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For today’s blog tour I am reviewing all four books in a truly epic story, The Saga of a World Called Htrae by Dee Krull. I accepted an invitation to participate in the blog tour highlighting the release of  “Attack of the Warrior Queen” with the understanding that I do not review a book in a series without having read the previous books. I read the entire series and am reviewing all four books although this tour is for the release the fourth book in the series “Attack of the Warrior Queen.”  Enjoy the reviews and if you haven’t read the first three books, please take the time to buy them and read them along with her newest book. It really is a great epic saga that will draw you in with her exceptional characters, plot and story telling.  This series is not for young adults under 18 because of explicit sex scenes.

Dreams and Vampires by Dee Krull Dreams and Vampires by Dee Krull cover

The first of this series is an introduction to the world and characters of Htrae. The story begins on earth with a psychologist specializing in regression hypnotherapy. Strange events occur as Laurel’s patients begin having nightmare dreams after their regression hypnosis therapy sessions.

The first part of the book concentrates on character development of Laurel and plot set up for the second part of the book. The second part further develops the plot along with character development of the male protagonist, a vampire, as well as the heroine, Laurel. Htrae is an alternate world with vampires, werewolves, witches, and humans all of whom live very long lives.

This first book is more of a long preface to the Saga of the World Called Htrae. It is well written, but if you are not committed to reading the entire series then don’t start this one. This is not a stand alone book. The end is not the end, rather it has an abrupt “to be continued”  ending without resolution or climax.

I give this book a four star rating. The character development and plot background development for the series were well done and essential. The novel was not as captivating in drawing me into the characters as I would have liked. However it was interesting enough to make me want to jump right into the next part of the story. Adults 18+ because of explicit sex.

Power of the Vampire by Dee Krull Power of the Vampire by Dee Krull cover

Power of the Vampire by Dee Krull is the continuation of the story as begun in Dreams and Vampires. The World of  Htrae is under a Vampire King who has been breaking the laws that he established for the rest of the world. Those who are restricted by those laws learn of the kings actions and are unhappy. In this part of the saga Laurel develops her own hybrid powers even more and chooses her mate among the two males who love her and whom she loves.  She also takes on the role that has been prophesied about her.

The further plot development in this epic fantasy/sci-fi is intense and captivated my interest and curiosity about the events that will occur throughout the book and series. It is very well written and the plot flows nicely. The resolution of tension in the relationships between Laurel, the vampire Kianas and the hybrid Learden is well written and the though tensions will remain it does not seem that it will cause problems with the primary plot of the story.

There is a lot of action and the protagonist, who is not the same person as in the first novel, has just enough character development to keep you guessing. Once I committed to the Saga of the World Called Htrae in this second in the series, I did not want to put it down. This is not a stand alone book,  it is a continuation of the first novel and lead in to the third and fourth novels. Though there is a resolution to one thread at the end of the book there is still much more to the story and you will definitely want to continue with the next book in the series. I enjoyed this second in the series more than the first. I give this a five star for a well written and excellent plot development. Adults 18+ because of explicit sex.

Rise of the Hybrids by Dee Krull Rise of the Hybrids by Dee Krull cover

This third book in the Saga of a World Called Htrae Laurel increases in both her talents and her leadership as Queen. There is a lot of military planning to rid Htrae of the aliens trying to take over the planet and enslave all the native inhabitants. Battles are fought and the various races from the continents are united to increase the queens army for the purpose of fighting the invading aliens.

The continuing epic saga is exciting and suspenseful.  This part of the saga is a build up to what the reader knows will be the actual war. The author has done an excellent job portraying the characters. Queen Laurel is capable and humble, making her a leader that all of her subjects love. Her mate, Learden, is a perfect to blend of loving protector and valiant hero. They have their faults that make them real and get them into trouble. But together they are able to overcome the problems that arise.

One of the things I really like about this world is the combination of medieval technology and magic along with a sci-fi element more modern technology. The author has done a marvelous job of blending these elements into a realistic epic fantasy/sci-fi story.

This Is definitely a five star book. I did see a few places that copy editing missed but they did not slow the reading or cause misunderstanding of the text so I am not taking away points for them. Highly recommended for fantasy fans. Adults 18+ because of explicit sex.

Attack of the Warrior Queen by Dee Krull Attack of the Warrior Queen by Dee Krull cover

When I began this book I fully expected it to be the final book in the saga, however, it did not fully wrap up the story.  This novel continues the war between the united species of Htrae and alien invaders. The plot takes a couple of twists that include another enemy and a revelation of what the alien invaders prepared to bring to the planet.

A number of additional characters are brought into the story. Some were important enough to the plot to develop the characters and the author did a good job incorporating these characters. The tensions of war are realistically shown in the behaviors and reactions of various key characters. Emotions run high throughout the novel and easily drew me into the story feeling the love, hate, frustrations, fears, and doubts of the characters.

I did feel the end of the book was rushed and it was apparent the author may have intended the series to end with this novel. Too many plot lines were not wrapped up to leave the story at this point.  Authors note at the end indicated that she will continue the Saga of a World Called Htrae. It would be a shame if she did not write at least one more to wrap up the various story lines.

There were a few more copy edit errors in this book than the previous novel. It was well written, engaging and entertaining. I give this book a four star primarily for the rushed summarized ending and increased editing errors. Still it was an exciting read and I look forward to another book to conclude the story.  Adults 18+ because of explicit sex.


You can find Dee Krull’s books on Amazon available in both Kindle edition and hardcopy. This romantic action packed fantasy/sci-fi series is well worth reading.


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