Politics and Christianity

Grandma Peachy profile 1There are many people who are questioning just why a Christian would support Trump. There are a lot of media people out there trashing him because he has lied. I haven’t seen all the video clips that would prove this allegation, and to me it is just an allegation. But, how many of us have never lied in our life? I know I have.  Most I remember very well because I learned young that I couldn’t get away with a lie unless I could remember it and never get it mixed up. As an only child I had no one to blame things on so if I lied about something I had to stick to it, forever. Granted there have been few times in the last thirty years that I’ve intentionally lied, but I know I have. I’ve lied on every lie detector test I ever took and have never failed one. (It was something that occurred in my young adulthood and I long ago asked God’s forgiveness.)  Okay so Trump lies as does everyone at some point. Don’t claim you’ve never lied, that would be a lie in and of itself. But what real harm has any of his lies done to our nation? What great impact upon our nation has anything he said ever had?

I suspect that many of the allegations of improper behavior are also a lie. (1) Funny how several women claiming to have been molested by him years ago all came out just in time to take attention away from the Wikileaks release of more Clinton email documents. I even heard a rumor that the Clinton campaign had been calling women from Trump’s past trying to dig up dirt on him. One such woman apparently talked about their attempt to coerce her into going public with a lie. So, I suspect that the claims of these women are bogus or at least ‘trumped’ up. I couldn’t help it, that just came out. My own gaffe I suppose. Is it possible that these women were paid to make these claims? I certainly wouldn’t put it past the opposition’s campaign lackeys to do just that. But, that is just my own supposition and there is absolutely no proof to support it. Maybe he is guilty of some groping, I wouldn’t know. But then again if he is how much flirting had been taking place to begin with? What happens in private is a she said-he said situation and who knows except God who is actually telling the truth?

Now, look at the opposition. Clinton has been in the political arena for a very long time and she too lies. Her lies have had much more grave consequences to the nation. Consider the recent FBI investigation and the statements made to Congress by Director Comey. There were a number of times that he was asked if statements made by Clinton were true and his response was basically, “no they were not.” This is to the House Judicial Committee, so there was concern of national interest regarding her statements, by politicians no less.  I remember during her husband’s presidency there was a big scandal about FBI files that had her fingerprints all over them, files of people who were considered opposition to the Clinton presidency, (2) files that she did not have clearance to have.  But it was all swept under the rug and isn’t mentioned. I think she must know where all the bodies are buried, so to speak, in order to elude any consequences for her actions. No other explanation I can think of for Director Comey not recommending prosecution because she was ‘extremely careless’ but they couldn’t find intent. I agree with the sentiment of whoever it was that asked, “why doesn’t ‘extremely careless’ equate to negligence?” That is my personal opinion folks. I won’t even go into the list of deaths surrounding the Clinton’s, or Benghazi, Libya and Syria. I’ve read enough and seen enough videos to know that even after weeding out the conspiracy theorist nuts there is a lot of corruption in her political career.

Now why, as a Christian, would I support Trump? The rumor is that he has become a Christian. New Christians don’t experience a complete reversal of their character overnight to become mature Christians. That takes time, lots of time, years as a matter of fact. But if the rumor is true, and the evidence of his surrounding himself with well known Christian leaders as advisers would support the rumor, then there is hope for Christians if this man is elected. Hope that the increasing political persecution of Christians, because their values do not mesh with the political left, will be slowed or even reversed for a time. Hope that Christians will again be able to freely express their beliefs in public forums with fear of legal reprisal. The hope that because of the release of constraints on Christian expression of faith that there will be a revival in the country. A revival that will result in God healing their land. Many cite:

2 Chronicles 7:14 Authorized (King James) Version (AKJV)

14 if my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.

Personally I think that there will still be a large portion of the population who will continue down the path of destruction. But, a revival will bring more people into the Kingdom of God and bring us much closer to the return of Christ. That is what Christians hope for the most, an end to this system and the beginning of Christ’s 1000 year reign on earth.

Trump is a rather crude man, I agree.  I have found there are a number of people who claim to be prophets of God with a word of knowledge, visions, or dreams about Trump. Most state that God has brought Trump up for a time like this. Virtually none I’ve encountered say that he will in fact be elected president though. What they do say is that this election will spark the revival that so many Christians hope for. Their message is that the country has to decide in this election whether we are “one nation under God” or not. The choice made in this election will determine God’s judgement or blessing on this nation.

