Book Reviews: Enforcers and Coterie series by Veronica Del Rosa

Today I have guest reviewer Jen Winters here today. As fan of  Veronica Del Rosa she is here to review her Enforcers and Coterie series. Please welcome Jen.


Jen Winters profile picThank you Grandma Peachy for hosting me as a guest reviewer! Also, you’re my mom, so there’s that. Haha

Here’s the low down. Veronica Del Rosa is one of my good friends, but before we were friends, I fell in love with her Enforcers and Coterie series. The series includes, Magic Resistant, Throwing Away the Good (novella), Sylvia’s Torment, Unexpected Werewolf (novella with Sylvia’s Torment), Dawn’s Keeper, Assassinated Love (novella with Dawn’s Keeper), and the up-coming Chained in Desire.  Magic Resistant by Veronica Del Rosa cover
This series is a paranormal romance, but reads like a third-person urban fantasy series. While each book can be read on its Sylvia's Torment by Veronica Del Rosaown, there is an over-arching plot line that has yet to be resolved and won’t be for a few more books. Also, I am excited about that.
Veronica’s characters enthralled me from the first book. Her women are kickass and cunning, and her men are smexy and dangerous. She doesn’t under-estimate her characters, but she lets them make their own mistakes without making them completely superhuman.
Dawn's Keeper by Veroncia Del Rosa coverBut they are…superhuman, that is. The Enforcers and Coterie series is set in a Toronto, Canada. Hundreds of years ago the magical community came out of the supernatural closet causing the bloodiest war in human history. Since then, a new governing body has taken over. The humans police themselves and the supes use the Enforcers to police themselves. All of it fall under the Coterie, the ruling body of the planet.
Veronica introduces you to this world through the Mage Enforcers, Julia and Jackson in Magic Resistant. On the run from the Enforcers, Jackson works to prove his innocence Throwing Away the Good by Veronica Del Rosa coveragainst an incriminating video while Julia hunts him down. Magic Resistant took me on a ride with these two characters that I will never forget, and also, I might have reread this book…more than once…maybe.
Following up with Sylvia’s Torment, Veronica gives you intimate access to the powerful Toronto werewolf pack. Sylvia is a werewolf Enforcer, she is smart, funny, and capable of killing with her bare hands. Also she’s been kidnapped and tortured for months and her pack alpha hasn’t dealt with her disappearance well. I fell deeply in love with Derek and Sylvia, I might have teared up a few times, though I wouldn’t ever admit to crying over fictional characters.Assassinated Love by Veronica Del Rosa cover
Dawn’s Keeper is my favorite, but only because I fell in love with Dawn in Magic Resistant and wanted to know all about that feisty vamp. Elijah, who scares me sometimes, worms his way into her life, and then into her heart. This book had some major twists that I did not expect, even though I know the author and she really should have told me, but she is good at playing is close to the chest. I would say this is the only book that you shouldn’t read until you’ve read Magic Resistant, just so that the surprises aren’t spoiled.
As a whole, I give this series five stars. You can read my original reviews here:
Magic Resistant:
Sylvia’s Torment:
Throwing Away the Good:
Dawn’s Keeper:

Thank you Jen for your insightful review of the Enforcers and Coterie series by Veronica Del Rosa.  Readers you can find these series at the links below.

Happy Reading!

Grandma Peachy


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  1. Thanks Grandma Peachy and Jen! And I’m still giggling about Jen’s reaction to Elijah. 😉

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