Book Reviews: The Destiny Trilogy Books 1 and 2 by Cris Pasqueralle

Destiny Revealed (Destiny Trilogy Book 1) by Cris Pasqueralle
Destiny Revealed by Chris Pasqueralle cover

I had wanted to read this book for some time and finally got around to it. I’m glad I did and wish I hadn’t waited so long.
Jack and Mattie are twins who discover on their 17th birthday that they are wizards, very special wizards with a destiny. Unfortunately their parents are kidnapped before they are told the whole story. This began an adventure that leads them into the magical realm and a battle for the rescue of their parents.

The characters are very much teens and the author did an excellent job portraying their strengths and weaknesses appropriate for their age and maturity. The plot is well done though there is a cliff hanger that made me want to go straight into the next book in the series.

The author and probably the editor and beta readers got caught up in the fast action at the end of the book and I saw several typographical errors that were missed. But they did not detract from the exciting ending.

Destiny Revealed is a wonderful book for younger readers to capture the imagination and lead them into fantasy worlds written for more advanced readers. If they already like fantasy then this one will feed their desire to read and if they’ve never read fantasy it will spark a lifelong love of fantasy. It’s a wonderful book for middle school and older youth. Enjoyable for any age.

Paths of Destiny (Destiny Trilogy book 2) by Cris Pasqueralle

Paths of Destiny by Cris Pasqueralle coverUpon finishing Destiny Revealed I went straight to Paths of Destiny. Book two took me less time to read and I read straight through in just a few hours. The story continues where book one left off. Jack returned to the non-magical realm and quickly discovered that he could not just resume his life. The consequences of returning without his family for support are well done. The author made Jack’s experiences in the non-magical realm believably real. His sister had left with his newly discovered aunt during the battle at the end of Destiny Revealed and his mother was injured when he left; he returned with a companion. The search for his sister and aunt is the main the plot of this episode in the series, with recruiting for their side of the upcoming battle as the wrap up. The conclusion again is a cliff hanger and I look forward to reading the rest of the series when book 3 is released.

The story points out how easily someone can be taken in by a false teaching. I like that. There are also lessons on repentance and forgiveness that young readers can learn from. Familial loyalty is an important aspect of this story.

Again, the author has written a fantastic and enjoyable read for children of all ages from middle school to grandparents. There were a few more typographical errors in this book than the last and I’d say it needs one more detailed copy edit. Older readers can get through easily enough but the increase in typos might be stumbling blocks for some younger readers.


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