Guest Interviewer Jen Winters with Alex Wolfe from Kissing the Rain

I would like to welcome author Jen Winters and Alex Wolfe from her novelette Kissing the Rain. Jen is here to interview Alex so readers can get a better insight into his character.

Hello Readers! Thank you to Grandma Peachy for hosting me and the bodacious babe, Alex Wolfe! Last week the love of his life left me hanging in an interview you can see here —> Hopefully she’s calmed down a bit now.

I believe I’ve managed to get her head re-levelled. Thank you, Grandma Peachy, for hosting us. I was a bit surprised that you wanted me.

Why wouldn’t we want you? You’re a book boyfriend!

If I wasn’t taken by a Guardian, I would be skimming the auras of everyone reading this. And they would be delicious.

You’re a little devilish, aren’t you?

Half demon, half Therian wolf. Of course I’m a bit devilish, haha.

So I have a few questions for you. I try to stick to ten. Is that ok?

Absolutely. I won’t walk out on you, I promise. And you know I keep my promises.

Oh yes I do! First question, one I get a lot from readers: are you a man-slut?

I’m not! You’re readers actually ask if I’m a man-slut?! That is so offensive! Liking sex, and needing sex is not the same thing as slutting around. I’m offended for women everywhere too! ‘Slut’ is a derogatory word used about women who like sex and seek it out. No one, absolutely no one, should be labelled like that because they need sex. For most people sex is as necessary for a happy healthy life as breathing and food.

I feel a lecture coming on, Professor.

You’re damn right I’m about to lecture you and your readers! I apologize Grandma Peachy, but this is important. Sex is important. It’s about connection and life; it’s about fulfillment and joy, and it should never be painted as a ‘bad’ thing by anyone, anywhere. It isn’t even a luxury in life, unlike what most insurance companies’ policies have decided. Viagra shouldn’t be a luxury item, it should be covered like any other quality of life medicine out there. Sex is a part of the human condition. Humans and supernaturals were designed for sex. Everything about us leads us to sex, from the scent of our natural odors to the way we are shaped for each other. I believe in romance, and I believe in the romance author.

There are some fabulous sex scenes in your books. In mine, you show how wonderful a three-party mutually beneficial sexcapade can be. If it wasn’t for my father’s interruption, I would still be seeing Michel and Sarah. I loved them, still do. If my sex life with Geneva or any other person can help one of your readers have a healthier sex life themselves, I am happy to bare all. Sex is that important.

My mother shouldn’t have let me lead this interview. I will be surprised if she even posts it.

I happen to know that your mother is a fan of me, and that she has informed your views on sex as much as you have informed mine.



Ok, so question two: Do you miss your school? You haven’t been back in a while, have you?

Actually, I went back with Geneva just after our honeymoon, which we had about a month before Junior was born. Stephan gave me the go-ahead to expand the school and create a branch in the DFW area. I am working on assembling a teaching team from my previous students and some recommendations that Stephan has made and plan to open up a new school in the next few years. I have been looking at properties and may have found one that is just about perfect. With some help from Lucy, I expect I can make it into an ideal place for halflings.

I’m glad you are following your calling! What does Geneva think?

She is happy for me. She knows where my heart lies when it comes to my calling and she is utterly supportive. I also think she likes the idea of having a place to send halflings instead of just killing them. She isn’t the type to want to take a life, no matter how evil it is. If there is the potential for good, she wants to see that potential develop.

There is a lot of resentment in the supernatural community toward halflings. How do you deal with that?

I live a good life, as much as I am able to. I long ago stopped seeing myself as good and evil and just accepted what I am. Because of that, I am able to live a full and happy, good life. Certainly I let the demon out of the box on occasion, but I don’t feel the need to hurt anyone to do that. Before, death was all I could think about. After Stephan saved me, I am whole and wholly able to choose to do right. I am free. Salvation isn’t about putting people under a different set of imprisoning chains. It’s about freedom. What Stephan did for me was make me free. I can choose good now, whereas before, all I could do was evil.

