Grandbabies are the Best!

img_2455Yesterday morning at 8:05 a.m. CDT my 8th grandchild made his debut into the world. I am ecstatic and humbly grateful to God for His blessings. Grandchildren are definitely a blessing. This month I have been triply blessed with 3 grandbabies. Two were officially adopted by my oldest daughter on the 12th of September 2016. The third is another grandson born yesterday September 20, 2016. I’ve cried a lot to have these three new grandbabies this month.

I love being a grandma. I refer to myself as a chronic grandma because even grandchildren that are not my own I feel grandmotherly toward. There is nothing to be done about it either, not that I would want to do anything about it. I love children! I love to flirt with small children, babies and toddlers. After that I don’t flirt much, it might be taken wrong and I wouldn’t want any moms or children to be uncomfortable. But my love of children makes it easy to strike up a conversation with the parents. Generally it is the mom out shopping with the little one in tow.

img_1983But I diverge off topic. The topic being my own grandbabies. Not all of them are babies. The oldest, the first to ever call me grandma, is my oldest daughter’s step daughter. She was still three when my daughter and her dad married. For most of the years they have had custody of her and have raised her. She’s 17 today as a matter of fact. She is special to me, I call her my Ladybug. When she was just four she would come over and we’d do things together, I called her Ladybug once and she was so offended. “I’m not a bug!” So I explained to her that I thought ladybugs were cute insects and that I really liked them. I asked her permission to call her Ladybug. She considered for a little while and decided that it was okay for me to call her Ladybug, so that is what she has been ever since.

Then a few years later my other daughter had her first baby, a girl. She is 8 now. She’s my sewing buddy when we sew. It took me awhile to settle on a nickname for her though. For awhile she was my Jelly Bean, but, I’ve settled on Sweet Pea instead, a lovely little flower with a cute name. I think it fits better.  Three years and some later along came the first grandson. img_2466He is five now and other than calling him bud or bub I’ve not given him a pet name. We have lived together as a multi-generational family since the eight year old was eight months old. Those two do not know anything other than having grandma and grandpa there as well as mom and now their step-dad and as soon as they bring him home, their baby brother. Grandpa has been waiting to say to the granddaughter, “you bother me, and your brother bothers me, and your other brother bothers me.” He used to say that to our daughters. All in good fun and it garners much laughter.

img_2471My son and his wife gave us two grandbabies after the first grandson was born. Their son will be three very early in January and their daughter was one in June. I call her my little Rosebud.img_2472 The grandsons just don’t have pet names.  Their real names are short and unique enough. Although all the girls also have pretty unique names.  The live nearby so I get to see them often as well. They love to come over and play with the cousins. I love seeing the cousins playing together and having a great time. It warms my granny heart.

img_2349Last week after over two years my oldest daughter and her husband were finally able to adopt the two boys they had fostered since the youngest was an infant of about 5 weeks. They are now 3 and 2. Such cute little boys, I fell in love the first time I met them and they are the answer to years and years of prayers. I cried, I was so thrilled when the adoption finally went through. More than I ever shed happy tears for any of the other grandbabies, up to that time.

img_2462Now yesterday the most recent grandbaby made his debut and on the heels of the adoption I have to say that this one also brought tears to my eyes. But he too was an answer to prayer. When his parents married they really wanted to have another child. The longer they were married the less sure they were that they would have another. But, God’s timing is always perfect. I prayed for a boy. I felt that my son-in-law should have a son of his own besides a step-son that though he loves him unconditionally, he still has to share his with the biological dad. I personally felt he deserved a son to carry on his family name.  September 20th that son was born. I teared up. I think the babies that are the answer to prayers must be the reason I tear up because God is so merciful and gracious to answer those prayers for children in our family.

Knowing that there are enough grandchildren that our family will continue to grow is quite rewarding. I don’t care if they will have our last name, I don’t care if they have our genetics, what I care is that we pass on the love and family ties from this generation to theirs and beyond. I may not be around to see most of the generation after, the great-grands. I may get to see some as babies and small children, but, I’m thinking that most of the younger ones won’t be very far into starting families of their own by the time I leave behind this mortal body. The oldest one, probably, the next oldest possibly, after that it is not a sure things that I’ll see them grown, married and starting families. It would be nice.

My husband’s parents are both still living and they are blessed to see the great grandchildren up to something like 16. They had four children, nine grandchildren, and I think so far there are 16 great grand children. What a tremendous blessing for them to see that many of their descendents.

Blessings to all!

Grandma Peachy



About grandmapeachy

I am a retired grandmother and amateur quilter. Generally I do not discuss religion and politics with people other than my family and even then I do more listening than talking. Because I dislike confrontation this blog is a way for me to express opinions that I hold on these and other issues without having to delve into controversial discussions with others who may not agree with me. I am also an avid supporter of indie authors. There are a lot of great books that are not available through traditional publishing and I believe that these stories need to be brought to the attention of the reading public.
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