few of the youth of today might actually have an opportunity to achieve that American Dream. A dream we seem to have lost sight of over the past few decades as our nation has piled up a national debt that is unwieldy. I know that I was never able to achieve the American Dream, maybe some of my kids or my grand kids will. Lets give the man a chance and quit all the bickering and backbiting and downright opposing him at every step. He hasn’t even taken office and some are calling for impeachment – really???  That is ludicrous. Grow up America, quit whining and start working toward a better future for the next generation coming up. Give your children and grandchildren and maybe even yourself, if you’re young enough, a chance at achieving that elusive American Dream.


Grandma Peachy




About grandmapeachy

I am a retired grandmother and amateur quilter. Generally I do not discuss religion and politics with people other than my family and even then I do more listening than talking. Because I dislike confrontation this blog is a way for me to express opinions that I hold on these and other issues without having to delve into controversial discussions with others who may not agree with me. I am also an avid supporter of indie authors. There are a lot of great books that are not available through traditional publishing and I believe that these stories need to be brought to the attention of the reading public.
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