Author Interview: Veronica Del Rosa

Jen WintersPlease welcome guest interviewer Jen Winters and author Veronica Del Rosa author of the Enforcers and Coterie (3 Book Series).

Jen: Thank you, Grandma Peachy for hosting me with Veronica today! Veronica, tell us a bit about you and your books.

Veronica Del RosaVeronica: I’m a computer geek who grew up reading romance novels. When I met my husband, I fell in love with his fantasy books, which grew into an obsession with Forgotten Realms. From there, it was natural for me to seek out paranormal romance and urban fantasy books.

As for my books, they’re classified as paranormal romance, but have a lot of elements of urban fantasy. I like to create a world that steps off the pages, takes your hand, and gives you one hell of an adventure. Along the way, you fall in love and banter with the characters.

Jen: Ok, that was for the readers who don’t know you. I love your series, and will be reviewing it here on Friday. My favorite character, hands down, is Revenant, but a close second is Dawn…maybe it’s vice versa there. Who’s your favorite character and what made you like him/her so much?

Veronica: Wow, my favourite character. That’s a tough one. It’s a close tie between Elijah and Markus. Both are powerful mages who could rule the world if they wanted to, and yet they devote their energy to protecting others. Of course, neither one is the cuddly kind. Markus rolls his eyes at what he calls “lovey-dovey crap” while Elijah keeps most at an arm’s length due to several reasons I won’t get into. No spoilers here. 😉

Jen: Fine. No spoilers. But the readers definitely need to read Magic Resistant and Dawn’s Keeper to get Elijah in all his glory.

You have a new book coming up that I am excited to read, Chained in Desire. Give me a little hint about what to expect from Victor and Isabella in that one.

Veronica: For those who’ve read the previous books, they may recall that Victor has a slight problem. Well, two actually. One, women adore him. Yes, I’m serious, that’s a problem. He exudes pheromones that drive women crazy, although he does his damnedest to keep it under control. His other problem is Isabella. She disappeared after an injection of demon essence and his assignment is to find her. Hard to do when she can teleport anywhere in the world and has left no trace of herself.

Except Isabella isn’t hiding out because she wants to. She’s been taken prisoner by the Overlord, a demon who has certain plans for Earth.

Jen: Oooooh, the Overlord. Please tell me we get to meet him and hate him grin emoticon

Veronica: Oh yes! He has a big role to play in Chained in Desire, and several secrets about the demons are revealed. And trust me, you will love to hate the Overlord.

Jen: Yes! Can’t wait to meet him! I might have a thing for bad guys…

Talk to me about your female characters. They are bad ass, smart, and cunning. I fell head-over-heels for Dawn in Magic Resistant and you wrote Dawn’s Keeper because of my love affair for that woman. You have definitely not gone the traditional route with your females when it comes to PNR. What made you resist the traditional PNR heroine?

Veronica: Most of my resistant stems from my own lack of conformity. I work in what used to be a male dominated field although thankfully that has changed a lot in the last ten years. Spending time mainly with men may have shaped my thinking, especially since many of them treated me with respect and sought out my opinion.

To me, women aren’t chattel waiting for a man to save her. She can save herself. And yet that doesn’t mean she needs to disdain men. I absolutely adore my husband which has made me a stronger person in the sense that I know who I am and what I’m capable of, even if he wasn’t by my side.

Women in romance need that voice as well. We aren’t simpering idiots who can’t trust our own instincts. Hormones and attraction to a man doesn’t turn our brains off. Honestly I wanted a book that I would enjoy and women that I’d cheer for.

Jen: Thank you for delivering on that. We do need to know we don’t have to be saved, we can save ourselves without disrespecting or disdaining men in the process.

One more question: When do I get to Read Chained in Desire, and when can the rest of the plebs read it? 😉

Veronica: I’m still waiting on the edits and I’m not sure when they’ll be done. Mid-March, so far, is the date I have in mind for publication. But for you, I’m sure we can work out an ARC. 😉

Jen: Woot!

Have a great day! Thanks, GP for hosting us and Thank you V, for participating. Love you!

Veronica: Thank you very much for having me here today. I had a blast, as always.

GP:  I want to thank you both for being my guests today. I haven’t read any of Veronica’s books yet but they are on my personal TBR list for this year.  Readers you can find Veronica’s books at the links provided below.  Check in with us this Friday as Jen Winters is my guest reviewer for Veronica’s series.

Happy Reading!

Grandma Peachy

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Sylvia’s Torment – $2.99

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Assassinated Love – $0.99


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