Guest Reviewer Jen Winters – Book Review: Toil & Trouble Series by Heather Blair

Jen WintersPlease welcome guest reviewer Jen Winters today. She is author of the Guardian novels and a fan of paranormal romance and urban fantasy. Today she is sharing her review of the Toil and Trouble Series by Heather Blair.


Sixpence & Whiskey (Toil & Trouble Book 1) by Heather R. Blair


I’m sad the next two books aren’t out! This is a freakin’ awesome book. Seph and Frost make my insides go all swirling and warm. Love these two, love the mystery and the sarcastic bullsh@t. This is worth reading twice! Recommend to UF lovers who need strong and sassy, girlie and sarcastic. I would add another star if I could. Maybe ten more.



Blackbirds & Bourbon (Toil & Trouble Book 2)  by Heather R. Blair


blackbirds-bourboncoverOk, so I waited for the whole series before reading this one because after the first one I was desperate for. Ore and this one wasn’t out yet. So…Yes. Very, very yes!!! It’s got it all, love, loss, pain, humor, sass…you name it, this ones got it! And you’ll love it every step of the way! I did and I knew I would!




Roses & Rye (Toil & Trouble Book 3)  by Heather R. Blair


roses-rye-by-heather-blair-coverThis was a hard book to read. Not because it wasn’t amazing, but because it’s so deeply emotional I was kind of a mess through most of it. A hysterical ball of weepiness at times and angry as hell at others. Gawd I love this series.



I give this entire series five stars.  As a series all the books were well edited and maintained a cohesive story line without having those annoying cliff hangers between books. Heather Blair did a fantastic job keeping up with her main plot line and her subplots going throughout all three books.  The characters were well developed, believable, and fun to interact with as a reader.  According to Amazon guidelines the series is recommended for readers 18+, but I’d probably let my daughter read it when she’s 16.


Thank you Jen for sharing your thoughts on this series with us today. Readers check out the links below for Heather Blair’s series. I’ve also given you links to Jen Winters’ books as well.


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Heather Blair:

Jen Winters


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