Book Review: Souls of the Reaper by Markie Madden 

Souls of the Reaper by Markie Madden coverSouls of the Reaper is the second book in the Undead Unit series by Markie Madden. The first, Fang and Claw got me hooked on the series and this second book was just as good. Lieutenant Lacey Anderson, a vampire, heads the special Undead Unit and Colton Scarber, a werewolf, is her partner. In Fang and Claw, the two were paired up and the relationship was quite tense because vampires and werewolves do not naturally get along. In Souls of the Reaper the working relationship of these partners is further developed and the pair make a good team.

People are going crazy and crimes are on the rise. The hunt for the reason leads to trying to catch a rogue reaper who is stealing souls. Soulless people are wreaking havoc in Dallas but it isn’t just Dallas. Worldwide the crime statistics are up. Lacey and Colton along with a shapeshifter, who is new to the force, investigate.  They bring in outside consultants with expertise regarding reapers, including a doctor who is a reaper, to determine how to find the rogue reaper responsible. The methods used to find the rogue reaper are unique yet believable for the world Ms. Madden has created. Her understanding of police procedures lends the story credibility, making it all the more realistic.  The use of science in combination with supernatural abilities makes sense for the criminal investigation and capture of the antagonist.

The book was a page turner for me and I was totally engrossed. I finished this book in one day. I didn’t stop reading until I was finished. The characters and plot both are well developed. I could feel the frustration and impatience of the protagonists and had absolutely no sympathy for the antagonist. He was the kind of character you have reason to hate. The newest addition to the team, the shapeshifter, is an interesting character and I hope to see more of her in future books.

Souls of the Reaper had just the right pace and tensions were high throughout the investigation, just as you would expect. There was a little humor sprinkled in that would be expected of people who have to work together and from family. I found this a thoroughly entertaining story.  This is a great paranormal crime drama. I look forward to more in this series. I love these characters. I hope Ms. Madden has a lot more stories of their adventures planned for the future.

The book is suitable for teens and adults.

Have a wonderful reading experience!

Grandma Peachy


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  1. A wonderful review for a fantastic author!


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