With that said, when asked about how could I vote for a man like Trump I have to respond with a reminder that God has used much worse to accomplish His will. The Old Testament is full of liars, cheats, thieves, murderers, sexually immoral and sinful men who were used by God to accomplish His will. God is the same today as He was yesterday and will be tomorrow. What makes the self-righteous Christians of today think that God would not use a man like Trump to accomplish His purposes?  As a response to those who are not Christians but have the impression that Christians should condemn people guilty of all manner of sin, I say what the Bible says in Romans 8:1: “There is therefore now no condemnation to them which are in Christ Jesus, who walk not after the flesh, but after the Spirit.” (AJKV)  Should I then be condemning of the man whom I believe God has chosen? Should I be condemning of a new Christian because he has not matured enough in his faith to be less crude in his speech? Should I condemn a man for sins which God has forgiven? Am I the judge of the condition of this man’s heart? No.

Now look at what Trump is saying about the issues in his talking points (3):

On trade: Companies are leaving the US. Yes they are and have been for a long time. I witnessed what happens when companies leave when I worked for the workforce development board in El Paso, TX, when all the clothing manufacturing moved across the border to Mexico because NAFTA made it more profitable to move operations across the border. It  hurt the local economy drastically, I can imagine that it was not the only area in the nation that suffered.  He wants to implement a 35% tax on the imports of products made by those companies that leave as an incentive to stay if they haven’t left or return if they have. He’s right that the companies leaving the US is causing economic hardship on the people through lost jobs, and I add, on the country in lost corporate tax revenues and lost personal income tax on those who’ve lost their jobs. I’m sure there are other consequences of his policy. Taxing the imports will increase the cost of those imported goods which would be passed on to the consumer. But, if ‘Made in America’ becomes cheaper than imported then maybe it will help our citizens to be more prosperous with fewer people needing government assistance. Keeping jobs and bringing jobs in will have a positive impact on the economy. I’m not an economist, but I’ve taken several courses in economics including graduate level. I can see the benefit of his trade policy.

Jobs: He believes he can bring jobs to people. He has done so in business and he believes he can do so on a national scale. I hope so and so do those average working class people who are supporting him.  We’ll see. I think it highly depends on the cooperation he can get from congress to make it profitable for companies to do business here in the United States and invest in growth. Right now companies are not investing in growth here in the US. Like the company my husband works for; corporate decisions reflect anticipation of business closure even though the company is an international business. There is a failure to invest in infrastructure and no expansion in operations. Their workforce is steadily declining through attrition.  If this is happening to other large companies across the nation then I hope Trump is able to get congress to work toward reversing this trend and making it more profitable to do business in the US than abroad and creating more jobs, well paying jobs, for American workers.

Second Amendment rights: He says he will protect our second amendment rights which the politicians have been chipping away at for decades. I’d like to believe he can do that. One of the ways he plans on doing that is reversing bad executive orders including those that impinge upon our 2nd amendment rights.  I don’t happen to own any firearms, but, I believe that we as citizens should never have our right taken away to own and use them for the protection of our persons and our property.  I think it also allows us to protect ourselves from a government over reaching it’s authority in our lives.

Immigration: He wants to build a wall to keep illegal immigrants out. I don’t see a problem with a wall. For goodness sake Mexico has a southern border wall, what makes people think that our having a wall is outrageous? Many countries around the world have walls. Illegal immigration is a real problem in this country and honestly, something does have to be done about it. My concern though is for the thousands upon thousands of children who are coming here without adults. My heart feels compassion for these children whose parents send them here in hopes of saving them from the ravages of their own countries.  As for the immigration of people from the war torn areas of the middle east, I think that there should be a better vetting process. I’m not in the know about how that should be done, but I think I agree to halt immigration from that sector until a better procedure is developed. I think it will be less of a problem when the nation quits covertly supporting terrorists though.

Education: He is in favor of returning education back to the local level. Getting rid of Common Core and making education a priority. I think I agree that Common Core needs to be eliminated. My mother was a teacher long before Common Core or even the prior No Child Left Behind project. Even back then, in the 70′ and 80’s there was too much interference by government in the classroom. Teachers had to do all these things that took time away from actual teaching the children. Since then more requirements from all these federal programs have undoubtedly reduced the time a teacher has to teach. From all I’ve learned about Common Core it is actually a way of ‘dumbing down’ our educational system. According to Trumps campaign web site America is #28 worldwide in education. I haven’t checked the veracity of that statistic but I’m sure we are not in the top ten. There are a lot of useful things that our children are not learning in school anymore.  A lot of revised history is also being taught in our schools. That was true even in my school days and it is getting worse with each generation of students I’m sure. “Those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it.” As far as I can learn, this quote is attributable to George Santayana and actually was, “Those who do not remember the past are condemned to repeat it.”  Education does need reform and reducing government interference with education would go a long way toward reform.

