Book Review: Riverbreeze (Trilogy) by Ellen E. Johnson


riverbreeze Trilogy

Riverbreeze: Part 1

It took me a few days to finish the first book in this historical fiction novel only because I was traveling. Had I been home I would not have put it down. I enjoyed the story and am looking forward to reading books two and three of this trilogy by this new author. Some parts of the story are a little slow and seemed strained. But overall it was a good historical read.  The story of two brothers who leave Britain to get away from an abusive older half brother who inherited their father’s estates and title.  As early adolescents they sell themselves as indentured servants for transport to the colony of Virginia and the mid 1600’s. The trials of colonial life are well portrayed and the story is engaging. The end was a little bland but still left me wanting to know how married life at Riverbreeze is going to be for the brothers and their twin wives. 

Riverbreeze: Part 2

Part two of the Riverbreeze saga is well written and captured my interest even more than part one. It seems to be historically accurate and gives insight into how life during the early colonial era must have been. Descriptions are well done; long enough to give a good image yet not too long to become boring. The book ends at a mild conclusion with the major plot lines wrapped up. But there just enough to make me want to read the continuing story of the Bassett brothers and their twin wives. Definitely an adult book with some sex scenes but I did not find them offensive or overly erotic and they did not detract from the story.

Riverbreeze: Part 3

The final book in the Riverbreeze trilogy was just as well written and engaging as the first two. I was able to relate to the characters as they endured hardships and celebrated joys. The mystery of who had murdered the local midwife and natural healer was resolved as well as the person who assaulted her friend and lover. The story has a well wrapped up ending that is satisfying. This was an excellent series about the early colonial days in Virginia.


Overall I enjoyed the series and found the story quite entertaining. There were many descriptions that had to have been well researched by the author. The details of colonial life, the hardships, the necessity for quick marriages and having children to increase the colonial population, strained relationships with the native tribes, crude medical practices of the day, producing enough food to survive the winters and tobacco crops to earn a living were all realistically portrayed and interesting. The plot throughout the trilogy was appropriate for the period and the characters were believable. The twin women who married the brothers, coming from an aristocratic upbringing, had much to learn about living and surviving in the colonies. The women were determined to learn how to do the things they needed to know to survive.  I believe Part 1 was this author’s debut novel. I could see the author improving her writing from the first to the second and third books. Highly recommended for those who enjoy a good historical novel.


Happy Reading!

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