Book Reviews: Riddle, and View From the Sixth Floor by Elizabeth Horton Newton


Riddle Riddle by Elizabeth Horton Newton cover

I enjoyed this story. A good mystery/thriller romance. A young man released from prison on parole, a young woman from out of town both stuck in a small town. Mysterious events begin to occur as these two strangers become friends and a romantic relationship develops between them. With a town full of suspicious residents, some who hold grudges makes life difficult for the couple. The plot development was great and most of the characters were developed well enough to be believable. The main characters were easy to sympathize with as they face various trials and obstacles in their lives and relationship. The ending was quite satisfying with a revelation at the end neatly wrapping everything up.

View From the Sixth Floor

An Oswald Tale View From the Sixth Floor by Elizabeth Horton Newton

This book grabbed me and didn’t let go. I was completely immersed into an intriguing plot and interesting characters. The first person narrative was superbly executed. This is a “what if” fiction surrounding the conspiracy theories about the assassination of JFK. Fifty years after the assassination someone knows what really happened that day and it isn’t what anyone else thinks. Those who do are trying to keep it covered up.  Well done! Good plot, good character development and an over all good read. Appropriate for ages 16 plus.


Both of these books are available from Amazon and are on Kindle Unlimited. Find Elizabeth Newton-Horton’s books on her Amazon page. Read and review.



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