The military: He wants to make our military strong, take care of the veterans and get rid of ISIS. I think just stopping the covert support will help. Listening to the military leaders who have been saying they know how to defeat the terrorists will help. Giving our soldiers what they need will help. Maybe a short term increase in the military budget, but, if it resolves the conflict with ISIS and takes us out of conflicts around the world, that we have no business being involved in, then in the long run that budget will be reduced, even with maintaining a strong military. I’m not quite sure how it will happen. A war of ideologies is impossible to win. The world has periodically had to beat back Islamic radicals trying to take over.  I’m not prejudiced against any individual Muslim, but, I am pragmatic about what fundamentalist  Islam promotes and it isn’t love and peace. I’ve listened to too many former Muslims from countries that promote fundamentally radical Islamic ideology. People who know exactly what the Koran says and how the fundamentalist Muslims interpret it. It is not so much a religion as a political system.  I clearly remember a conversation I had with the president of a law firm on an elevator ride after work on the day that President Bush was going to give his 2002 State of the Union message. The attorney was anxious to get home and listen to the speech to find out if we were going to war. I said it would turn into another Viet Nam. He was like, “Oh no, we’ll be in and out of there in 10 days.” I said, no, Bush thinks he’s a modern day crusader and it will be a religious war and you can’t win a religious war.” He dropped his head in thought and never said another word. I often wonder if he remembers that conversation.

Political correctness: It interferes with getting things done. I tend to agree, the level of absurdity from political correctness is out of hand.  Political correctness is emasculating men. Men can’t even be men anymore without accusations of being politically incorrect, misogynistic, or even racial. Give it a break people. a masculine man will most likely be attracted to and respect women for the feminine creatures they are meant to be.  I like a truly Godly, masculine, manly man, actually I love one, my husband is far from being a politically correct man. But he is a loving, caring, and considerate husband and father who has never subjugated me and above all loves the Lord. Women, my goodness we can’t even be what God intended us to be, the help mate of our husbands, without being seen as weak and subservient. Well, I personally find that being the help mate to my husband is not a subservient position but empowering. We are opposites but equal in this marriage, together we make a whole and no amount of political correctness rhetoric will ever change our relationship from what God intended. Others can do as they please and be as politically correct as they like but don’t try to make me believe PC is for the best, it isn’t.

He wants to unify our nation. He believes that he can do this. I’d love to see that happen, but, I think too many people out there are deceived and will never under any circumstances come into unity with ideologies that do not match their own. There is a whole segment of the population that though they talk tolerance are quite intolerant in some respects. I’d love to see it though. He thinks he can do that in the same way he has in his business ventures. We’ll see.

So why, as a Christian, can I support Trump? I believe that as imperfect a person as he is, as crude and politically incorrect as he is, as much mud as is being slung around about him, he is the best hope for the American people, the ordinary citizen as well as the corporate mogul, who, by the way, is going to actually provide many of those jobs the little guy needs. Small business provides jobs too, and creating a healthy economy will help even the small businessman to expand and provide more jobs.  He is promoting ideals that match my own and he is no more morally objectionable, in my opinion, than any other person running for the position and even less than some. If these points and my reasoning still does not help the questioners why I, as a Christian, can support Trump, then there is nothing that can be said that make you understand my position.


Grandma Peachy

(1) http://www.infowars.com/busted-trump-sex-allegations-full-of-holes/
(2) http://www.freedomwatchusa.org/hillary-clinton-tries-to-escape-from-on-going-filegate-case
(3) https://www.donaldjtrump.com/issues

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I am a retired grandmother and amateur quilter. Generally I do not discuss religion and politics with people other than my family and even then I do more listening than talking. Because I dislike confrontation this blog is a way for me to express opinions that I hold on these and other issues without having to delve into controversial discussions with others who may not agree with me. I am also an avid supporter of indie authors. There are a lot of great books that are not available through traditional publishing and I believe that these stories need to be brought to the attention of the reading public.
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