Author Interview: Chess Desalls

Please welcome Chess Desalls today. She is the author of several books including her series, The Call to Search Everywhen. Thank you for being here with me today, Chess.

Chess Desalls profile picCD: You’re most welcome! Thank you for having me on your lovely blog.

GP: Generally the first thing I ask authors is to tell us a little about themselves outside of work as an author. What things do you like to do during your downtime from writing?

CD: I like to bowl, read, and play games. I’m also active in my local writing club.

GP: When did you decide to become an author and did you ever try traditional publishing before becoming and indie author?

CD: I started writing fiction in 2009 and became more interested in publishing years later. I sent out exactly two query letters to agents. Both responded with kind words for me, but I could tell that being accepted and going through the process would take a lot longer than releasing books on my own.

GP: I’ve recently read the first two books in your The Call to Search Everywhen and I know that the third book was released yesterday. Could you tell readers a bit about the series? No spoilers of course.

CD: Sure! The series begins with Travel Glasses, where the main character, Calla Winston, gets thrown into a spiral of worlds where time travel exists and is regulated. But instead of having a nice manual on how the rules work at her disposal, she’s forced to cobble together what she can by meeting other characters during her travels. Some characters are easier to trust than others, and some are easier to love.

GP: I am looking forward to reading the third book in the series, Time for the Lost. What inspired you to write a time travel series aimed at young adults?

CD: Since I enjoy family-friendly fiction that anyone can read, my writing is geared toward similar readers. I also love time travel themes. Travel Glasses began as a short story, but as I continued to write, the story outgrew a short story word count. By the time I had a rough outline for the second book, I knew it would become a series. Books 1 through 3 complete the first story ARC.

GP: Who is your favorite author and tell us why?

CD: There’s something about Peter S. Beagle’s writing and ability to connect with both children and adults that inspires me. I have a similar admiration for C.S. Lewis and J.K. Rowling.

GP: Tell us what you learned about being an indie author that surprised you the most.

CD: I’m surprised by how helpful and support other writers have been, whether they’ve been published or not. Getting books out there and introducing them to new readers is a lot of work. Writers need to know they are not alone. There are others who support writing as an art, and if they love your book they’ll tell their friends about it.

GP: I’ve been reading discussions among authors lately about good and bad reviews. Do you read reviews of your books and what is your opinion on the value of an occasional negative review?

CD: I read all my reviews, whether they’re written by book bloggers, readers, or editorial review sites. I doubt anyone enjoys getting a negative review for something they’ve put so much work into, but they’re good reminders that the book is public and that not everyone will like it.

GP: I’m sure that readers want to know how to find you and your books. Where can we find you and your books?

CD: I welcome everyone to connect with me on my website (, blog (, and social media sites:


My books can be found in print, ebook, and audio editions.


Barnes & Noble




You can also request copies from your local bookstores and libraries.

GP: Thank you for being here with me today, Chess, and I encourage readers to follow the links to learn more about your books.

CD: Thanks again for sharing your day with me. It’s been fun chatting about my books with you.

GP: Readers, please come back this Friday for reviews of the first two books in Chess Desalls’ The Call to Search Everywhen series, book one Travel Glasses and book two Insight Kindling.

Happy Reading!

Grandma Peachy

Travel Glasses by Chess Desalls coverInsight Kindling by Chess Desalls coverTFTL release day

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