Mary Anne Edwards Thunderclap support

Just thought I would share this with my followers. Since this week I am featuring Mary Anne Edwards Mary Ann Edwards author picwith Wednesday’s author interview and Friday’s book review. Check it out, go support her. Her detective mystery romance series are excellent books. Great for older women because the heroine, Marian, is an older woman who finds love again after widowhood. The mysteries are really well written and the books are clean and appropriate for even young adults under 18 to read.

Happy Reading!

Grandma Peachy


About grandmapeachy

I am a retired grandmother and amateur quilter. Generally I do not discuss religion and politics with people other than my family and even then I do more listening than talking. Because I dislike confrontation this blog is a way for me to express opinions that I hold on these and other issues without having to delve into controversial discussions with others who may not agree with me. I am also an avid supporter of indie authors. There are a lot of great books that are not available through traditional publishing and I believe that these stories need to be brought to the attention of the reading public.
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