New Release: Life Sentence by Lily Luchesi

With life interference I am late with getting this out to my followers. I promise that I’ll have review of Life Sentence by Lily Luchesi soon. The first two books in the series were excellent and I suspect I won’t be disappointed in book three of the Paranormal Detective series. A few teasers with buy links at the bottom.



Suffering pretty gothic girl with chains over dark

Suffering pretty gothic girl with chains over dark


Bloodthirsty female vampire rises from the coffin on the night cemetery.

Bloodthirsty female vampire rises from the coffin on the night cemetery.






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About grandmapeachy

I am a retired grandmother and amateur quilter. Generally I do not discuss religion and politics with people other than my family and even then I do more listening than talking. Because I dislike confrontation this blog is a way for me to express opinions that I hold on these and other issues without having to delve into controversial discussions with others who may not agree with me. I am also an avid supporter of indie authors. There are a lot of great books that are not available through traditional publishing and I believe that these stories need to be brought to the attention of the reading public.
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6 Responses to New Release: Life Sentence by Lily Luchesi

  1. mikerana I’m sorry I haven’t gotten back to this reply. My thoughts, souls are the essence that live eternally, meditation – be careful what for that takes, meditate on the Word of God and you’ll be fine, but other kinds of meditation practiced opens the mind to demonic spirits, and, yes they are real. Salvation comes from personally accepting Jesus as the sacrifice for our sins, understanding that He was God who came to earth as a man so that through His sinless life He could be that blood sacrifice for the sins of the whole world. Suicides are a hard thing to understand, but, I believe that the person who ends their life does so because they have believed a lie that was put into their mind by Satan. Whatever that lie may be. As for the eternal condition of their soul, that is something I leave to God to determine. I’ve known people who apparently loved the Lord but still ended their own life. Only God can judge. I am not the judge of the world and my opinion is nothing. My thoughts are not God’s thoughts.


  2. mikerana says:

    You blogs are interesting and intellectual. I am not able to put comments on each blog because of the blog formats


    • Thank you for reading and I’m glad you find the posts interesting. I’ve never considered myself an intellectual, but I do have some opinions that I occasionally become quite verbose in relaying to anyone who takes the time to read.

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      • mikerana says:

        I enjoyed every thing that you have written and i intend delving into the depths of those blogs. Some of them are too long and needs more than one sitting.
        I am doing a project on souls for a movie. Give me some wild but practical suggestions. I will be obliged.


      • I’m not sure what kind of suggestions you are looking for. What about souls are you seeking? If you are interested in what people discover about their soul during NDEs I’d watch a few videos of individual accounts from NDEs – enlightening.

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      • mikerana says:

        Souls, meditation, salvation and suicides


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