I get a lot of comments and reviews about your insta-love with Geneva. Tell us about that.

Insta-love? Love at first sight? Ok, I get it. Strange question though. Sometimes in life, people get lucky. They find their soul mate, as I did mine. Of course I was immediately attracted to her. She’s hot as hell! Small, but vivacious; fiery and dangerous. The wolf in me immediately knew her and wanted her. Of course he did! She was a perfect fit for him.

However, that was lust! Instant, requited lust. And it was good! I live a life of love. I try to have other people’s best interests in my heart of hearts. Love is a verb, and action word. Those actions often develop coinciding feelings too. So yes, I loved her as soon as I met her because that’s the life I chose. My romantic love for her developed over the course of our two weeks together in Fort Davis. And now, after marrying her, and having a child with her, and over-coming obstacles together, our love is even better. It has grown, and I hope that it will never stop growing. Though she is my soulmate, if we stopped working out our love for one another, it would wither and die and we would be miserable soulmates. Love is something you do. Those feelings can wither and die if you don’t do your love.

You are quite the sage about love, romance, and sex.

Isn’t that what makes me a great book boyfriend?

Le sigh. Yes, yes it does. Some of my readers what to know what happened to Sylvia Gray, your sister.

I don’t know. I did see her after my father took me, when I was still fighting for control of my body, before he booted me into the dream realm. She was surprised to see me, but she knew as soon as Yuruch spoke to her through my lips to whom she was speaking and why we had been called to Fort Worth. I didn’t see her after that. I don’t know if she is among the bodies that were unidentified or if she escaped. Perhaps you can enlighten us as to her fate?

I was hoping you would. Darn. I don’t know what happened to her either. I’ve just assumed she was among the dead all this time.

Forgive me if I assume she is among the living. I prefer hope.

Of course, Alex. You are usually right anyway.

Don’t tell Geneva that, haha.

I promise that I will let her keep thinking she is right, ha! What is it like in your household these days with the new staff and the baby, and the missing Prophetess?

You would bring that up. Life is good for the most part. I have to keep the baby separated from the humans until he learns to control his powers, but that’s easily done. He’s adorable, of course. He knows it too! He could cute the hardest heart into loving him, and then he would steal their soul. Yep, he’s a soul eater too, like my father. As for the new staff, they think I am a single father! It’s kind of funny when I over hear them gossipping about me and they feel sorry for me. Samuel has been great though—damn. Sorry. It’s hard to remember he’s gone.

I’m sorry about that. How is Emma doing?

She’s awake and doesn’t remember anything. I don’t know where she is, but I did get an update from Jared last payday. She’s doing well. Happy even.

Are you and Jared on good terms?

This goes back to what I was saying about love. I do love, even to Jared. Yeah, he is a jackass and really hard to like, but I think I am making progress with him. He doesn’t insult my parentage anymore, haha. I’ve taken over dealing with him. Maybe I can love him enough to help him become a real person instead of the façade of a person he puts up. He’s broken and hardened and badass.


He’s one of the Fallen. He’s been around for thousands of years. Do not under estimate how badass he would have to be to have survived this long. He is still a demon’s best food source. You think they don’t still hunt him? He didn’t have the protection of a demon to help him along as Ambrose did. Yeah, he is badass.

Well, that is my ten. Thank you for being here with me today!

As if I had a choice, babe.

I won’t tell my husband you called me babe 😉

Thanks Grandma Peachy for having us today!


Thank you for being here and entertaining my readers. If you want to read Alex’s story it is free on Amazon.


Grandma Peachy

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4 Responses to Guest Interviewer Jen Winters with Alex Wolfe from Kissing the Rain

  1. maedwards58 says:

    I enjoyed this interesting and insightful interview. Thank you! 🙂


    • I’m glad you enjoyed it, I think it was a fun interview. Character interviews can help readers get a better understanding of the author’s characters and work, or the author’s character.


  2. Excellent….thoroughly agree with your thoughts, Alex.


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