Author Interview with Scarlett Finn


Fighting FateI would like to thank author Scarlett Finn for being here with us today. Welcome Scarlett.

GP: Tell us about yourself what do you do when you aren’t writing?

SF: I’m pretty much always writing. Even if I’m not at my computer there’s usually a bit of plotting going on in my mind. I run my own business and I’m a mother, so any time I’m not putting pen to paper, my time is occupied by one of those two things or with friends.

GP: How would you describe your books to people who’ve never read your work?

SF: I write sexy romantic suspense novels. They tend to be character driven and contain some rather vivid intimate scenes 😉

GP: It seems many authors have been writers since youth. When did you begin writing and what made you decide to begin publishing your work?

SF: I finished my first novel when I was nine. But I remember telling my family and friends from a much younger age that I wanted to be an author.

My grandmother is responsible for my decision to publish my work. She passed away two years ago and for various reasons that spurred me on. I dillydallied, but just after my birthday the following year, I did it.

She was a great reader and the rock in my life, I still miss her every day, but it comforts me to know that she’d be proud of what I’ve accomplished.

GP: For new authors what do you believe is the best advice they could receive?

SF: So many possibilities! Hmm, let’s see, you can’t underestimate the usual advice of read a lot and write a lot. These days, that kind of goes without saying.

But another thing I would suggest is to buy yourself a really great notebook, a sturdy one, and keep all of your notes collated in that one place. You can brainstorm using post-its or other paper, but the facts, plot, and character quirks should stay in there. Oh, and erasable pens are great too 😉

For indie authors, I would say that patience is key. There is no instant pay-off, you have to be willing to keep on going, despite setbacks and negative reviews, keep on going.

Also, it’s hard work. Don’t fool yourself into thinking that because you are confident in your craft that it will be enough. We’re all always learning and when you venture into the indie world there is so much to be responsible for, writing the book is only the first step!

GP: How has publishing changed the way you view your writing? If so tell us in what ways.

SF: Yes, publishing has changed the way I view my writing. Now I have to look upon what I do as a business and the novels I create are my product. It’s great to do something that I love so much because it doesn’t feel like work.

It’s important to be focused, to write, edit, and edit again, to hit each stage of the process and then move onto the next project. When writing is a hobby, you can be lazy or chop and change between projects. But when you’re doing it professionally, you have to be focused.

GP: Some authors have stories they outline in detail before setting the story down in detail while others have a basic story idea and just start writing and let it develop as it is written. How would you describe your style in this regard?

SF: I’m somewhere in between. In my notebook I’ll write down the flood of inspiration that comes when I begin my process. I’ll have major scenes mapped out and key plot points to hit along the way. That being said, if I start writing and the characters take me in a different direction then I go with it; sometimes it works out and sometimes it doesn’t!

GP: Reading your books I notice there is a lot of overlap of your characters between series. Each book highlighting romantic development between different characters while developing a different plot line for each. What inspired you to have cross over between series?

SF: Rushe and Flick were popular. My Explicit Series is still my most Explicit trilogy cover Scarlett Finnsuccessful series to date and I get a lot of messages about continuing their story. It’s also because as a writer, I get to know my characters so well that they’re like friends or colleagues. So it’s nice to expand their world and check in on what they’re up to. Also, you develop their skills and personalities, meaning that if there’s a problem that needs fixing, you know which character has the skills to save the day!

GP: Tell us about your most recent series or published book.

Take a Risk cover Scarlett FinnSF: Well, I just published Risk It All, which is book two of my Risqué series. Risk it all cover Scarlett FinnThe next book I have coming out is book two of Dax and Ivy’s story, it’s called ‘Fighting Back’. But at the moment I am working on Ruger’s story, which will be book three of my Risqué series.

GP: Can you give us hints about what you are working on now?

SF: ‘Game Of Risk’ is Ruger’s story, it’s the final book in the Risqué series. It tells the story of how Ruger repays his debt to the man who saved Bri’s life. Bri is the heroine of Risk It All, Blaser Warner’s girl.

We catch up with the couples from Take A Risk and Risk It All, and see how Ruger’s life has to change now that his brothers know his secret…

GP: I am looking forward to Game of Risk. Ruger has been a mysterious character that I’ve really wanted to know more about.

Where can readers find you and your books? Do you have some links you would like to share so readers can find you and your books?

SF: My books can be found on Amazon. All of my novels are free through Kindle Unlimited and the Kindle Owner Lending Library.

The first chapter of each book can be read on my website:

Here are the Amazon links too:

Risk It All:

Fighting Fate:

Take A Risk:

Reluctant Suspicion:

Explicit Instruction:

Explicit Detail:

Explicit Memory:

Explicit Series:

Mistake Me Not:

The XY Factor:

Rivals ON AIR:

I would like to thank you again for being here with us today, Scarlett. It has been a pleasure to talk to you.

Please follow Scarlett’s links to find out more about her and to get her books. Come back on Friday for my review of Risk It All, the second in her Risk series.

Happy Reading,

Grandma Peachy

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