Author Interview: Scott Richard Ehredt

I would like to thank author Scott Richard Ehredt for being here with us today. I recently read his debut novel “The Sacrificial Wolf” and loved it. Welcome Scott.

12053217_10200809701882159_1131698042_nSRE: Thank you! It’s my pleasure.

GP: Tell us a little bit about yourself what interests do you pursue when you aren’t writing or narrating books for others?

SRE: Well, I’m lucky to live in a rather idyllic place. Here in the high desert of Southern California I’m about equidistant from the mountains or the sea. I love the beach, but spend most of my free time on horseback in the desert and mountains. My horses, Solitaire and Solitude, are my deepest passion.

GP: How would you describe “The Sacrificial Wolf” to people who haven’t had a chance to read it yet​?Sacrificial Wolf cover S. Richard Ehredt

SRE: It’s a thriller! And a rather violent one. It’s set in the late 80s, so it’s quite different from most modern thrillers. The terrorists are Narco-baddies and there are no cell-phones or drones, etc. It takes place near the end of the “human-intel” era…and it’s heavily influenced by the MASTER of that niche genre, Ian Fleming. It’s not a Clancy novel (though I do love Clancy)…where you need a week or two and you need to take notes to keep up. It is a very fast-paced and violent thriller.

GP: When did you begin writing and what made you decide to begin publishing your work?

SRE: I dedicate the book to Nanette Anslinger – who was my high-school drama teacher and mentor. My “desk above the cabinets” mentioned there was a real thing. There were these very tall cabinets in the drama office and she allowed me to drag a small desk up there. I wrote my first novel there – at the ripe old age of 16. I’ve always loved to write. I have so many projects in so many varying stages of construction! Sacrificial Wolf was the first one I ever actually completed, proofed, and felt was ready for, and worthy of, publication. While I was working with Julie Nicholls, narrating her wonderful book Demon Within, she convinced me to publish it. And she took an amazing amount of her time and talent to help me get it done. I was still a little iffy….until she surprised me with that incredible book cover! Once I saw THAT, I desperately wanted my words wrapped in it.

GP: What was the best advice you received as a new author?

SRE: Write what you know. Just as with acting, you really can’t fake it. If you’re going to ask a reader to come along on your journey, you’d better be an experienced guide!

GP: How has publishing changed the way you view your writing?

SRE: I don’t think is has, really. Except as an inspiration to finish the second book in The Blood Trilogy! And get started on the third!

GP: Did you start with an outline that you followed for “The Sacrificial Wolf,” or was it just an idea that you began writing and let it develop as the story unfolded?

SRE: It started with no outline and absolutely no direction. It was a sort of stream-of-consciousness improvisation. I was well into it before I realized…I really liked it! At that point I backed up just a little, outlined the plot, then dove back in and let it write itself. My training and professional life’s experience is as an actor. Writing is really the ULTIMATE actor’s improve. You want a scene partner, you write one. A prop, you write it in. You write the setting, the lines, etc. It’s just great FUN!

GP: I know from the excerpt at the end of Wolf that you have begun a sequel. Can you give our readers some hints about the book without revealing any spoilers?

SRE: That’s difficult! There’s not a lot of padding in my writing – it’s rather non-stop action, and so much deceit! It’s hard to talk about it without spoilers. I’ll just say that David Callen’s little girl, Michelle, is now a young lady, the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree and, again, nothing is as it seems…but the blood.

GP: You narrate books for other authors. Please share some of your experiences as a narrator. What do you enjoy or dislike about narrating for others?

SRE: Somehow I’ve luckily gotten some wonderful fantasies to narrate. I love diving onto these worlds of magic and demons and angels and such. They are very different from what I write – and I truly love the experience. I very much enjoy reading these books and bringing voices to the characters. I will admit, if forced, that there is one aspect of producing audiobooks that I do, indeed, dislike though. It’s the editing. It is very time-consuming and tedious! But once the book is finished and people are enjoying it, the performer in me is quite proud and happy with the final result.

GP: Where can readers find you and your book? Do you have some links you would like to share so readers can find you and your book?

SRE: The Sacrificial Wolf is currently available on Amazon as an eBook and paperback. And the paperback is also available on CreateSpace. I have one audiobook I’m currently producing, and three more in queue! But, once those are finished, I intend to produce SacWolf as an audiobook as well – with the narration by yours truly.

Here are those links…*Version*=1&*entries*=0

And, if anyone is interested, here’s a link to my acting reel as well!

Scott, I would like to thank you again for being here today. I hope the readers have enjoyed the interview. I will have a review of “The Sacrificial Wolf” posting this Thursday.  The book is the October historical fiction Book of the Month selection for the Goodreads Trail Mix Readers group.

Happy Reading!

Grandma Peachy


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