Book Review: Kissing Demons (Book #1 The Guardian Novels) by Jen Winters

Today is a special Friday with my very first guest reviewer. I would like to welcome my guest, author Scott Borgman. It is a pleasure to have you here with me today, Scott. Please tell my readers a little something about yourself before you get into your review.

Hello, thank you for having me! My name is Scott Borgman. I’m an Indie author like Jen, which makes her a co-worker! Currently I live in the exact center of Wisconsin (no joke, the town sign even says it!) with my wife, our 3 kids, a rescued cat, and our lovable, bed hogging dog… who incidentally is the reason I usually do most of my writing at night. The primary genre I happen to write in is Epic Fantasy, though I also have a trilogy in the Paranormal Romance genre. But enough about me, let’s get to my review of Kissing Demons by Jen Winters!

Kissing Demons 9.9.11


* * * * *  Add another star, I need 6 for this book!!!

I was pleasantly surprised with Kissing Demons. It’s told in first person from the viewpoint of the main character, Geneva. Very quickly, I became caught up in the story, and Jen weaves a tale that is extremely well done – giving bits and pieces throughout the story that really bring the not only the main character to life, but the others as well. What becomes so captivating about the story is how intricate the overall world is (set in modern day) without being overwhelming.

There is of course a struggle within the book, but it doesn’t actually come about until about halfway through. Until that point, everything before builds a solid base for that last half to stand on. The sheer amount of different aspects that come into play and how Jen weaves them all together is simply amazing. The historical pieces that are referred to throughout the story only make it better, because they blend in with the story in such a way that it’s easy to believe what happened during those occurrences and how they are explained in the story.

There are some steamy spots within the book, but like everything else, they make sense when they show up and in fact are actually a necessary part of the story. And nothing is explicitly descriptive when one arrives at those scenes.

There were a few places where things felt like they were a bit slower compared to the rest of the book, but nothing so dramatic or overly long that I lost interest in the story.

Overall, the characters were exceptionally well done, the story was interesting and engaging, and the references to various historical incidents had this reader thoroughly enjoying Kissing Demons from beginning to end. Definitely looking forward to coming back for the next book!!!


I realize Indies get a lot of criticism. It’s very easy to self-publish, and there are certainly those who write a book simply to mark it off their Bucket List, which does make it hard for readers to find quality books by Indie authors. I can say with full confidence that Jen is definitely not one of those Bucket List writers. She’s here for the long haul, and is one of the Indies who is making us proud. Her storytelling is absolutely stellar – and I say that as an Indie who tends to be very critical, because of the stigmatisms we face.

As both an Indie author and an avid reader, there is little else I can add other than to give my full recommendation for Kissing Demons without giving away any spoilers. That is something I won’t do, because what makes reading so enjoyable for us all is finding out what happens throughout the story on our own.

One final comment I will add is that what makes a good book is of course a great storyline with interesting characters. What makes a great book, the ones we hold onto and come back to and read a second or third time (or more!) is an engaging storyline with characters that come to life for us within the story, ones that we feel like we are right there walking alongside. Kissing Demons is not only a permanent resident on my Kindle, I’m looking forward to reading more of the series!


For any who may be interested, here are a few links to Scott Borgman’s own pages:

Amazon Author Page:



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Thanks again, Lavern!!

Thank you Scott for being here today and for your great review! I hope everyone enjoyed Scott’s review today. Check out his links to learn more about Scott and his works.

Happy Reading everyone!

Grandma Peachy

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