Monday Morning Musings – Writing a Story

My best hatFor several years now there has been this idea for a story rattling around in my head. I love fantasy, science fiction, and the like. My idea is to have a book where the only ‘magic’ or supernatural events are things that can be found in the Bible. You know, that really covers a lot. So far I haven’t really identified every supernatural event in the Bible. However there are a number of them that I can think of off the top of my head because I’ve read the whole Bible a couple times and many parts of it so many times I can’t count.

It took me awhile to even begin to formulate a plot though. Like two or three years. A few weeks, or maybe by now, months ago a plot began to develop in my mind and I started a couple notebooks. One for character descriptions and the other for plot ideas. I even wrote the first draft of a couple chapters in one of the notebooks. My handwriting sucks, so, I didn’t really write much more on the actual story after that first round. I did make notes on ideas for the plot though.

Saturday I finally broke down and bought myself a computer. It was an “open box” clearance item at Best Buy. One of those Lenovo Yoga 710 laptops with a fold back screen that will convert it to a large touch screen tablet. So far I like it. The right shift is a problem for me though. My little finger just doesn’t easily reach that far and I keep hitting the page up button instead. I’ll get used to it and retrain my muscle memory to reach a bit further for that right shift key.

Having a new computer in my personal space frees me to do computerizing on my own schedule. No longer do I have to share computer time with my husband, son-in-law, and two grandchildren. After getting the computer set up all the software installed I was ready to surf the internet, watch movies, play games and write my story. I spent Saturday evening watching videos and playing Minecraft. I also started to typing the part of my story that I’d already handwritten. Sunday I finished typing what I’d written and finished the last chapter I had started. I told my resident author what I’d done and she commented, “You have a word count.” I hadn’t thought of it that way and was a bit pleased with myself. Yes I did have a word count.

I also had plot and characters talking to me.  I sat down and began writing. Referring back to my notes. Some of which I had forgotten and the ideas I was contemplating while typing actually matched things I’d made notes of previously. It confirmed my ideas for plot development when I read those handwritten notes from weeks or months ago. In total my word count for Sunday was 4269 and the total words so far in my story is 5715. These are just set up chapters, although some action was beginning to take place with the last chapter I wrote.

My chapters are short for now. I may decide to change the chapter divisions later. For now, though, I am getting the story down in writing and that is all that is important for me to concentrate on. I know that the painful part will be the editing later on down the road. It is my turn to practice some of the tips I’ve been giving an author I’ve been working with in editing a book. Time to practice what I preach, so to speak. I am sure that it will be harder to do than one might think.

I’m finding that just as authors I am acquainted with talk about the characters speaking to them, my characters are speaking to me. I even discovered one who introduced herself to me and let me know that she will be playing an important supporting role to the main protagonist. I wrote a whole chapter about her that was totally unplanned in my original notes for plot development. Interesting turn of events so early in the writing stage. I can hardly wait to see how it turns out. Well, I think I know how it will turn out, but the getting there is probably going to be a surprise to me.

Have a great week everyone!


Grandma Peachy

About grandmapeachy

I am a retired grandmother and amateur quilter. Generally I do not discuss religion and politics with people other than my family and even then I do more listening than talking. Because I dislike confrontation this blog is a way for me to express opinions that I hold on these and other issues without having to delve into controversial discussions with others who may not agree with me. I am also an avid supporter of indie authors. There are a lot of great books that are not available through traditional publishing and I believe that these stories need to be brought to the attention of the reading public.
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4 Responses to Monday Morning Musings – Writing a Story

  1. saharafoley says:

    I think it’s fantastic you have a story to tell. The writing/editing can be pretty daunting. Good luck with your book.


  2. Kathy says:

    It’s great you decided to sit down and write out our thoughts. You never know, maybe the next best seller is in the making. Enjoy the process, that’s what really matters.

    Liked by 1 person

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