Book Review: The Exiled Trilogy by Scott Borgman

After reading the young adult series Tal’Avern by Scott Borgman I knew that I wanted to read more of this author’s work. I found his Exiled Trilogy on Kindle Unlimited as a boxed set so I was able to check out three books for the space of one. Exiled Trilogy by Scott Borgman coverAt the very beginning I had a problem with a basic premise of the story that conflicts with my personal religious beliefs, but, once I convinced myself that it is just fiction I was able to move past my own personal convictions and just enjoy the story.  The author wrote more than just a story though, it is filled with examples of what humanity has become and what it could be. Much to contemplate in these pages.

As a purely fictional work, though, it has everything you could ever want in paranormal; angels, demons, the Greek gods of the Pantheon, the God of Heaven, werewolves, vampires, zombies and more creatures plus people and places of mythology, added in is a little steamy romance on the side with an ultimate happily ever after. There were characters in each book that I loved and some that I really hated, which really drew me into the books emotionally. What more could a paranormal, fantasy, romance lover want?

Book one: The Exiled

Exiled Book 1 by Scott Borgman coverThis book has angels and demons with Lucifer as the antagonist directing things from his prison which God put him and his cohorts in when they were fighting with the other angels, who were also punished in a different way. Lucifer is angry and has been planning ways of escaping his prison for ages. He needs the key and God placed it in one human being. David is a human with no faith and he becomes the central focus of both angels and demons in the battle for control of the key. The ancient Greek gods are called upon for their help as well.  I enjoyed this first book of the Exiled trilogy. It is full of action, surprises, suspense and a bit or romance.The plot is a good one and the characters are full of life. If you just read the first book it has a good conclusion and you won’t be disappointed and left with a cliff hanger. But, there is room for more of the story and this is where I continued on to the next book in the series.

Book two: The Exiled: Continuation

Exiled Book 2 by Scott Borgman coverWhere David and Celeste left off, their daughter picks up. All her parents ever wanted for her was to be able to live a normal life.  She doesn’t know about her heritage and the night her parents decide to tell her, all hell breaks loose, so to speak. She learns through experience rather than just being told the story of her heritage. This book adds more types of characters beyond angels, demons, Greek gods and God of Heaven. In walk the werewolves and vampires.  Lucifer continues to wage war to effect his escape from the prison God threw him in as punishment for wanting to force peace on humanity. This time Kalyndra is the focus of his efforts to free himself and his brothers and sisters from prison. A lot of good battle action takes place as the series plot continues to unfold. The author has good plot and character development with another romance in the air. The conclusion seems to wrap up the story, but wait, there is more…

Book three: The Exiled: Infinity

Exiled Book three by Scott Borgman coverThis time the antagonist is Hades the god of the Underworld. He’s bidden his time and has been setting the game pieces up for centuries, now it’s time to play his hand. Again Kaly and Cody are called upon to play their part in the war, but now it’s not against Lucifer. Lucifer was duped by Hades and he’s not happy about that so he forms an alliance with the humans.

This third book in the series has just about everything. More monsters and mythical creatures are added: zombies, harpies, a chimera, hydra, and a cyclops. There is a bit about the Bermuda Triangle, Atlantis, and Pandora as well. The story plot heats up and the adventure rages to a conclusion that is somewhat unexpected.  I definitely enjoyed the entire series, though I was saddened by some of the losses at the end. There are always losses in war though.


There is so much more than paranormal romance to this story. The series has elements of fantasy and even a touch of science fiction toward the end. There are commentaries on the state of humanity and moral values woven into the story as well that give the reader food for thought about the future of mankind. It was well worth the time to read. I am looking forward to reading more works by this author.

Not recommended for young adults under age 18 due to some explicit sexual content.

Happy Reading!

Grandma Peachy

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    These sound like really good books. I might have to add them to my growing TBR kindle list. 🙂

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