How Maxwell Grover Stole My House by C. E. Vance

Author Chantiel Vance’s incredible fantasy/adventures story for middle grade readers is about to get its first sequel in January, and in an effort introduce more readers to the incorrigible Maxwell Grover, she is offering a great Holiday deal.

The Kindle eBook is available on an Amazon countdown deal in the U.S. and the U.k. for only 0.99 through December 19th. The paperback version is now $6.99, and anyone who buys the book in this format will get the eBook FREE!

This is Book 1 in the trilogy, and has been very popular with young readers and adults alike! Here is what some of them have to say:

D.M.- 5 stars

I loved this book from start to finish! It was so exciting and every page had me gripped. The characters are fantastic – particularly the disgusting Maxwell Grover himself. As a teacher of 9-11 year olds, I imagine that every kid in my class would just adore this book, but it isn’t just for kids. The idea of a sadistic, bullying adult picking on kids is something everybody can be afraid of. It locks into something inside every one of us, and you just can’t help but root for the kids to come out on top.

Surprisingly, even though I knew the ending (it’s the title of the book for goodness sake!), I actually didn’t expect what happened! And I was definitely left wanting more so I can’t wait for book 2 to be released!

Jose- 5 Stars

I bought this book for my nephew who is a struggling reader. I am amazed how both my nephew and I are enjoying the book. C.E. Vance has a natural ability to tell children’s stories and to tell them well. She used suspense, humor, and language in a way to evoke the most natural feelings in story-telling. I look forward to finishing this book with my nephew. Already we have enjoyed Vance’s uncanny ability for description and emphasis on unraveling the story. Thumbs way up!

Lucinda- 5Stars

I really enjoyed this story, and older children from 8 years and upwards will too. It’s not your usual children’s tale, it has too many twists, and in the early pages a complete sense of realism before we move, towards the end into the land of fantasy. This book is well written, easy to read as it flows beautifully and this author certainly knows how to build up suspense – I found myself reading faster and faster to see what was going to happen. A delightful book, and it’s not only for children. I hope this author will be writing books for grown ups as well, I will buy them.

David- 4 Stars

Good read, enjoyed the story line, I love to read and re-read young adult fiction and this new author was a pleasant surprise!

Ashley- 4 Stars

What an exciting and suspenseful children’s story! … Well written and fun, this story about a grown-up bully will have you rooting for the children, even when they execute their vicious and poorly planned pranks.

Find it on and get personally acquainted with young Zeke, his best friend Winks, and of course, Maxwell Grover!

MG1 v3 front LR


How Maxwell Grover Stole My House

Book 1 in the exciting new series!

What if every fear you had about your next door neighbor turned out to be true?

10-year-old Zeke is reluctant about moving away from the big city to the tiny town of Dinsley. A nerdy kid with a history of bully trouble, Zeke is sure that he has nothing to look forward to but more misery and trouble. All of his worst fears are realized when he meets the strange old man who lives next door: the infamous Maxwell Grover.

Follow Zeke and his best friend Winks as they embark on a dangerous journey full of twists and turns as they attempt to discover Grover’s evil plan … and fight to defeat it!

MG2 v2 front LRBook 2 Blurb: (out the end of January 2016)

How Maxwell Grover Stole My Parents

Maxwell Grover Series: Book 2

Maxwell Grover is back, but unfortunately for him, so are Zeke and Winks. He’s just as nasty as ever and has gone from troublesome neighbor to live-in nightmare.

Zeke is desperate to find a way to break the enchantment on his family and free them from their evil captor. Joined again by his loyal best friend, he sets out to undo what has been done as he searches for a way to put an end to Grover’s reign of terror … before he takes over Dinsley. 

The rivalry hits a fever pitch as the pair attempts to use magic to beat Grover at his own game. With new discoveries and unexpected consequences, both sides may come up short in the end.

Book 3 coming soon!

AuthorPicUpdated2Author Bio:

C.E. Vance is an avid reader and proud Indie author. She is most known for her middle-grade fantasies in the Maxwell Grover trilogy. Her debut novel, “How Maxwell Grover Stole My House”, has had more than 300 digital copies downloaded in 8 countries. The highly anticipated sequel, How Maxwell Grover Stole My Parents will wow readers again this January.

C.E. is also the author of the Eternal Arguments Saga. A short introduction to the series for adults, entitled Eternal Arguments, was published November 2015. The Innocent, the first full length novel of this collection is set for release Spring of 2016.

In addition to dreaming up fantastical tales for her books and short stories, C.E. also enjoys writing poetry, being outdoors, and daydreaming at inappropriate times. She happily resides with her husband and four children in Utah.





Amazon Author Page:

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