Author Interview: Les Lynam

I would like to welcome author Les Lynam to Peachy’s Insights today. Les is the author of the Time Will Tell series, a delightful series about time travel. Welcome Les!

Les Lynam profile picLL: Thank you, Gram! (Is it OK if I call you Gram? We’re probably close to the same age.) I appreciate you asking me to stop by.

GP: I believe we were born in the same year, so yes, you can call me Gram. Les, I’m sure that readers want to know more about you as a person outside of being an author, would you tell us a bit about yourself, your hobbies, favorite things to do and anything else you feel like sharing with readers.

LL: I’m a retired librarian… which makes people think all ‘bookish’ thoughts right up front, but I was the computer geek librarian. Much of my career, I was the Systems Librarian at the University of Central Missouri in Warrensburg, Missouri. I know you have some connections to that area as well.

GP: Yes, I was born in Sedalia not far from there and spent my earliest childhood and some of my early teens in Missouri. Please continue.

LL: As for hobbies, I’ve never really clicked on anything long term. I collected Snoopys for awhile (but that was LAST century), played some computer games (also not recently), and I’ve always enjoyed having pets (mostly dogs). I guess the only thing that has stayed with me long term is my interest in Science Fiction. As a kid, my imagination was spurred by Star Trek, The Twilight Zone, The Outer Limits, and other lesser known shows, including The Time Tunnel. I also loved super-hero comic books, and wish I still had Avengers #1 and X-Men #1… they’d probably about pay off my mortgage now.

GP: Seems we’ve had some similar interests, at least in the television viewing. I used to watch the same shows with my mom. We were Trekkies before it became a phenomenon.

You have several YA books published including a series on time travel. What inspired you to write about time travel and gear it toward young readers?

LL: So far, I’ve got 3 of the planned 5 book series Time Will Tell finished and out there for sale. I hope to have the 4th book finished by the end of this year. Time travel and the exploration of our universe has just always resonated with me. I suppose they both ask the question, “what if?” and I find trying out various scenarios to satisfy that question motivates my writing. Besides the previously mentioned TV series The Time Tunnel, I was also influenced by the 1960 film adaptation of H.G. Wells’ Time Machine. Sometime in the late seventies, I discovered the British phenomenon, Dr. Who (which has the record for longest running sci-fi show on TV).

GP: I love Dr. Who! I’d have to say my favorite of all time was Tom Baker, though. I did see that same adaptation of Well’s book a few years after it was originally produced. I had already read the book. I began reading H.G. Wells when I was about 10 or 11, his and Jules Verne’s books captured my imagination. Your series is geared toward young readers.

LL:  As for the slant toward young readers, I think it’s almost more toward the young at heart. Several ‘older’ people who’ve read my stories comment on the nostalgia aspect. I suppose the main reason my characters start out at age 16 is that they are more malleable at that age. It is my intent to show growth and maturation of the characters over the series.

GP: I know I’ve certainly enjoyed your books.  Tell us, as an indie author, who had the most influence on your writing and how?

LL: At the pinnacle of influence, I’d have to list the three science fiction authors that I consider the best of the twentieth-century (others may argue): Robert A. Heinlein, Isaac Asimov, and Arthur C. Clarke. If forced to choose, I put Heinlein at the top. I think what I like best about him is his characters seem more real and down to earth. That might be because he hales from Missouri, and his roots show in his writing. I like his story telling the best of the three. On the other hand, I think Clarke is the better writer. His word selection is amazing. It’s very crisp and dynamic. Outside of the big three, I’d have to also include Orson Scott Card. I love the depth of character developed in Ender’s Game, but was then blown away by the partial retelling of much of the same story from an alternate point of view in Ender’s Shadow. It really drives home to me that even a shared reality is perceived differently by each individual. That’s also been interesting to me when I get reader’s feedback (love it, BTW… keep it coming!). It is apparent that everyone has a slightly different perspective from what they read in my stories. It’s really fascinating!

GP: I recently read a series in which two of the books told both sides of the same story from the perspective of two different characters. It really is fascinating the difference perspective makes.

What was the best advice you received as a new author?

LL: Don’t be discouraged. Most over-night success stories only happen after years of hard work. While I’d be thrilled to suddenly have the number of readers that J.K. Rowling garnered, it’s probably not going to happen.

GP: Could you tell us about what you have in the works now? No spoilers of course.

LL: My character from the 23rd Century initially is very secretive about the future. Complications in his own life causes cracks in his resolve, and in the second book, he begins to hint at the time period known as The Dark Decades (further mention is made in book 3). In the fourth book, our intrepid band of travelers have to finally face the dangers of a civilization that has been broken and struggles to survive in a world turned upside down. It’s my nod toward a post-apocalyptic story that takes place in OUR future, but is historical fact for our time traveler (who comes from a time when civilization has been rebuilt).

GP: I’m sure readers want to know how to find you and your books. Please share links to your pages and books.

LL: I would LOVE for more people to find me and my books! If I could, I’d first like to share a promotion I’m doing through the end of the month (act before Midnight, January 31st!). Anyone who signs up for my newsletter will get a free eCopy of my first book! Here’s the link:

If you go to my Author Central page on Amazon, you can link to all of my books:

And of course I’d LOVE everyone reading this to swing by my Author Page on Facebook and give it a like:

I’m not much of a tweeter, but if you want to find me on Twitter, it’s:

GP: I want to thank you for taking time to be with me today, Les. It has been a pleasure talking with you.

LL: It was fun swinging by! Thanks for the invitation!

GP: Readers be sure to visit Les’ pages and give him a like. Come back to visit me here on Peachy’s Insights this Friday for my reviews of all three books currently available in the Time Will Tell series. 

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  2. Mollie Dinwiddie says:

    Enjoyed this blog entry a lot as I have read Les Lynam’s first three books and enjoyed them. I also think I will enjoy checking this blog from time to time! I’m one of Les’ “older” readers and I very much enjoy his references to events of the 1960’s – 1980’s! His humor is there and those who know him see it clearly!

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    Meet the ever wonderful Les Lynam, in his first web interview with Gram Peachy.

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