Monday Morning Musings:Reading for Pleasure

Grandma Peachy profile 1There are times that reading to meet obligations I’ve made to authors becomes tedious. Not because I don’t like the books, but because I can’t conscientiously read something that has caught my interest for personal pleasure until I’ve met the obligation.  I’m seldom truly disappointed in the books I’ve agreed to read. After all something about the book interested me in the first place or I would refuse the offer.

I have two or three books that want to read because I’ve read prior books by the author. Some of these are subsequent books in a series I started weeks or months ago. I’m starting to keep better track of my obligations and the books I just want to read for myself. An appointment calendar is helping.  However, occasionally it gets misplaced or isn’t on hand when make a promise or find a book I want to read. Then, by the time I lay hands on it again I’ve forgotten what I needed to record in it.

I am also beginning to record when I finish a book in the calendar. Sometimes I want the review to post on Friday’s blog before I put it up on Amazon and Goodreads. For GR I like to put my start and finish date because I am participating in this years reading challenge. It seems I underestimated how many book I could read though. I’m over half way through my annual estimate and the year is barely into the first quarter.  Oh well if beta reading picks up those won’t go toward the challenge and my rate of challenge books completed will slow down somewhat.

Speaking of beta reading, I’m actually looking into an opportunity to beta read for pay. I have to go through a process and submit my work before I can be accepted. I hope my work passes muster. It would be nice to make a few dollars on the side doing something I love – reading.  We’ll see what becomes of this. I’ve a book to read and review for my application process this week. If not, then I’ll continue to read and review as I have been and volunteer to beta read for authors who can’t afford to pay for the service.

Luck of the Weissensteiners by chritoph Fischer coverI just finish The Luck of the Weissensteiners by Christoph Fischer this morning. I’ll have my review posted here on Friday. I will say I enjoyed it and for those who like historical fiction, especially set in Europe during WWII, I would recommend it. Well researched history and successfully incorporated into the story of the personal lives of two families living in Czechoslovakia at the time.


Souls of the Reaper by Markie Madden coverThe next book on my reading list is Souls of the Reaper by Markie Madden. This one of those I want to read for myself. I really liked her first book in this Undead Unit series, Fang and Claw. So now I’ve made the time I really want to read the second book.


the Dragon Dreamer by J. S. Burke cover

After that I’ll read the book for my beta reader application. I’ve agreed to read Dragon Dreamer by J. S. Burke, although it seems I remember wanting to read it before just because. Two reasons to read one book. I will read this one after I submit my application to be a beta reader.  I may have two reviews next week because I’m sure I’ll be reading more books before next week is over.


That is the plan for this week. Who knows what a week will bring? It could all fall through and I don’t get it all done. At least it is a short term goal. What next week will bring is unknown. I do have a pretty long TBR list to choose from. I’m sure I’ll find something good to read.

Happy Reading!

Grandma Peachy

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About grandmapeachy

I am a retired grandmother and amateur quilter. Generally I do not discuss religion and politics with people other than my family and even then I do more listening than talking. Because I dislike confrontation this blog is a way for me to express opinions that I hold on these and other issues without having to delve into controversial discussions with others who may not agree with me. I am also an avid supporter of indie authors. There are a lot of great books that are not available through traditional publishing and I believe that these stories need to be brought to the attention of the reading public.
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