Book Reviews: Loved by a Dragon and Dance With a Dragon by Linda K Hopkins

Loved by a Dragon (Dragon Archives book #3)

Loved by a Dragon by Linda k Hopkins coverLoved by a Dragon captured my emotions. Though I thought the story might be about Anna it is actually a continuation of Aaron and Keira’s story. I was happy when I realized this book extended their love story. Aaron is called by the prince to help with a rogue dragon problem. Taking Kiera with him the experience at court is quite unpleasant for Kiera who is from a small village and unaccustomed to the intrigues of court. This causes a problem in her already strained marriage and her leads subsequent experiences. very unpleasant events.
Though the book is about Aaron and Kiera there is some development in Anna’s story which I’m hoping will continue and be the focus of the next book.
Love can be an overpowering emotion and Aaron is consumed to the point he questions himself. Kiera doubts her husband’s love. I felt like telling them to stop doubting and just follow their hearts. The same could be said for Anna and Max. The real action took place in the latter half of the book and was intense at some points.
Overall the characters were well developed, the plot was well done and wrapped up the main story neatly. It does leave open questions about what will happen to Anna, so in that respect the development of a subplot with Anna is left open at the end and not wrapped up.
Recommended for older teens and adults.

Dance With a Dragon (Dragon Archives book #4)

Dance with a Dragon by Linda K Hopkins coverI was anxiously waiting for Max to appear throughout the first quarter of the book. Anna’s life story was picked up from where she left off at the end of the last book. Though her life was good there was definitely something missing and I knew it was Max.

This story included a good deal of political intrigue. The antagonist was suspicious in his behavior from the beginning and when his motives came to light I despised him.

I empathized with the frustrations felt Anna in Civitan because I personally dislike rumor and gossip which seems to always be present at court. No matter what genre I’ve read that involves scenes at a kings court the gossiping is always present causing problems. This tale was no different.

It was clear to everyone except Anna where her heart truly lay. She earned the moniker shrew for most of the story. There were times that I got pretty divulged with her behavior, but it wouldn’t have been nearly as interesting a story if she had been any different. Her internal conflicts were used to develop her as a character. Max was developed more through Anna’s observations of his behavior. Other characters were also developed primarily through their words and actions as the narrator only knew the mind of Anna.

This is the 4th book of the series and I enjoy Ms Hopkins dragons. They are beautiful shape shifters, though occasionally one will be a rogue with evil intent, most are good.

Anxiously awaiting book 5, Forever a Dragon Kindle release on June 29, I’ve pre-ordered a copy for myself!


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